I Can’t Say That I am Completely Happy Michele Bachmann is Going.

I never agreed with how Michele went about doing things. She never did seem to make or keep enough friends in the GOP or Tea Party. That is lesson number one in politics – being loyal to those who help you.  She chose instead to promote herself constantly.

Michele never seemed to have acute political instincts and allowed herself to be used by the GOP to thwart Sarah’s hopes of running in May of 2012. She apparently backstabbed Sarah Palin by trashing her supporters while running for President in Iowa. We may never know what happened, but if it is true, then it was definitely not a wise move. Sarah had publicly campaigned for her re-election in Minnesota, and she should have been more gracious. Sarah is so well-loved and loyally so, why would Michele think that would go well politically? I know Sarah Palin has taken the high road in many instances and this was just one more example of why that pays off.

I called Michele damaged goods when she would not criticize Romney during the debates.  She expected to get something in return from him, but was only fooling herself the entire time.

Michele Bachmann used the TEA PARTY caucus to promote herself from the start. My particular gripe with that is that she didn’t stand up to Mr. Anti-TEA PARTY himself, John BOEHNER, when we needed her to. She held out until the end to see which way the vote would swing, and VOTED FOR his speakership renewal on January 3rd of this year. Apparently he managed to bribe her into casting the last vote for him. That is not courageous. We needed a fresh start by removing him. She never defended the FOUR fiscal conservatives that were purged from the committees either, and that was just plain wrong!  She hurt our cause that way.

All of that being said, she should have stayed to fight the good fight and to show her sincerity and prove she really meant what she stood for.  Her strongest point was to push for investigation into Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in DC, which is a huge problem.  I respected her willingness to take the heat and to stand alone. So many don’t. There is simply too much pressure and p.c. to take this head on. The cowards who turned their backs on it (we know who they are) will probably never have the burden or fear of being investigated, as they help the administration and our enemies. WE NEED SOMEONE TO TAKE THIS ISSUE ON in the GOP! Someone with less baggage and a lot more effectiveness will hopefully take her place.  It is too important to ignore, given the critical circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Here are her comments following the Benghazi attacks:

“It is my belief and my opinion that Barack Obama has been the most dangerous President we have ever had on American foreign policy.  President OBama needs to get his priorities straight. What he needs to do is cancel his interview with David Letterman, cancel his meeting with Beyonce, cancel his meeting with JayZ, and instead agree to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Finally, I met her at the screening of “Occupy Unmasked” in Tampa last year. She presented the movie and spoke admirably about Andrew Breitbart. It was a great experience which I will always remember.  I wish her well and urge her to continue fighting. It’s never about us as individuals, but about the cause. Having battle wounds is the only way to know a warrior has fought hard. To me she never really did BEGIN to FIGHT or show what she was made of.


The Left is viciously attacking her personally. NO matter how much I disagree with the less favorite politicians from our side, it is never okay to trash them, especially Conservative women, like they do.


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13 responses to “I Can’t Say That I am Completely Happy Michele Bachmann is Going.

  1. She’s under investigation by the FEC for playing it loose in financing her campaign for President, and she barely won her last Congressional race against an underfunded opponent who entered the race late. He’s running again, and she would lose. Just for the sake of strategy, it’s probably better for Bachmann to bow out, so another GOP candidate will have a good chance in the district.

    • Isabel Matos

      I cannot disagree with you, but that never stopped anyone on the left from continuing their fight or making an effort to be relevant in their party.

      Imperfect and controversial as she has been (I happen to think Michele lived for just the positive – the benefits and attention at she got from campaigning all the time), she should stick around to show she cares, not just talk about it. In my book, you’re not a devoted patriot if you don’t take the bad along with the good when you’re in this fight. Even if imperfect, she should humble herself, apologize to the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and her supporters, and do something to show she learned from her mistakes.

      Leaving is not enough. If she improved herself for the sake of the cause, then all her reputation for being an opportunist will be proven wrong. We could all benefit from humble politicians willing to give their all, not just take from hard-working conservatives or constituents. We all sacrifice.

  2. Gary P Jackson

    Isabel, those stories about Bachmann trashing Sarah Palin in Iowa were true. Viscous attacks on Governor Palin and her supporters, who had spent nearly a year in Iowa just in case Palin ran.

    We knew what was going on, but chose to stay above the fray. Scott Conroy, however, wrote a pretty solid account of the viciousness of Bachmann. No tears shed at her demise.

    “Palin-Bachmann Rancor Heats Up Below the Surface”

    By Scott Conroy – August 13, 2011

    DES MOINES, Iowa — “I like Sarah Palin a lot,” Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said at Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate. “We are very good friends.”

    Bachmann’s charitable words were the latest in a long line of glowing public comments that the two potential Republican rivals have showered upon each other since 2008.

    But a personal relationship between the conservative female leaders has, in fact, been nonexistent for the past 16 months, as aides from Bachmann’s camps have privately — and sometimes publicly — disparaged Palin to an extent that has caused growing exasperation in Palin world. That behind-the-scenes rancor is now boiling over as the former Alaska governor inches closer to a presidential run.

    Some of the volunteers who have been organizing here in the nation’s first voting state for a potential Palin campaign have been particularly miffed by what they describe as a concerted effort from the Bachmann camp to spread rumors that Palin has already decided not to run and will eventually endorse the Minnesotan.

    “It is so pervasive and so continuous that it can’t be rogue people doing it without the understanding and encouragement from the candidate herself,” a Palin supporter in Iowa told RCP. “The entire Bachmann team has gone around the state saying Palin is a lightweight and a quitter and saying that Sarah’s about to endorse Michele. Bachmann’s campaign is radioactively dirty. They are shameless.”

    In May, Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson — who went on to become Bachmann’s point person here — told Politico that Palin “doesn’t seem like a credible candidate.” And in some of his first public comments in June as Bachmann’s soon-to-be campaign manager, Ed Rollins told The Daily Caller that Palin “has not been serious over the last couple of years.”

    “She got the vice-presidential thing handed to her,” Rollins said. “She didn’t go to work in the sense of trying gain more substance. She gave up her governorship.”

    Sorenson and a Bachmann spokesperson did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

    The Bachmann aides’ public disparagement of Palin did nothing to rebuild a personal relationship between the two women that has soured since Palin campaigned for Bachmann in Minnesota in April 2010.

    But according to well-placed sources, it was Bachmann’s assertion during Thursday night’s debate that she was “very good friends” with Palin that ignited a fire in Palin world.

    “To say that they’re good buddies — what is a good buddy?” a Palin-affiliated source said. “You can’t use that to try to get her supporters.”

    The temptation to pit two conservative women against each other simply by reason of their gender is one that both Bachmann and Palin have publicly criticized for being predictable and lazy.

    Bachmann noted in June that she did not intend to participate in a media-driven “mud wrestling fight” against Palin, while the former Alaska governor said during an appearance at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday that attempts to suggest a particularly charged rivalry between her and Bachmann were sexist and “so passé.”

    But the Palin camp privately became agitated when Bachmann did not rise to Palin’s defense last January amid the fallout from the mass murder in Arizona and attempted assassination of Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords; following that tragedy, Palin took heat from some liberals for using gun imagery in a 2010 campaign map that targeted Democratic officials for electoral defeat.

    If Palin does enter the presidential race sometime next month, the antipathy between her campaign team and Bachmann’s is likely to become more apparent, as each side competes for a similar voting bloc.

    Filmmaker Steven K. Bannon has dealt firsthand with both women, having produced “Fire From the Heartland” — a documentary about the awakening of conservative women that features Bachmann as a focal point — and “The Undefeated,” which extols Palin’s record in office. According to Bannon, gender has nothing to do with the possible clash between Palin and Bachmann in the coming months.

    “The way the media frames it, either they have to be BFFs, or it’s that they’re ready for a catfight — it can’t be a more nuanced look,” Bannon said. “But you couldn’t have more different leaders. One is a firebrand like a Patrick Henry or Thomas Paine, who rose to prominence in a movement where at a moment in time being a firebrand was important. Governor Palin also did that, but she’s really very different — she’s a reformer with strong executive experience.”

    If and when Palin hits the campaign trail, political realities will make it unlikely that she and Bachmann will violate Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment and speak ill of one another publicly, even if it’s a different story behind the scenes.

    “There will have to be distinctions, and I think they should make those on policy and style, but I don’t think either of them will be served by attempting to take down the other one,” Iowa Tea Party activist Ryan Rhoades, who recently endorsed Bachmann, told RCP. “Getting into the fight that the media so desperately wants to see, I think, would be a detriment to both.”

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you, Gary. The truth finally comes out for all to see.

      • Gary P Jackson

        I think Bachmann was fine in her role, but as I was discussing last night with someone else, after she did what she did to Governor Palin, I was forced to re-evaluate her, and look closer at who she is. Looked into her time in Minnesota state house as well.

        We won’t miss Bachmann at all.

      • Glenn C. Briggs

        I’m glad you are pointing up the original article re: the Iowa affair, which I remember so vividly and which, along with other reports, immediately turned me away from Bachmann. I have not respected her one iota ever since. Remember her campaign manager’s disparagement of Sarah and that Bachmann did not really apologize for it? Bachmann lacks integrity and loyalty, exposing her as a typically unscrupulous politician, regardless of her supposed Conservative principles. I have to admit, an attacker of Sarah Palin is an enemy of mine. Sorry, I suppose I should be more tolerant, but that’s the way it is and I’m not uncomfortable with that stance.
        “Bachmann lacks integrity and loyalty, exposing her as a typically unscrupulous politician, regardless of her supposed Conservative principles.” This, my statement above, is why I feel her leaving the scene is a blessing. She represents nothing of value to the Conservative cause or the American citizen who longs for a restoration of the rule of law based on our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, unless one is looking for a “bad example” and I feel such as John McCain would serve that purpose better.

  3. I’m of mixed emotions about Bachmann: Namely, she’s been an outstanding critic of the “creeping shariah” and muzzie bro-hood infiltration throughout our society; but her unfruitful and self-defeating dissing of Palin knocked her down quite a few notches in my estimation. I think she’s been guilty of “shooting from the lip” a bit more frequently than others – certainly more than Palin, who is nothing if not “cool & collected” – and strategic!

  4. mike

    I value Sarah’s message but at times have trouble with her delivery. She’s an excellent writer but a poor orator in my opinion whereas Michelle’s oration is calm and Midwestern which makes her easier for me to listen to…I’m also glad you mentioned Michelle’s relentless fight against all odds to make the public aware of the Muslim Brotherhood inside of our government and showing Minnesotans who Keith Ellison really is along with Huma Abedin.

    My opinion does not devalue the great respect I have for both women and I only wish the men would stand with them and fight the good fight to protect all Americans. I’m also hopeful Michelle and Sarah can work together as conservatives to drive the left toward more craziness.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Seriously? Governor Palin is a statesman. A wise leader. An experienced executive, who reaches millions. Bachmann is a huckster, a snake oil salesman. A bomb thrower.

      I’ve never publicly went after Bachmann, but I can tell you, Conservatism will be better served by more stable representatives.

      • mike

        I think you missed my point. Sarah is a great statesman for everything that is good in America. I admire her patriotism and the fact that she means what she says and says what she means. Her record as Governor of Alaska tells me all I need to know to continue my support of her. In fact, I put her right up there with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as a common sense conservative.
        My comment had nothing to do with comparing her to Bachmann except that Sarah’s voice can be irritating to me (only me) whereas Bachmann’s voice is more soothing. Believe me when I say, if I had to vote between the two of them Sarah would win easily because of her experience.
        By the way, I check for your articles daily and read them often but seldom leave comments. I usually agree with your observations.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks for your reply!

        I don’t much care what someone looks or sounds like, it’s what they are about that excites, or pisses me off!

        That said, it’s Bachmann who made my skin crawl when she spoke, but it’s because I know who she really is, and what an absolute phony she is. What she did in Iowa and had her shills do in South Carolina made me look at her in a different light. I actually looked into her record a lot closer. Found a lot of things that woke me up.

        I apologize if I came off too strong, but after dealing with liberal idiots daily, I get mighty protective of Governor Palin, especially remarks about things that don’t matter!

        Thanks for being a reader!

  5. susiepuma

    Glad she’s gone – we need to get rid of a lot more – 8 terms in office is plenty – do you remember the Gov speaking about the permanent political class??? croney capitalism????? lifetime government trough suckers and getting rich off our dime – funny how they all get rich after they hit DC…. it is a swap – instead of continuing to talk about this particular loser – start working on replacing others that have been there forever………………..

  6. Joe

    I’m not disagreeing with the article necessarily, but we should all remember that she had the highest Heritage Action score in the state. Her overall voting record was pretty conservative, even when you account for political opportunism. http://heritageactionscorecard.com/scorecard/index.html#mn#state#Minnesota

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