Reminder: Nazis Were SOCIALISTS, Just Like Today’s DEMOCRATS! Nexflix’s Attack on Sarah Palin


By Gary P Jackson

I know I am not the only Conservative who is beyond tired of hate filled democrats calling us Nazis! Not only is it wrong, ideologically, it’s wrong historically. Nazi is an abbreviation for the much longer Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party.

For decades, America’s democrats have been trying to re-write history, calling Nazis, whom they share much of the same ideology with, “right-wingers.” It’s no different than trying to tie the KKK to Republicans, knowing full well that the democrat party created the KKK, and up until June of 2010, had a high ranking Klan member: Senator Robert C Byrd, serving as one of their Senators. A “well respected” man among democrat party members. Byrd wasn’t the only Klan member that served in Congress as a democrat, not by a long shot.

Now of course, there are degrees of socialism, I guess there are degrees of any evil, but all forms of it share the basic tenants, and all forms of it, like all forms of liberalism in general, are incompatible with civilized society. They are certainly incompatible with the American way of life, as we see on a daily basis.

American democrats haven’t started rounding up and killing their rivals … yet … but some of their now mainstream people have certainly advocated just that! It’s a good time to remind Americans about one of President Obama’s close friends [and former employer] murdering domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Ayers and his Weather Underground terrorist group, bombers, just like the two murderers up in Boston, wanted to destroy America, and create a socialist state. Ayers, who is now a tenured university professor, knew many Americans wouldn’t be down with his evil plan, and was prepared to murder as many as 25 MILLION people. Ayers’ little fantasy makes Hitler look like an underachiever!

In 1969, Larry Grathwohl, an FBI informant, was at the Weather Underground’s so-called “War Council” in Flint, Michigan. Ayers and his team discussed re-education camps and the likelihood of having to “eliminate” as many as 25 MILLION Americans, the number of people they estimated wouldn’t go along with their maniacal plans. This is something the Nazis actually did, just not on as grand of a scale.

Of course the Nazis weren’t the only socialists to murder millions of their own. Though we tend to refer to the Soviets as communists, people forget the official name of that version of Russia was the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics, or USSR. Lenin and Stalin killed so many fellow Russians, they didn’t have enough competent people left to run the country!

You rarely see democrats carrying Nazi flags today, but yesterday, May 1, thousands of democrats were out there carrying the Hammer & Sickle celebrating “May Day” a wicked leftist holiday, celebrating socialism. Not much difference in the two, except democrats somehow feel celebrating murder and violence in the name of Soviet socialism is somehow more acceptable than celebrating murder and violence in the name of Nazi socialism.

Democrats are quite sick in the head.

Throw in Mao and the Chinese, and socialism has directly caused the murder of around 100 MILLION people world-wide.

Which reminds me, besides Obama adviser Anita Dunn telling school children that the murderous Mao was her “favorite philosopher,” a few Christmases back, the communist dictator made an appearance on the official White House Christmas tree!

But don’t you DARE call Obama a communist or socialist!

By the way, this DOESN’T count the millions of innocent children slaughtered at the hands of Planned Parenthood’s murder cultists. They too make the Nazis look like underachievers.

Why do I bring all of this up? Well, it seems Netflix, the online movie retailer decided to play in the Twitter hashtag game #SarahPalinFilms. They suggested an exceptionally crappy film “Iron Sky.” The ridiculously bad film features a “Sarah Palin like” character, or at least the bullshit democrat version of Sarah Palin, as a “moon Nazi.”

This wasn’t just some off the cuff deal either Netflix created artwork to go with this moronic tweet:

Our friends at Twitchy captured the anger from Americans who were quite unhappy at this. Most saying they would be cancelling their subscriptions. Here’s a few choice tweets:

From our own Whitney Pitcher:


Netflix does indeed offer both The Undefeated an incredibly well done film and Sarah Palin’s Alaska her great travel/adventure series that set a new record for viewership numbers on TLC.

You’d think a company looking to make money would actually promote both of these fine entries rather than some Nazi BS. As always with democrats, ideology trumps everything, so does their insane hatred.

For it’s part, Netflix is so chicken-shit it tried to deny the tweet came from them. That’s worse than the tweet itself! If you are going to be a worthless hate-filled democrat, OWN IT!

Read much more at Twitchy here:

Absurd: Netflix rep denies Palin-mocking tweet, then claims ‘no reflection on our position’

Pathetic: Netflix joins #SarahPalinFilms hashtag by suggesting flick about moon Nazis

‘I can see Redbox from my front porch’: Backlash over Netflix’s Palin-mocking tweet erupts

As for me and my thoughts on Netflix? Well I think Johnny Cash said it best!

Johnny Cash Finger


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