Hezbollah Terrorists Getting Passports in Belize in Order to Come to US via Mexico


By Gary P Jackson

In December I wrote about Hezbollah teaming up with Mexican drug cartels, like Los Zetas, and how they planned to use the extensive network to engage in terrorism against the United States. Yet another reason to stop the politicians in both parties who are looking to “reform immigration policy” while doing absolutely nothing to secure our nation’s southern border.

Now comes a report that these Hezbollah terrorists are going to Belize, obtaining fake passports, and coming through Mexico and into America.

From Creeping Sharia:

1. In 2012 Labboun Rafic Mohammed (Muslim cleric) with alleged links to Hezbollah was arrested in Merida Mexico. He was also a fugitive from U.S. justice.

2. He arrived in Yucatan and apparently used a network of Lebanese government officials. These officials colluded with parties in Belize who provided a fake passport from Belize.

3. Labboun’s fake passport was in the name of Wilhelm Dyck. Dyck was a deceased Mennonite child. Labboun also possessed a drivers license in the same name.

4. Razur Antonio Elias – Director of the Mexican Drug Observatory indicated in a report that Islamist organizations are linked to Mexican drug traffickers on the Yucatan Peninsula. Traffickers are providing passports, birth certificates, and drivers licenses from Belize. COST REPORTED $25,000.

5. The network is also providing transfers of Hezbollah members with forged paperwork to pass through Mexico to the United States. Merida Mexico appears to be the Nexus of this operation.

There’s more:

We have been able to establish that that very same day, a person posing to be Wilhelm Dyck made an application for a Belizean passport at the Passport Office in Belize City; that’s on the twenty-ninth of August, 2012 and that he paid a hundred dollars to expedite the process for the express issuance of the passport. And we’ve also been able to establish that the following day, a passport was indeed issued; that is the thirtieth of August, 2012, in the name of Wilhelm Dyck.

[ … ]

The information in the computer also had a photograph of the person purporting to e Wilhelm Dyck. And immediately upon pulling up the photograph, the senior immigration officer without any prompting from the police authorities said that that person looks like a Lebanese national. Which raised the question; which has to be asked to the relevant persons who accepted the application and processed the application: if there weren’t some alarms that went off in their head when they saw a person looking like he did appearing before them claiming to be Wilhelm Dyck.

As you know, when you now apply for a passport, you have to physically go to the office and have your photo be taken. In the past, there was system where you would bring a photograph already taken, the J.P. would just sign the photograph and the birth certificate and would certify you as being the person who appears on the photograph and someone who they have known for a period of time. This instance, there is a Justice of the Peace that has now been detained and is being interviewed by police authorities.

More here.

Even more on Rafic Labboun from September of 2012:

Rafic Labboun, an imam from the Shiite Association Bay Area (SABA) Mosque in San Jose, California, has been arrested in Mexico by Mexican immigration authorities working in cooperation with the FBI and Homeland Security.

Labboun was taken into custody with the two known Hezbollah agents from Belize, Justin George Abdallah Elders and Yasser Safa in Merida, a Mexican city located in the Yucatan peninsula. Both men are citizens of Belize. Intelligence agencies in the United States were tracking this group as part of a cell of Hezbollah-linked Arab terrorists who were operating in Mexico and Central America.

Labboun was released this summer from a federal prison, where he had served 27 months for credit card fraud that authorities suspected was linked to fundraising for Hezbollah here in the US. In that case, Labboun kited $102,000 in credit card purchases of gold in Saudi Arabia which involved defrauding several U.S. banks by creating a false line of credit between the banks.

The money made its way to Lebanon and has never been returned, even though Labboun was required to pay back the money as per the agreement of release and subsequent his three year probationary term. Instead, Labboun fled to Mexico on a false passport from Belize. It is believed he was helped by the alleged Hezbollah agents with whom he was arrested.

At the time of Labbooun’s trials, prosecutors were only able to convict Labboun on credit card fraud as his connection with Hezbollah could not be conclusively proven at the time. However, as RadicalIslam.org reported at the time, the SABA Mosque where Labboun is still considered an imam openly supports Hezbollah and the pro-Khomeinist regime in Iran.

Mexican news reports stated that Labboun identified himself to Mexican immigration authorities with a false passport from the government of Belize. The news reports also confirm that he was accompanied by other five people, two of whom are known by the FBI and Homeland Security to be Hezbollah agents in Belize. A tank or armored vehicle of some kind was also allegedly used in the operation.

Hezbollah Terrorists From Belize

More on Labboun here.

Here is an entire website that tracks Labboun and Hezbollah in Mexico.

This is cause for great alarm, and something that should be preventable. Our lack of real border security already causes thousands of deaths a year, just from the random illegals who come across the border, many of those deaths caused by accidents, like the illegals driving drunk. Now we have a group of terrorists, hell-bent on killing as many Americans as possible, coming into our country.

It’s time we put our military on the border. It’s time we have common sense, real world rules of engagement to stop anyone illegally crossing our borders. We are the only civilized nation on the planet that has such an uncontrolled, open border. If this continues, many innocent Americans will die.

Hezbollah has already bragged:

Ten pounds of anthrax in a medium-size suitcase, carried by a Jihad warrior through the tunnels can kill 300,000 Americans in one hour,” he said. “It will make 9/11 look like peanuts. There’s no need for plans… Just one courageous man, to spread this confetti on the White House lawn. Then we will really be able to celebrate.

Hezbollah is helping the Mexican drug cartels launder money, and in turn, the cartels are helping Hezbollah set up a terror network ready to attack the United States. While all of this is going on, politicians in both parties are scheming to make it easier for the terrorists to hit us.

Coming soon to an American city near you?:




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8 responses to “Hezbollah Terrorists Getting Passports in Belize in Order to Come to US via Mexico

  1. lwjwl

    Looks like we are going to have to take care of ourselves…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yup, our government doesn’t seem to care. Politicians are too busy feathering their own beds to worry about We, the People.

  2. The reporter says that Hezbollah (or whatever) will get just one jihadist into America through Mexico to deliver and release a terrible disease against the american people. I’m terrified. With no representation in America that we can turn to, what is a patriot to do, but pray.

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  5. Passport selling, to other country nationals, is old news to the weary ears. Bold Face Corruption on the highest levels and Justice is very close to nil. History has proven that Belize, a tiny country in the central, has always been a point of transition. Just passing through while acquiring Belizean passports. You can get a sense of human traffic when you visit certain establishments in Belize and take a whiff of the servers. It’s an easy read.

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