Powerful Interview and Evidence: IRS Harasses American Grizzlies United


American Grizzlies United/Organize4Palin is not one of the 501 (c) 4 groups you have been hearing so much about. AGU/O4P is a registered 527 political organization.

What AGU Chairman Thomas S Schmitz lays out here is a completely different form of harassment than those experienced by Tea Party and Pro-Life groups.

Through total incompetence, or deliberate actions, AGU/O4P was continually harassed by the IRS.

Thomas talks with Dr Gina Loudon about his experience with the IRS. One has to figure if AGU/O4P has experienced this type of harassment, as a 527 political group, other 527 groups have as well.

One can further conclude the attempts by the IRS to harass groups with an ideology different from that of the President, goes much, much deeper than first thought.

~ Gary

NOTE: This post was put together by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and originally published on US4Palin.

The video below is of American Grizzlies United Chairman Thomas S Schmitz explaining to Dr. Gina Loudon on the The Dr. Gina Show how AGU was harassed by the IRS during the 2012 election cycle.

Yesterday Tea Party groups nationwide rallied at IRS offices in protest of the tax agency harassing them and other conservative groups. American Grizzlies United (AGU) has received many inquiries from various groups asking if our political non profit was harassed by the IRS. AGU is currently busy responding to each request as they come in.

American Grizzlies United is a 527 Political Non-Profit, and as such has to file reports about its contributions and expenditures every quarter, as well as a tax return (Form 990) due each May 15. While AGU has not been subjected to ridiculous requests such as turning over website user names and passwords, or being asked “what do you pray about?,” the organization has nevertheless been subjected to IRS harassment.

Form 8872 is used for political organizations such as AGU to report contributions and expenditures. It is filed quarterly and accompanied by receipts documenting each donation received and expenses paid. The filing is similar to what you would see on Federal Election Commission disclosures for PACs and campaigns.

All throughout 2012 the same IRS pattern to claim “missing / late filings” occurred repeatedly.


December 2011 Form 8872 front page to report AGU’s contributions and expenditures


A donation receipt from 2011 that was filed along with Form 8872


Another donation receipt from 2011 that was filed along with Form 8872

The big trick is after you submit a required filing they send you a letter saying “our records indicate that Form 8872 has not been filed.”


Form 8872 “Not Filed Notice

So, we would file again.

Then a few weeks later we would get the exact same letter saying “our records indicate that Form 8872 has not been filed…

So we would file again.

This pattern repeated several times.

So we started sending them by certified mail with return receipt.


Certified Mail Sent July 20, 2012


Certified Mail Received July 26, 2012


Certified Mail Sent October 22, 2012


Certified Mail Received February 8, 2013


Certified Mail Sent various dates

We have no less than four registered mail receipts which were followed by four letters from the IRS saying “our records indicate that form 8872 has not been filed…

This occurred during all four quarters of 2012.

Also, to file electronically the log in area and tax exemption log in box area mysteriously disappears from the web browser.

So we’d call the IRS computer support and hold for 45 minutes. Then we were told, “yes something is wrong with the site, it should be fixed soon…


Letter to IRS accompanying re-filed June 2012 Form 8872


Received stamp on Letter to IRS accompanying re-filed June 2012 Form 8872

We eventually did get the electronic filings (for the four quarters of 2012) to work, then two weeks later…


Form 8872 “Late Filing Notice

We received four letters (one for each quarter of 2012) asking us why the filing was “late.” We had to sign under penalty of perjury. We sent the returns certified mail with return receipt, of course.

Our work continues.


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  1. When I just tried to go to their main website, my browser crashed and then it was trying to download some bogus Flash installation in Spanish. Malware? Virus? Has something happened to their website?

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