Sarah and Todd Palin at the Indy 500, Guests of Parnelli Jones and Sarah Fisher

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin walks through the pit area before the start of the Indianapolis 500 auto race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Sunday, May 26, 2013. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah and Todd Palin were at the Indianapolis 500 this weekend as the guests of 1963 winner Parnelli Jones and team owner, and former driver, Sarah Fisher.

They got to see one of the best 500s in years, and Tony Kanaan take one of the race’s most popular wins!

There were reports and photos posted everywhere of the trip, so here’s a sampling:

Sarah Posted these:

Sarah Palin Sarah Fisher

With Sarah Fisher, former Indy racer and owner of Sarah Fisher Racing, in her pit today during the race. #Indy500

Todd and Sarah 2013 Indy 500

Todd and I at the #Indy500 today. What an epic all-American event!

Todd and Sarah 2013 Indy 500 pre-race

Tony Lee at Breitbart Sports wrote:

Parnelli Jones, the 1963 Indianapolis 500 winner, invited Sarah and Todd Palin to this year’s Indianapolis 500, and the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee took a ride around the world famous 2.5-mile oval in a Chevy Camaro.

I’m anxious to see the stands full. That’s a spectacular sight, having watched it on TV all these years, growing up,” Palin told the Indianapolis Star. “We’re motor heads, so that’s kind of our thing. Our daughter’s (Piper Palin) middle name is Indy…I wish our kids were here.

According to the Star, Todd and Sarah met Jones through “a mutual friend, Walker Evans, of Walker Evans Racing.” Jones was being honored on the 50th anniversary of his win.

Jones told the Star that he is planning to go caribou (reindeer) hunting with Todd Palin in August.

She’s a real game gal and her husband, Todd, is a macho guy,” Jones said after the Palins took a ride around the IMS’ historic 2.5-mile oval in a Chevy Camaro.

Sarah said the ride around the track was “bucket list stuff.

Todd races snow machines and Walker has come up to Alaska. Walker introduced us to Parnelli,” Sarah said.

Palin will reportedly watch the first pit stop from team owner Sarah Fisher’s pit. Fisher is one of racing’s leading businesswomen.

Palin Indy 500

Walker Evans is an off-road racing legend. A member of the Hall of Fame. Here’s a photo of Sarah, her dad Chuck, and Walker at the 2013 Iron Dog:


For those not familiar with motorsports, Parnelli Jones is one of racing’s true pioneers. Starting out on California dirt after WWII, Jones raced and won in all kinds of races driving all kinds of cars.

Earlier this year Rod and Custom Magazine published an article on Parnelli’s early career, as well as that of Hila Sweet, a beauty queen who could drive as well as the boys, and like Parnelli, gave no quarter on the track! Here’s a vintage photo of Parnelli Jones and Hila Sweet. Hila often doubled as the “trophy girl” at the races, this night it was Parnelli playing “trophy girl” for her win!


Parnelli won the Trophy Dash and I won the Women’s Dash; both of us winning in the same car. Parnelli is presenting the trophy to me for a change as I doubled as the trophy girl a lot of times,” Sweet laughs.

This is a great read for those that love racing history. Check it out here.

The night before the 500 Sarah and Todd were at the Marriott in Indianapolis. They stopped at the bar to chat with fans:

Blogger extraordinaire Mary Chastain who writes for Breitbart Sports tweeted:


From Dan Spehler:

More pictures from today’s #Indy500 here’s a glimpse of Sarah Palin who was hanging out on pit road

More pictures from today's #Indy500 here's a glimpse of Sarah Palin who was hanging out on pit road

Sarah and Todd Indy Gasoline Alley

Sarah Palin and I Indy

Sarah Palin

Going for a ride with Parnelli Jones:



More shots at Palin4President 2016.


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