Surprise! IRS Boss Who Targeted Tea Party and Jewish Groups Investigated Anti-Clinton Groups in the 1990s


By Gary P Jackson

It seems we can never escape these evil Nazi sons-a-bitches! Yes, I used the “N” word, because these kind of tactics were used extensively by the Nazis to intimidate and take away the rights of their political opponents. Of course, Hitler wasn’t the only one who did this, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, and other Marxist tyrants did the same. Add Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to the list.

What gets me is people knew at the time Bill Clinton had the IRS attacking his opponents, and yet, when impeachment time came, this was never part of the Articles of Impeachment. Had it been, the Senate may have convicted and removed Slick Willy from office.

It’s not like there wasn’t a precedent for impeaching a president over this sort of evil. Another liberal president, Republican Richard Nixon, was about to be impeached for doing the exact same thing both Clinton and Obama have done, turning the IRS on political opponents.

This makes impeaching Obama a must.

By now you’ve heard all about the IRS targeting and harassing the Tea Party, and many Conservative groups as well as Jewish groups. The IRS even turned over confidential data to radical leftist groups so they could use it to destroy Obama’s opponents.

It started out with the corrupt media portraying this as “rogue agents in Ohio” but we quickly learned that this went all of the way to the top of the IRS, and several top leaders lied about knowing of these attacks, which have been going on since 2010.

Now we learn that this isn’t IRS boss Steven T. Miller’s first rodeo. In addition to doing Obama’s bidding, attacking Conservatives, Miller played a similar role during the Clinton years, attacking anti-Clinton groups.

From the Washington Examiner: [emphasis mine]

Steven T. Miller, the acting IRS commissioner who managed the division that has admitted targeting anti-Obama Tea Party groups, was one of several agents who investigated anti-Clinton organizations including Judicial Watch during that Democrat’s administration, according to court documents and interviews.

Miller, who headed the IRS Services and Enforcement Division from 2009 until the end of last year, is named in court documents as part of a trio of Internal Revenue Service officials who allegedly characterized the 1998-2001 investigation of Judicial Watch as politically motivated.

According to court papers, one agent in the case reportedly told the legal watchdog group, “What do you expect when you sue the president? Miller reportedly added that the Judicial Watch audit, coming after the group sent the White House a lengthy Freedom of Information Act request, “had created at least the appearance of a problem.

At the time, several groups probing various Clinton administration scandals were being audited, leading to charges that the president was manipulating the IRS to target his enemies.

While written evidence was hard to come by at the time, the current Obama scandal is detailed in a forthcoming audit and a timeline provided by the House Ways and Means Committee, which has been probing the issue. A section of the committee timeline provided to Secrets mentions Miller:

Read more here.

This is straight up evil and un-American. These people, from the President on down need to be fitted with orange jumpsuits and put away for a long, long time. It also shows that we need to clean out the IRS and start over.

Guys like Miller don’t act on their own. These sort of attacks on decent law abiding Americans come from the top. Tyrants always act against those who would expose their evil. Tyrants have acted this way all throughout the history of man’s long climb from the swamp to the stars!

If America is to survive, this MUST stop and the guilty must be removed form society for a long, long time.

As Americans we can no longer tolerate evil from anyone in EITHER political party.


Barack Milhouse Obama


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18 responses to “Surprise! IRS Boss Who Targeted Tea Party and Jewish Groups Investigated Anti-Clinton Groups in the 1990s

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  2. Gary, I appreciate your coverage. But that last picture is just WRONG! Why?!!! (I understand why; please just let me have my moment of creepiness.)

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  5. Sheldon Greenberg

    0dumbo pissed of the Israelis when he ahead with the F16s to the Muslim Brotherhood among other things.
    A US attack on both Iraq and Syria along with a few extra billion in Israeli aid will be coming to keep the rest of the story from the public.

  6. Brian

    This.Comment. Removed. ~ Ed.

  7. how in the world can the american people rid themselves of this scourge in the oval office? we are sick of an atty gen who lies and obfuscates the truth and delays.. we are so sick of the lies, the thefts, the losses as obama pays off his campaign donors with companies that file bankruptcy as soon as the ink is dry on the govt. loan check. the whole obama administration is nothing but a chicago thugocracy run by theives and liars. as long as harry reid controls the senate–obamacare will not be repealed–harry will pocket veto the repeal. he will refuse to try obama as part of an impeacment even though the h of r. will vote to impeach.. obama needs to have a federal judge subpoena his records that are sealed on the taxpayers dollar and from what is found–he can be tried for treason and removed from office.. i doubt if he will try to save the usa from an impeachment proceeding as nixon did and stay on as slick willie did.. obama and clinton—have no shame. clinton lied to sve his a– but the d.n.a. proved that he lied to congress and that is why they brought the impeachment against him. clinton also used the irs to punish his opponents. obama and his thugs need to be removed.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’d love for the House to start impeachment proceedings now, but as long as the democrats are in charge of the Senate, it’s useless. This makes the 2014 elections essential. Not gonna be easy.

  8. Back in 2010, even Bill Clinton was publicly fomenting enmity for the Tea Party participants and their leaders with irresponsible and baseless comments, and falsely predicted that one result of the movement would be an “encouragement” of instances of anti-government violence like the Oklahoma City bombing. Instead, the result was the federal government turning on Americans, through retaliatory targeting of Tea Party groups and other conservatives via illegal governmental action by the IRS.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Democrats have always acted this way.

      • Yes, and there were pervasive instances of such abuses of power in the illegitimate targeting of Americans by Democrat officials, in both the Legislative and Executive branches, and throughout the first term of Barack Obama.

        Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid all come to mind. Numerous others demanded investigations on a regular basis. They convinced themselves that anyone who was not a cheerleading progressive for their radical agenda, was automatically suspect. And if anyone actually spoke up, he or she were to be seen as an enemy to be pursued.

  9. Troy

    Neither is open discussion… If his comment was so outrageous, you shouldn’t have a problem enlightening him and his ilk. Pure censorship. What are you afraid of? Usually it is the truth.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Our house, our rules! People spewing hatred, racist comments, and 9/11 truther bullshit are not welcome here.

      There is nothing to discuss.

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