Governor Palin’s Tweet About the IRS Listening In Confuses the Left

Never Underestimate The Stupidity of Idiots

By Stacy Drake
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On Friday, Governor Palin sent out the following tweet in response to the IRS being closed on the Friday before Memorial weekend:

If you click on the tweet link, you can see the horde of leftists who ignorantly replied to the Governor with snarky comments about how she “confused scandals.” See, they thought that she had confused the fact that Obama has been spying on journalists, with the fact that the IRS (under his leadership) has been singling out conservative groups for extra scrutiny and harassment. Perhaps they wouldn’t be confused if the man they voted for wasn’t currently entangled in so many scandals with so many agencies.

The confusion on their part, lead to this post over at the Huffington Post Thursday called, “Sarah Palin Sends Confusing Tweet About IRS, Phones.” The author wrote:

It’s unclear how the IRS is connected to anything having to do with phones, but it’s possible Palin may have been confusing that scandal with the drama over the Department of Justice secretly seizing two months’ worth of Associated Press phone records in 2012.

Research is your friend, HuffPo. Perhaps this article written in the Wall Street Journal might be able to “clear” things up for the uninformed, knee-jerk haters on the left. It states:

The Internal Revenue Service unit under fire for its reviews of conservative organizations has a long history of targeting groups with extra scrutiny, including foreclosure-assistance charities, credit-counseling services and New York Jewish charities, interviews with current and former employees show.

The scrutiny has included such tactics as listening to telephone calls between groups and their clients, according to one group’s lawyer. In the case of tea-party organizations, IRS officials studied social-media postings to gauge political activity.

Further down the page, they include:

In the mid-2000s, the IRS revoked or terminated the tax-exempt status of more than a dozen credit-counseling firms after finding they operated as businesses that weren’t providing counseling or education. The agency developed a more stringent process for reviewing applications in the years following, including guidelines that advised IRS workers to seek to learn whether counselors collected complete financial information.

Look for evidence in the organization’s forms, transcripts of telephone calls, and elsewhere,” said an IRS instruction memo.

IRS agents also listened in on calls between credit counselors and their clients to measure the interaction, said Jeffrey Tenenbaum, an attorney for nonprofits who said he sat in on some calls in the company of IRS agents.

I guess those on the left have to have this stuff spelled out for them. Yes people, not only was Obama’s DOJ spying on the media, his IRS was spying on members of conservative groups, and they even used phones to do it!


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