Todd Palin Finishes Strong in Iron Dog Race, Donates Winnings to Chris Kyle Memorial Fund

Team 11 Chris Kyle Memorial

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin has talked about she and husband Todd’s friendship with Chris Kyle. Not only did Todd and Chris compete on the NBC show Stars Earn Stripes to raise money for charity, Chris worked security in Pella, Iowa at the world premier of the Steven K Bannon film The Undefeated. Todd and his partner Scott Davis dedicated this year’s Iron Dog race, a nearly 2000 mile endurance run through Alaska’s frozen wilderness, to the memory of Chris Kyle.

Over the weekend Sarah posted a note on Facebook about Todd’s strong finish, and noted he was donating his winnings to the Chris Kyle Memorial Trust.

Finished strong in the Iron Dog! Todd just told me, “Along with the competition, this was another great trip across Alaska seeing old friends in villages. Honored to have a picture with Alaska’s famous elder, Sydney Huntington. (He’s the one who gave us the quote, ‘Common sense is an endangered species in government.’) I’m overwhelmed by the hospitality and support shown to us in each town and village. I love these folks. It was a rough and tough race, but I’m glad we were able to finish, and I kept in mind I was racing in honor of our fallen warriors who secure our freedom.

Todd’s race winnings are donated to The Chris Kyle Memorial Fund. For the kids and me, we’re proud of our Iron Dogger, especially his dedication to family and freedom.

Todd and Scott

Here’s some video of Todd and Scott at the start of the Iron dog, courtesy of Larry Taylor:

Sarah posted this photo of her and Willow waiting for Team 11 to make it to the finish line. You can find more photos on her Facebook page, here.

Willow and Sarah Palin 2013 Iron Dog

If you’d like to donate to the Chris Kyle Memorial Trust please click here.



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One response to “Todd Palin Finishes Strong in Iron Dog Race, Donates Winnings to Chris Kyle Memorial Fund

  1. good job Todd, it’s no surprise where you donated your winnings.. You and Sarah are TRUE Americans.. God Bless………………

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