Governor Sarah Palin: Small Town America is The Soul of Our Country

Republic Tigers T-Shirt

Governor Sarah Palin will be the honored speaker at the high school graduation ceremonies in Republic, Washington on Saturday. The students, who worked hard to convince her to come, felt the Governor best represents what America is all about.

Sadly, the liberal swine that pollute most news rooms these days, have chosen to bash both the Governor, and the high school, over it’s rather small size.

We’ve seen headlines like “It’s come to this” inferring that somehow, this was the best the Governor could do. As Sarah notes below, these pathetic liberals absolutely miss the point, yet again.

~ Gary

By Sarah Palin

Small town America is the soul of our country, despite the opinion of the Seattle Weekly’s Ellis Conklin and the lamestream media. Todd and I are on our way to congratulate the graduating class in Republic, Washington, this Saturday and I’m honored and touched by their ingenuity, tenacity, and invitation to speak to these young Americans about to begin their futures.

Small town America is our heart; it may not be the Ivy Leagues or what Ellis and the media deem acceptable, but these students and this town represent what is good and right about America and the small towns where most of us grew our own roots and values.

Too often the media forgets its own humble roots and plays the elitist card. Not so this weekend. We are going to congratulate the Tigers of 2013 and have something special for each and every one. They will grow to defend our country, manage our economy, build our families, and work to achieve each of their own personal dreams.

Sorry, Seattle Weekly, you, as usual, miss the point.


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5 responses to “Governor Sarah Palin: Small Town America is The Soul of Our Country

  1. Actually, Sarah Palin has, yet again, set another trend: Namely: Conservatives, who are absolutely NEVER invited to speak at college or university commencements, will now go to small communities and speak at high school graduations – and plant the seeds of Americanism and Patriotism in our next generation – BEFORE they’ve had a chance to be brainwashed at univerity by the libturd professors!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh yeah, BTW, been giving Ellis Conklin pure hell on Twitter! This guy is the perfect example of why liberalism is the greatest evil mankind has ever had to deal with!

      Governor Plain understands better than most that our best people come from small towns. Was a time when even democrats knew that!

      • Of course, everything in Seattle is liberal on steroids these days, but I fondly recall a time when the liberalism I knew there (my long-time old home town) was a much gentler & kinder form of libturdism. I even counted David Brewster, its founder (in the 1970s), as a good friend, and his wife was a sister alum from the same college back in the day… Of course, all bets are off when it comes to reason, sanity and courtesy by these vicious folks today…

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah, liberalism has become mean, hateful, ugly. It was always bad, but now it has nothing to recommend it to others.

  2. George Dawson III

    Thank you Governor Sarah as usual you have hit the nail on the head
    I remain as always Gods Servant and yours swg [spiritwarriorgeorge ]

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