Sarah Palin Hammers Republicans Who Voted For New Internet Tax

Senators Durbin, Alexander, Heitkamp, And Enzi Speak On The Marketplace Fairness Act

Senator Dick Durbin [Marxist Thug-IL] excited about another piece of small business destroying legislation

By Gary P Jackson

Disgusted and fed up like the rest of us, Sarah Palin rips members of the Republican Party a new one over their support for the so-called “Marketplace Fairness Act” a sales tax on internet purchases.

More new taxes?

How can we be divided on new taxes? In this horribly weak economy with an over-reaching, over-spending, anti-small-business government continually making the wrong decisions, Republicans can’t even stay committed to “No New Taxes”?

Please step away from your Washington, DC bubble and get back in touch with the hard working people who sent you there. Read the planks in our party’s platform and then read our lips. Learn from history or face repeating it: NO NEW TAXES.

~ Sarah Palin

If passed, this new tax will hurt small businesses who do business online the most, as they will be required to keep up with the laws of nearly ten thousand taxing jurisdictions, and remit taxes to each one their customers live in. It will cause many to fold up shop, as they will no longer be profitable.

It should be noted that Wal-Mart, which has a sizable online business, supports this tax 100 percent. Of course, unlike most online retailers, Wal-Mart also has brick and mortar businesses in almost every state. [and thus already collects sales taxes and has the resources to handle this]

Brick and mortar retailers like Wal-Mart claim they are at a disadvantage to internet only retailers, who do not collect sales taxes, unless product is shipped inside the state they have a physical presence. This tax is more about driving small retailers out of business, than it is about some kind of “fairness.”

Recently Whitney Pitcher warned of the problems with this proposed law, using the mess created in her home state of Illinois as an example. Check it out here.

The bill passed the Senate, 69-27, with 21 Republicans voting FOR this new tax. Here’s how they all voted.



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin Hammers Republicans Who Voted For New Internet Tax

  1. Gary, thank you SO much for printing out the list of how the Senators voted and which weasels among the GOP had the temerity to vote for this rotten tax!! Guess they don’t mind putting a target on their back to be marked for destruction come their next primary challenge! It was a VERY revealing list and showed which of the GOP Conservatives stuck to their guns as well! Also interesting to note that Sen Baucus – who is NOT seeking re-election – was joined by his fellow donkey, Sen. Wyden from Oregon, in actually bucking the Demonkrap tide!

    Also appreciate your note – and very prescient remarks – about Walmart and why they’re behind this rotten piece of legislation as well: squash ALL their potential competitors! Well, DUH!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      You’re most welcome! This is yet another case of Big Government siding with Big Business and screwing everyone else. Amazon supports this deal as well. It will be a boon for lawyers and accountants!

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