CNN’s IRS Coverage Actually Compares Tea Party to Muslim Terror Groups, Plays Race Card Too!

This is CNN

By Gary P Jackson

I don’t know why this surprises me even a little bit.

In order to take some heat off the Obama regime, CNN’s Sahar Aziz, under the title Muslims to Tea Party: Welcome to Our World, writes one of the most dishonest things to come out of the liberal network in days.

Aziz tries to equate Muslim “charities” that were investigated after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 to Obama’s assault on law abiding Patriots who have a different political philosophy from his. He then turns it into a racist rant.

Fact is, these “charities” the IRS investigated, turned out to nothing but front groups for various terrorist organizations. The money they raised was used to fund terrorist operations world wide.

Here’s a taste of Aziz’s incredibly dishonest reporting: [emphasis mine]

But some in the Muslim community might have a question – why are conservatives so surprised (and outraged) by this news when Muslim nonprofits and their leaders have been under intense scrutiny for over a decade? And when so many Muslim groups and individuals have faced scrutiny simply for the religion they follow?

Within months after 9/11, the U.S. government shut down the three largest Muslim American charities as part of a broader scorched earth strategy that sent a chill across American Muslim communities nationwide. Their boards of directors were arrested and many were prosecuted on pretextual violations of immigration or tax laws. None of the charities had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks, al Qaeda, or the Taliban. That they were Islamic charities was all the government needed to seal their fate before a suspicious and traumatized American public.

Actually many of these “charities” investigated were indeed terrorist fronts, and shut down, not innocent scapegoats to appease “racist” Americans. There was a reason why people were arrested.

Since then, new Muslim charitable organizations have faced heightened scrutiny from the IRS, with applications for many seeking nonprofit status taking years to process. My experience representing some of these organizations, and the anecdotes I hear from other attorneys in the same boat, have turned up example after example of selective targeting.

Even when organizations are able to make progress with their applications, they find themselves asked to provide additional information to the IRS, and are left with no choice but to patiently comply. Their files are often referred to the national office for further processing and in-depth national security checks on every board member. Upon expressing surprise at the unusual length of time and scrutiny, I was informed this was standard procedure after 9/11 for Muslim charities. In stark contrast to the average six to nine months application process other groups face, some Muslim nonprofit organizations have typically waited for two or more years.

People are rightly concerned by allegations that the IRS applied its powers in a discriminatory fashion. This is not how the federal government is supposed to work. Yet while some may see the case of Muslim organizations and Tea Party affiliated groups as different, the same principles are involved – the uneven application of the law and discriminatory treatment directed at a minority. In one case the minority is targeted for its faith, while in another they are targeted for their politics.

But something I find troubling is that for the largely white, conservative, anti-government Tea Partiers and their supporters it is apparently acceptable to target legal immigrants or first generation American Muslims in the name of national security, even as any singling out based on political affiliation is treated as an outrage.

Oh yes, when all else fails, blame whitey! Standard operating procedure of the left.

Oh, and if any liberals are reading this, Tea Partiers aren’t “anti-government,” far from it, in fact. We just want to follow the Constitution, and have a smaller, more efficient government, as our founders envisioned.

The reason why Islamic groups are facing such scrutiny is simple: Terrorism. For sure, not all Muslims are terrorists, but all of these terrorists turn out to be Muslims.

Our Constitution does protects citizens, but it is NOT a suicide pact.

Still, despite the vastly different public responses, the targeting of these seemingly unrelated groups is predictable. Why? Because once selective targeting is normalized, it is only a matter of time before such practices have an impact on other minorities and eventually political dissidents.

Gee, I wonder why the IRS put special scrutiny on Muslim “charities” seeking tax exempt status? Could it be they have a long record of using funds generated to fund terror? Not according Aziz! It has to be racism, not national security interests.

On the other hand, there is not a single case of any Tea Party member committing an act of terror, or funding one. Remember, the Tea Party is the group that can have as many as a million people show up at a rally, and leave the grounds better than they found them, picking up after themselves, and leaving the area in pristine condition.

The Tea Party is made up of normal men and women of every race, color, and creed. They share in the belief that the Constitution is the law of the land, which it is, and our founders’ vision of America.

Obviously, not all Muslims are terrorists, in fact the vast majority are just people, trying to live their lives, but there is a long, storied history of Muslim “charities” being nothing but fronts for terror groups.

If Aziz had at least acknowledged the fact that some Muslim “charities” were investigated after 9/11 and found to be terror groups, it would be easier to take him seriously, but like most liberals, he lies, them when all else fails, plays the race card. How original. How tedious.


One thing I do agree with Aziz on, is the fact that once tyrants are able to get away with tyranny, that tyranny only grows stronger. Aziz describes it as normalizing selective targeting. What he means is accepting corruption and tyranny. This tyranny comes from the top.


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