Video: Sarah Palin Rocks the House at CPAC 2013

Sarah Palin CPAC 2013

By Gary P Jackson

Another incredible speech by Sarah Palin! Ted Cruz, who will be giving the keynote this afternoon, surprised the crowd by coming out to introduce her. Cruz gave huge credit to Sarah for his big win here in Texas, and for all of the other candidates who owe their wins to her.

Looking rested, and absolutely beautiful, She takes it to everyone: Obama, the corrupt GOP establishment, Karl Rove, Jeb Bush, Nanny Blooomberg, and so on.

Too many great lines to pull out all the quotes.


Sarah enjoyed a Big Gulp while hammering Bloomberg:

Sarah Palin CPAC2013 Big Gulp Closeup

As she triumphantly left the stage:

Sarah Palin CPAC 2013 Ovation


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10 responses to “Video: Sarah Palin Rocks the House at CPAC 2013

  1. sodakhic

    Yes, another amazing speech. Her timing is perfect. Paraphrasing the sportswriter in “The Natural”, “how can somebody from nowhere be so good good.”

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’m re-reading Chuck Sr and Chuck Jr’s book “Our Sarah” If you haven’t, pick it up. It explains how!

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  3. Thanks Gary. Sarah was great. Her closing fired me up! I’ll be headlining The E-Blast with this tomorrow.

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  5. Well, I never “strayed,” but I’m in love all over again!! And this time, I think I saw and heard a new and more mature Sarah Palin – one whose speech never faltered and whose voice/timbre never got too high-pitched. IOW, she’s an even more “in charge” leader than ever – and that’s saying something!
    For my money, she’s already VERY much “in the running” for 2016 – no one can approach her amazing strength and “people power!” Makes that phoney in the WH look out of place and totally out of his league by comparison! And, thank God, that goes for any other Demonkrap that will be eyeing a run in 2016. Palin already is Reaganesque and seems to be “leader of the pack” more than ever!
    I’d even venture to say that this was an even better speech than last year! But I love that Ted Cruz, too – and to think that Mourdock could have had all of this as well had he not been foolishly drawn into that rape/abortion argument – what a bitter lesson to have learned, and at what a personal cost as well!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Amazing speech. Last night 12 hours after her speech, Sarah was trending number one world wide on Twitter. Now it’s 24 hours later and she is STILL trending on Twitter!

      She sure is irrelevant!

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  7. Isabel Matos

    Nice to come home to the Speech for my news. I missed CPAC this weekend, but I am glad I protested by boycotting infiltrated GOP. There is much to be distressed about and we cannot allow those who seek to destroy us to have the last say. This speech by Sarah (any appearance, really) just warms my heart. I noticed how Ted mentioned those who have not publicly acknowledged Sarah.

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