Ah America, My Sweet America, How We Have Let You Down


By Wayne Mazza

With all the unveiling of tyrannical powers from the usurpers office coming to light, I thought I would repost a short article I wrote awhile back.

Ah, America

Ah America, my sweet America, how we have let you down.

The masses have accepted tyranny through a politician with a smile.

Have accepted economic destruction through a false concept called “Hope and Change

Have allowed citizen turning against citizen through a tormentor spewing in “The Name of Fairness

Our clergy has allowed abortion to be paid for by Christians who abhor it by being silent until it affected them

Have allowed evil politicians to distort the true context of our constitution to subvert us

Have allowed our soldiers to die in Godless countries and have given these same enemies billions of tax payer dollars

Have allowed politicians to get away with Massive corruption without so much as a whimper from us

Have allowed prayer to be taken out of our schools

Have allowed God to be continually removed from view

Have allowed our children to become numb to morals that made you great

Have allowed corrupt politicians remain in office

Forgive us America, for WE DO know what we have allowed

Ah America, I yearn of how we used to treasure you.

I will give my last breath for the freedoms our founding fathers have given us, I will fight tyranny, I will not succumb to it, I will not allow it to destroy the future for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and all other generations that follow!

Hear me Washington DC, The true blood of America is screaming at you, our will, versus your vast government power, we will NOT SUBMIT to you!!

Ah my America, your America, our America, let Freedom ring, “We the People” Demand it!

Ah, America, sweet America!


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