Why I Am Not Supporting CPAC 2013 or Cheering for Rand Paul Any Time Soon

By Isabel Matos

Many Americans cheered for Rand Paul this week.  I was not one for the well-reasoned explanations I have given in the clip above.  In a non-campaign season voters should look closely not just at what our potential candidates are doing, but why they are doing it.   It is not enough to do the right thing, but to do what is right for the right reasons.  I will not support CPAC this year, nor will I cheer Rand Paul or any representative who has not yet proven to the voters that they are trustworthy, honorable, and deserving of the vote of confidence that got them elected .   Too many times voters are deceived by those who claim they have the answers.  After two lost elections, it is time we demand more from our leaders, but not without sacrifice ourselves.  We must take a hard look at what is going on, be honest with ourselves and have the courage to speak up, even if the odds are against us.  While others see things changing for the better, I would be lying if I said I was optimistic, based on last week alone.



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7 responses to “Why I Am Not Supporting CPAC 2013 or Cheering for Rand Paul Any Time Soon

  1. Isabel is correct about Norquist. He is a purchased representative, whose job has been to pave the way for so called “conservative muslims” into the Right/Republican side of the aisle. The fact that Geller and Spencer are persona non grata at CPAC this year is a testament to Norquist’s success.

    On Paul’s filibuster, while I reported the fact of it in The E-Blast, I only shared my personal thoughts with two online friends. The first and foremost purpose of the filibuster was to hold up the nomination of Brennan until, secondly, Paul received assurances from the White House that Americans could not Constitutionally be murdered on American soil by drones.

    It was outstanding Kabuki theater that took the focus off of Brennan. Once that was accomplished, the White House simply told Rand what he wanted to hear, and Brennans nomination sailed through as if the drone question put all other factors about his nomination to bed.

    Who won? The White House, of course. AND…they will do whatever they want to do with drones, just as they do whatever they want to do in any other area, Constitution be damned.

    While the filibuster “felt good”, it accomplished nothing.

    I stand with Isabel.

    • Gary P Jackson

      The filibuster accomplished more than you think it did. It was a lot more than dinner theater.

      As for Norquist, he’s a dirtbag. He supports radical Islamists. People like Norquist, Chris Christie, and those like them, are enemies of the state, and should be treated as such.

      I am glad Rand did what he did, and very proud my Senator, Ted Cruz, was by his side. So was Sarah Palin, BTW. She even tweeted that she was proud to have stood by Rand since 2009.

      Rand, Ted, and Mike Lee served notice to the corrupt GOP Establishment that their days are numbered.

      If there is one thing I am not keen on, that has come out of this, it’s all those who think Rand Paul is somehow qualified to be president. He is not. No congresscritter is. That said, he’s doing a fine job in the Senate, and I hope he keeps it up!

      • Lets see who does what in regards to the Thomas Perez nomination for Labor Secretary.
        Perez is from the farthest Left faction of the Progressive wing. If his nomination is allowed to go through without a no holds barred, tooth and nail, fight from the Republicans, then anyone can secure a nomination.
        If you are correct about Rand Paul, then he will be in the vanguard of stopping Perez from gaining that Cabinet seat.
        If I am correct, there will be more kabuki, with Perez being placed as easily as Brennan was.

      • Gary P Jackson

        My guess is Senate Republicans will lay down, it’s what they are the best at!

        I’m not exactly a cheerleader for any of this bunch, save for Ted Cruz, so far he’s the one man doing exactly what he said he would do.

        All I know is there were a lot of residual benefits from Rand’s filibuster. No, he didn’t stop Brennan, in fact, he voted to confirm. That is troubling, but the filibuster set Obama back, and it certainly fired people up.

        As I have said before, it worries me that Rand Paul is going to take up the family business of running for president until he’s old and senile, like his old man. I hope I am wrong. I think Rand is a good Senator, and certainly a bigger asset than his father, but he’s where he needs to be!

        The GOP should be filibustering EVERY Obama nominee, but GOP Senators are, for the most part facilitators of evil. They may not create evil, but they certainly don’t stand in it’s way.

        If I had my druthers, we’d create a new party, a party ready to fight evil where it stands.

      • Cruz is the real deal in my opinion, also.
        As for the filibuster, I’m very glad that it fired people up. That is a definite silver lining.
        AND…I agree with everything that you say in the above comment.
        Personally, I’m of the opinion that a Third Party is forming organically as we speak. The Repubs are leaving no other option. You and I are tacitly members by default, I think.
        Before I publicly advocate strongly for one, though, I’m waiting to hear from Sarah. If she says to continue with “Remove and Replace”, I will continue on with that strategy, as I am doing now.
        BUT…I would love it if she said “Let’s do a Third Party, my peeps.” 🙂

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oh yeah, if Sarah said “third Party” it would rock DC to it’s very foundation. You know her brother, Chuck, has already suggested a new party. Hard not to like that.

        The GOP is full of very corrupt men and women, as is the democrat party. About 90% the politicians in both parties belong in prison.

        I think Rand actually cares about America, and I know Cruz does. I’m not pleased that Rand is already jockeying for 2016 though. There is absolutely no one in Congress qualified to be president. It’s sickening to think nearly every one of these people think they are.

        They were hired to do a job, not plan for the next one.

        I just know that right now, Rand, Cruz, and Mike Lee are the ones who are standing up for us, while the rest of the GOP is trying to see how fast they can sell us down the river!

    • Isabel Matos


      You get it. The whole point of my piece is that he is using the time to promote himself. Why now? Why this particular pet project of his? It was not a genuine attempt to effect change, in my opinion, based on what I have seen his father do in the past. Brennan was confirmed and DRONES will still be used. If people are willing to settle for crumbs, what can I do or say?

      Check this out: http://patdollard.com/2013/03/senior-obama-official-rand-pauls-filibuster-had-no-effect-in-our-drone-policy-we-will-still-kill-americans/

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