Rhino Weekend Update



The dates were from 2007 – 2012, not 2002 as mentioned.





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7 responses to “Rhino Weekend Update

  1. That was FAB, Isabel! Love this “new you!” You’re a breath of fresh air – and your message couldn’t be more vital and spot-on! I’m with you 100 percent – this herd of Rhinos need to be culled & thinned
    out, that’s for damn sure! (BTW, I still don’t “get” how you’ve come up with “Rhino” – please refresh all of us! Thanks again!)

    • Isabel Matos

      Joy, this is it in a nutshell:

      All Rinos are RHinos but not all RHinos are Republicans. Anyone who is against us is a RHino (D’s, R’s, and anyone affected by RHinoceritis).

      These are the Symptoms:

      1. RHinos leave behind their humanity and civil society to follow the primitive life of the herd.

      2. RHinos begin to transform when they start to “see” things from the point of view of those who are against us. They lose their capacity to reason or to uphold the system of values that makes civilized society superior to that of the animal. In the case of Marco Rubio, he justifies the actions of financial backers who he is beholden to and leaves his morals and humanity behind to feed his blind ambition and lust for power. He is reduced to being a mere animal who feeds himself, but does not hold higher principles that separate us from animals.

      3. RHinos do not fight to keep themselves immune from RHinoceritis because they don’t “see” the problem. They are in self-denial and are jaded, dismissive or over-confident that they can’t catch it. Those who undergo transformation are not self-aware.

      4. RHinos do not have to will or understand how to resist collective hysteria. They rely on mass communication, propaganda and not on their own instincts to survive against the forces that are against humans. It does not matter how much one knows, but how one reacts to forces that fight to destroy us. Margaret Carlson is a dingbat who supports Marco Rubio. What good is knowledge if you are not practical, or don’t see or understand what is really going on?

      5. RHinos lose their capacity to reason (as animals), and begin to transform when they see us as the enemy. For example, Karl Rove is our enemy. He seeks to destroy us. Anyone who supports or justifies Karl Rove, becomes a RHino because the animal has us in its crosshairs. I always say we see ourselves as hunters, because that is what they are afraid of! We are in a superior position to animals but must defend ourselves; otherwise, they will destroy us.

      6. To avoid being a RHino, you must be individualistic.

      It takes determination, and the willingness to stand alone because those who are infected don’t want to be alone, and look for hosts prey on. It takes fortitude and a strong sense of morals and self to not be affected by the epidemic. Regular, ordinary, every day Americans and people who have common sense are the best equipped to fight the disease. They do not need mass information or so-called “experts” to tell them what they know, by instinct, to be right. We must preserve common sense to FIGHT RHinocerities.

      • Thanks, Isabel – I can see how dangerous these RHinos can be, esp. with their very contagious disease, RHinoceritis! But, as you point out, with a steady & educated eye, one can tell one of these creatures from a distance! Karl Rove is, indeed, a very excellent example of one; but, of course, we’ve got his humber and will do everything to keep him firmly OUT of any Conservative campaign – he’d be the kiss of death!

      • Isabel Matos

        Amen, keep singing it, sister!

    • Isabel Matos

      For all about transformation and RHinoceritis, Joy, please check this link: https://thespeechatimeforchoosing.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/they-are-all-rhinos-with-an-h/

  2. I dislike Rhinos more than I dislike the typical Donkey.
    I hope Barracudas Maximus devours them all.

    • Isabel Matos

      I feel your pain!!!

      I hate Rhinos! And I hate the GOP even more, because they have destroyed our party! We wouldn’t be in the position we are in but for the invertebrates who betray and sell us down the river every day.

      Good reply. Thanks. You get what we are up against.

      The fire of the truth will devour them indeed!

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