JESUS WEPT: Obama’s IRS Demands Pro-Life Group Disclose Frequency and Content of Members’ PRAYERS


By Gary P Jackson

The more we look at the tactics used by the Obama regime to assault political enemies, the more evil we discover.

News came out last week that Obama’s IRS thugs had demanded a pro-life group, the Coalition for Life of Iowa, not only disclose the content of their members’ PRAYERS, but how long their members spent praying!

Trying to find words to describe this illegal assault on the First Amendment isn’t easy. I think Sissy Willis says it much better than I ever could: Jesus wept:

From Yahoo News:

On June 22, 2009, the Coalition for Life of Iowa received a letter from the IRS office in Cincinnati, Ohio, that oversees tax exemptions requesting details about how often members pray and whether their prayers are “considered educational.”

Please explain how all of your activities, including the prayer meetings held outside of Planned Parenthood, are considered educational as defined under 501(c)(3),” reads the letter, made public by the Thomas More Society, a public interest law firm that collected evidence about the IRS practices. “Organizations exempt under 501(c)(3) may present opinions with scientific or medical facts. Please explain in detail the activities at these prayer meetings. Also, please provide the percentage of time your organizations spends on prayer groups as compared with the other activities of the organization.”

The IRS is currently under fire for allegedly targeting conservative groups that applied for nonprofit status in recent years. In response, two IRS officials have stepped down, including Acting Commissioner Steven Miller.

That portion of the questionnaire, in which the IRS also asked about signs the group intended to carry at rallies at Planned Parenthood offices, is below:


In response, the group’s attorneys at Mosher & Associates, a firm based in Chicago, responded:

Coalition for Life 1

Coalition for Life 2

During the hearings last week Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Illinois) asked disgraced IRS stooge Steve Miller about this assault on Liberty and Freedom, as expected, Miller played dumb:


Our right to worship as we please is one of our most basic rights. The pilgrims left England to escape state run religion, and our founders valued religious freedom so much, they wrote it into the Constitution.

Our Declaration of Independence goes even further, acknowledging that all of our rights come from God. The opening reads:

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

It’s clear our founders understood the power of God, and the importance of having God in one’s heart. So much so, they made it illegal for the government to interfere with this essential right.

Sissy Willis also asked God to help us. We all need to pray that God delivers us from the evils our out of control government is raining down on us all.




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5 responses to “JESUS WEPT: Obama’s IRS Demands Pro-Life Group Disclose Frequency and Content of Members’ PRAYERS

  1. Amen. Praying that God will deliver us out of the hands of ungodly leaders, government officials, and politicians who are bringing harm to our country, that He will remove them from office and replace them with godly men and women who will do what is right in His sight and best for our Nation and who will govern according to our Constitution and founding principles, which are based on His Word.

  2. I will gladly tell the IRS my prayer:
    My Lord my God Adoni most holy and High; I give eternal thanks and praise to thee for my life my freedom and the ability to stand and say that the murder of the innocent is a crime , it is one equal to and it exceeds that which was done just a short time ago to Rachael and Jacob, I ask that you look with mercy on those who show no mercy I ask that you show mercy to those who stand by in silence giving approval in so doing. Lord God please forgive me for not doing more for I am ashamed of what my nation once so great has and is become.’ So my lord I send this to the IRS I thee Father forgive them for in their ignorance they know not what they do and who they serve for they are so far from they, please I beg thee have mercy on us all amen

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