Oh oh! ABC News Reports IRS Attacks on Conservatives Authorized by West Wing of the White House


By Gary P Jackson

It didn’t take long for the IRS scandal to get tied right to the White House, as I wrote earlier today, the same IRS stooge who was involved in the attacks on the Tea Party and Jewish groups also investigated Anti-Clinton groups in the 1990s.

Now this courtesy of Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Trey Hardin reported today that the West Wing of the White House authorized the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

More here.

Obviously, there is a lot of opinion by ABC’s political annalist Trey Hardin, but it rings true. No way this many IRS stooges were involved, and this many groups were assaulted, without a serious coordinated effort.

Richard Nixon also sent his IRS stooges out to attack his enemies, and was going to be impeached for it. Clinton did the same, but the idiot Republicans heading up the Clinton impeachment never bothered to add this serious crime to the Articles of Impeachment. A big mistake.

This kind of evil must be stopped and the only way is to remove the head of this lawless, fascist government.



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2 responses to “Oh oh! ABC News Reports IRS Attacks on Conservatives Authorized by West Wing of the White House

  1. Oh the shades of Lyndon J. of Nixon and the Watergate: note Nixon is the only one who payed a price. then came Carter, and 23% inflation followed by Mr. Regan and prosperity: something the liberals hate, soon to soon came disrespect of the man who did not inhale nor have sex and re=defined is for a generation. Back G.W. and 9/11: everyone said they would support him were angry it took two years to decide and so they blamed him for the failures of the big C.Now we are saddled with a man of perdition who has done nothing but given us a tax one which will burden and hinder all of the poor in the guise of free health=care for all. So I find it no surprise what does surprise me it took so long.

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