Incredibly Inspiring Photo: Sarah Palin as Lady Liberty

By Gary P Jackson

If you saw Sarah Palin’s speech at CPAC 2013 you know she took a jab at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his attempt to usurp New Yorker’s personal Liberty and Freedom. To make her point, Sarah took a sip of a Big Gulp.

When Sarah left the stage, she held up the cup of soda in a triumphant pose:

Sarah Palin CPAC 2013 Ovation

The lead photo was taken from behind Sarah and has already turned into quite the sensation. Sarah Palin standing there, in silhouette looks a lot like Lady Liberty herself in New York’s harbor. She truly looks magnificent in this pose.

Our friends at Organize4Palin took note and tweeted this:

This was followed up by a call for Conservatives to make their own Palin Liberty Pose:

As you can imagine, liberals everywhere are absolutely losing their minds over this, which makes it all the more delicious.

Tony Lee notes even left wing NY Magazine reports Sarah looks like Lady Liberty:

Readers are invited to post their own Liberty Pose in our comments section, as well as tweet them to AGU.

May we always be happy, and may our enemies always know it

~ Sarah Palin


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6 responses to “Incredibly Inspiring Photo: Sarah Palin as Lady Liberty

  1. It’s a hilarious comparison! So easy to parody. Let’s all stand up for our RIGHT TO OBESITY! .

    • Gary P Jackson

      That’s EXACTLY what it’s about your poor little pathetic sheep! The government doesn’t have the right to stop people from drinking a soda. Looking at the number of low calorie, no calorie drinks on the market, and the billions of dollars in sales they generate, it would seem there are more than enough opportunities for those concerned with weight, diabetes, whatever.

      Even stupider, Bloomberg’s Nazi power grab doesn’t prevent anyone from buying two 16 oz drinks, meaning it’s little more than an asinine inconvenience. Nothing more.

      The problem with you democrats is if YOU don’t like something, you want it banned. If normal human beings don’t like something, they just don’t buy it.

      I happen to have diabetes, and have enough common sense not tom drink sugary drinks. Most human beings have enough sense to think for themselves.

      The democrat party is far more dangerous than any cigarette or soft drink. If we’re going to ban dangerous things, we need to start by banning democrats. The world would be exponentially safer.

  2. Christopher Fromme

    Kudos to O4P, this show that we have Sarah’s back and have fun making liberals heads explode

  3. D. Ford

    To say Sarah looks magnificent is an understatement! She is what this country is missing and direly in need of!!

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