Governor Palin: What is America’s Leadership Thinking?

by Whitney Pitcher

On her Facebook page, Governor Palin shared this clip of President Obama’s ridiculous comparison of Palestinian-Israeli conflicts to American-Canadian disagreements:

She also writes:

Regarding this comparison, is he thinking it’s America or Canada that would be lobbing mortars across the other’s border to strike fear and kill innocents? And is he thinking that America is compared to Israel or Palestine? Or is it Canada that’s more like Israel or Palestine? Really, friends, if anyone else, ANYWHERE, had made such a claim, that person would be skewered and pilloried forever. Again, what is America’s leadership thinking?

She is absolutely right. Canada and America are allies. Our disagreements are based on issues like whether or not the Keystone pipeline should be built, and people certainly aren’t fearing for their lives over these disagreements. Also, since when has an American leader said the following about Canada,” I will never allow a even a single Canadian to live on American land”? Never! But that is exactly what Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said about Israelis in 2010. Disagreements over energy policy are one thing, but disagreements over a nation’s claim to its own land are another. Again, what was President Obama thinking with his ridiculous moral equivalency argument?


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2 responses to “Governor Palin: What is America’s Leadership Thinking?

  1. Liberalism truly is a form of insanity. It’s a waste of time to even try to understand their insane notions. The only reasonably sane thing to do is DEFEAT them politically, or we will continue to be consigned to living in their “Twilight Zone” reality.

  2. Canada & the USA are each other’s greatest/biggest trading partners and share the LONGEST UNDEFENDED BORDER in the world! They have (and continue to have) some minor border disputes (usually in some relatively remote part of the border; but, in virtually every matter of question and/or dispute, issues are resolved amicably and with a minimum of difficulty.

    This just demonstrates BHO’s basic ignorance of this VERY important bilateral relationship. To paraphrase, “With leaders like this, who needs anarchy?”

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