About That Bogus “Draft Sarah Palin for the Senate” Group


Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz at recent CPAC event

By Gary P Jackson

If you are a Conservative, you may have gotten a few e-mails from a Washington, D.C. based group called the Tea Party Leadership Fund. These letters will be signed by a man named Todd Cefaratti.

The letter states they are looking to “Draft Sarah Palin” into making a run at Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014, a seat now held by democrat Mark Begich. This of course has caused quite a stir, and unfortunately many have sent their hard earned money to this crew.

Recently, the group commissioned a poll of Alaskans, looking to legitimize their efforts.

Harper Polling found these results:

Former Governor Sarah Palin leads a Republican primary ballot with the three most likely candidates: Palin, Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell and 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller.

GOP Primary Ballot:





Palin leads slightly among both men and women at +1% and +4% respectively.

Among voters who describe themselves as “very conservative”, Palin’ s lead grows to 20% over Treadwell (43%-23%).

In a head-to-head match up against Miller, who has officially formed an exploratory committee,Palin leads 52-19%

Treadwell leads Miller 45%-26% in a hypothetical match-up.

Of the three candidates, Governor Palin boasts the strongest image with 62% of GOP voters holding a favorable opinion of her.

Additionally, the survey measured voter opinion about key characteristics of the three Republican candidates. When asked which candidate would “fight hardest for conservative values”, voters decidedly chose Palin over Miller and Treadwell.

Fight Hardest for Conservative Values:




Among “somewhat conservative” and “very conservative” voters, Palin leads by +35% and +4% respectively.

When asked which candidate would be the “strongest person to take on liberal Democrats in Washington,”
Alaska Republicans again picked Palin.

Strongest to Take On Washington Democrats:




These are great numbers for Governor Palin, but not surprising for any one who has followed her for any length of time. Governor Palin has consistently polled better than any Republican in pretty much any situation.

I’m reminded that during the 2012 election cycle, well into March of 2012, long after the field had settled a bit, Governor Palin was still far more popular than any of the actual candidates, and was seen by voters as a possible “unity candidate” had there actually been a floor fight at the convention.

It makes perfect sense that Alaskans, as well as Americans in general would be excited at the prospect of Governor Palin joining such leaders as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul on Capitol Hill. The problem is, Governor Palin has no intentions of running for that seat, nor is she happy with this so-called “Draft Sarah effort.

On Friday Tim Crawford, Treasurer of SarahPAC issued the following statement:

Governor Palin is grateful and honored by those Americans who support her and her beliefs. However, the draft Sarah Palin for Senate fundraising campaign initiated by the Tea Party Leadership Fund is not authorized, endorsed or supported by Governor Palin or SarahPAC.

It doesn’t get any plainer than that. As of Monday, the Tea Party Leadership Group was still trying to raise money off of Governor Palin’s good name, despite her admonishment.

I did some research on how this group has used it’s money. In 2012 the group spent $169,172.00, mostly in opposition of Barack Obama. They only supported 5 Republican candidates for a total of $26,972.00.

For the 2014 election cycle, the group has only supported one candidate so far, Paul McKinley from Illinois, for a total of $25,782.86.

This group, which counts Niger Innis as a “senior adviser” troubles me greatly. I don’t care for groups that use Governor Palin, or any other figure to raise money, knowing that person has no interest in that effort. It seems the idea here is to not only raise money, but build a significant email list, perhaps for sale to the highest bidder.

If Governor Palin decides to run for political office, I’m pretty sure she’ll make an announcement well ahead of that run. In the mean time, there are real candidates that could use your help, and legit groups to donate to. Governor Palin has said she will be working hard to help elect Conservatives in 2014. She’ll need your help as well.

Frankly, and this is just my personal opinion, the Senate would be a severe waste of Governor Palin’s talents. Sarah Palin is a proven CEO, a leader. There is really only one office that fits her tremendous talents, and the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.



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26 responses to “About That Bogus “Draft Sarah Palin for the Senate” Group

  1. Glad you brought that phoney group out in the light from its place in the back of the equally phoney”Tea Party Cave” of groups trying to trade in on the now somewhat misinterpreted name of “Tea Party,” Gary! It’s been obvious for some time that Palin is NOT interested (at least at this time in her life) in a Senatorial race. Groups that try to milk unsuspecting supporters for hard-earned money (for dubious use, at best) need to be exposed and thrashed with several wet noodles!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah, for some reason a lot of otherwise intelligent people think the Senate would be a good fit for Palin. Of course some stupidly say it would be good so she could “learn how legislatures work.” That one always tickles me the most. After all, Palin sat as the second most powerful Governor in the nation, and was highly regarded for her ability to work with her legislature, getting tough legislation passed with unanimous or near unanimous consent! Heck, AGIA was passed with only one nay vote, and that was a crooked Republican who had stock in Conoco-Phillips, and of course, was against open bidding on the gasline.

      The only job out there that fits Governor Palin’s skill set is President of these United States.

      As for this “Tea Party” group, shame on them, especially now that Governor Palin has called them out, and they are still raising money off of her reputation.

  2. housemom1952

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave will need to be totally fumigated before Sarah Palin moves in!

  3. Dave in AK

    I’m just asking if you live here, and to what extent you feel the former half-termer is qualified to be President. What positions on taxes do you think she has? Where are we on the gas line she purported to have built? I think those are fair questions.

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, you are simply a hater, it’s obvious by your characterization of Palin as a “half-term” Governor, which is an out and out lie, and you know it.

      As for her gasline, it wasn’t scheduled to be completed until 2020. Trans-Canada reports some progress, but the Obama regime has been blocking most of the efforts, using the EPA and other rogue agencies to do his bidding, much like he and his henchmen are stopping the Keystone pipeline.

      At this point I have to assume you’re either an idiot, just a typical hate filled democrat, or most likely, both.

      I’ve studied Governor Palin’s career extensively. I know how she improved Wasilla, and I know her accomplishments as Governor. I know her responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard, the Air Guard, and Alaska State Defense Force. I know, for example, she shared command and control of the 49trth Missile Battalion, and received regular high level national security briefings. Also know what she did as AOGCC chair and how she took on the entire corrupt Republican Party leadership. I know how she took on Big Oil as well.

      There is no other politician in America who is as qualified to be president as Palin. That’s a simple fact.

      Thanks for playing, but frankly we don’t much care for the irrational hate that liberals spew. Would love to have you as a regular reader, and engage in reasoned debate. Somehow I don’t see that happening though, as liberals aren’t generally mature enough for such things.

      Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts .

      • I would love to have you come on my show and discuss this. Yesterday, Niger Innis spent some quality time on the program, and had a blast. And if you think I’m a liberal, a “hater”, or whatever other sophomoric term you want to use to describe someone who lives in the state where reality is more than a study, you just let me know. My views, my name, is all for the world to see and hear. Email is dave@kfqd.com

      • Gary P Jackson

        Idiot, you used the term “half-term governor” to describe Palin. Only haters do that. The rest of us have respect for the woman and all she has done, and is still doing.

        Again, I know Governor Palin’s record, and support her in anything she does. I was following her career long before she was picked to run for Vice President.

        I don’t live in Alaska, but have plenty of friends that do, and know about the “reality” or whatever you think Alaska is.

        Frankly, you bore me.

  4. Dave in AK

    AGIA has held two open seasons for bidding on space on the proposed project. Both of them have failed. The EPA has not halted, impeded, delayed, or slowed the project. What exactly is the Alaska State defense force? I too believe in facts. Care to share yours?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Now I know you are not an Alaskan, just an idiot.

      Alaskans know EXACTLY what the Alaska State Defense Force is. The ASDF is a federally recognized volunteer militia. They train with the National Guard and Homeland Security. They are part of Homeland Security’s national defense plan. The ASDF serves as an auxiliary to the Guard, as well as to the state police. Their mission is mostly support and medical but they are trained in combat readiness. The Governor of Alaska is their Commander-in-Chief.


      The ASDF has a long and proud history. Before becoming a state, the ASDF was called the Alaska Territorial Guard. It was ATG volunteers that fought the Japanese in WWII, when they invaded Alaska. Those brave men held on and defeated the Japanese.

      Out of spite, Barack Obama cut off the pensions of the few remaining ATG heroes from WWII. Sarah Palin immediately took charge, made sure those veterans were taken care of, and then started kicking Obama’s hateful ass. I covered it. This also has a brief history of the Force:


      Further proof you are a liar:

      ‘Multiple bids’ in TransCanada open season


      “So here we are two years later, and we’ve received bids for significant volumes,” said Tony Palmer, the company’s vice president for Alaska development. “That’s very encouraging from our standpoint.”

      Without significant volumes of North Slope gas, there’s no point in building a pipeline to the Lower 48.

      “If you look at the universe of potential customers here in Alaska, the biggest players are active here in Alaska. And we’re encouraged that from that universe we were able to get bids from major players,” Palmer said.

      This from 2012:


      ANCHORAGE, ALASKA–(Marketwire -07/30/12)- TransCanada (TRP.TO) (TRP) & ExxonMobil (XOM)

      The Alaska Pipeline Project (APP) announced today that it will conduct a non-binding public solicitation of interest in securing capacity on a potential new pipeline system to transport Alaska’s North Slope gas. The solicitation of interest will take place from August 31 through September 14, 2012.

      The solicitation of interest is being conducted to identify parties potentially interested in making future capacity commitments on a pipeline system from the Alaska North Slope to a gas liquefaction (LNG) terminal at a tidewater location in south-central Alaska or to an interconnection point near the border of British Columbia and Alberta in Canada.

      APP will conduct the solicitation of interest in accordance with the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), which requires TransCanada, as the AGIA Licensee, to assess market interest in a pipeline transportation system for Alaska North Slope gas every two years after its first open season.

      APP has set a high priority on providing access opportunities for in-state natural gas to heat and power local homes, business and industry. All options being pursued under AGIA provide for a minimum of five delivery points for local natural gas connections in Alaska.

      APP is a joint effort between affiliates of TransCanada Corporation and Exxon Mobil Corporation to develop a natural gas pipeline under AGIA.

      Here’s everything Whitney and I have written about AGIA, including Obama’s interference:


      Stacy also writes about Obama,’s interference with the gasline:


      The fact is, there were, and still are a lot of Corrupt Bastards™ in Alaska that continually try to derail the gasline, because they have side deals with competing oil companies, and think if they kill Palin’s AGIA, they can make a buck or two off of the alternative.

      All I really need to say though, is thanks for proving me right once again. You are just a typical PDS sufferer who knows nothing of Alaska.

      Thanks for playing.

      • Good for you, Gary – you really overwhelmed ALL of us with that comprehensive history of AGIA and the dastardly role that Obozo – through his “boy”/henchman, Peter Rouse – has played in all this: Namely Chicago-style politics! So, what else is new with the Ogime?

        As for Dave in AK, he’s probably a part of – or, at least, related to – the infamous AK Mafia of bloggers, liars and h8ers that happily did the Ogime’s bidding during that awful – and totally wasteful – period of those frivolous lawsuits, and, I might add, were well funded by that Bradford Exchange crook out of LA, Demonkrap fundraiser/BHO “bundler,” Resnick!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks Joy. I’m actually working on a recap of Obama’s assault on Governor Palin. That predicted all of the scandals going on now. Especially the IRS attacks. Pure Chicago thug politics.

        Not sure what Dave’s game is, but he’s obviously misrepresented himself.

        I love to engage people, I do it a LOT on Twitter, but when someone comes to our house and starts that kind of nonsense the should expect a retort.

  5. Dave in AK

    Oh, and this is from your policy page:

    Fact based criticism is welcome on any subject however. Our only rule is be respectful.

    You called me an idiot. Did you violate your own rules?

    • Gary P Jackson

      No, we call it like we see it here. Our other policy is if you come here to trash any Conservative, especially Sarah Palin, we reserve the right to refuse to post your rant, ridicule you, and generally kick your ass around for entertainment.

      You claim to know something about Alaska politics, then call Alaska’s best Governor a “half term” something that is NOT factual. Besides calender months, an actual Alaskan, without a hateful agenda, knows that Palin stayed in office until ALL of the scheduled legislative sessions to occur during her term were completed. She also fulfilled every single campaign promise made to the Alaskan people.

      Thinking people know why she resigned and supported it. Haters, and people with an agenda that is not helpful to America act the way you do.

      It’s obvious your only reason for being here is to start a fight, and trash talk the Governor.

      In short, it’s our house, and our rules.

  6. You got me Gary. I’ll buy your hotel room when she’s sworn in as President. . Oh, and by the way, you really want to prove just how “right” you are, call the show. We real Alaskans would love to chat with you guys from the lower 48…. If you don’t think I’m really in Alaska, check the link to the website I provided. Hell, google the name and the show. Pretty sure Sal Russo know he was calling Alaska when he called my show for his rally to thank Gov Palin for running. But like you said, I don’t live here in Anchorage.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Why would I waste my time with someone who is so obviously misinformed about his own state? You’ve proven to be a liar with an agenda. I have no interest in wasting another second on you.

      I note you can’t refute any facts presented to you after your outrageous claims. That says it all to me.

      This article is about the fact that a supposed Tea Party group is using Sarah Palin’s name, not only without her consent, but with her EXPRESSED DISAPPROVAL. Our intent was and is to inform the millions of Palin supporters of the situation.

  7. Laurie

    Question Gary… Don’t you earn $$$ using Sarah’s name?

    • Gary P Jackson

      In fact, I do not. This blog doesn’t have any revenue stream whatsoever. We don’t run ads, or ask for donations.

      You might find an ad from WordPress on here, but that’s theirs, not ours.

      Thanks for asking.

  8. John Kagen

    Hi Gary. I have written a question to Dave on his radio facebook page to explain himself and how he can deem himself a conservative when he argue like a liberal.


    It would be a hoot for you to call in to him and show him what proper research on Palin is..! (We need to take the fight everywhere as Palin said).

    Thanks for all you do Gary.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks John, I appreciate the kind words and vote of confidence!

      I left some comments on the loser’s Facebook page. Looking at the “quality” of those who frequent it, I expect to be flamed. As the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid, and Dave is as stupid as they come!

      Ignorance is easy to cure, all one needs is knowledge, but stupid is forever!

      I was asked to appear on Dave’s show, but frankly, didn’t care to waste the time. I’ve dealt with his type on the radio before. They have an agenda, and whatever you say, will be blown off anyhow.

      Much better to spend time with serious people about serious things!

      Thanks again for being a loyal reader and for standing up to losers like Dave!

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