BREAKING: LA Sen. Elbert Guillory Switches Parties, Now First Black GOP State Senator Since Reconstruction

Senator Elbert Guillory

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s an interesting development over in Louisiana. Senator Elbert Guillory, a democrat, has switched parties to become a Republican.

The Senator announced his switch from the democratic party at a noon luncheon during the At Large Conference, a gathering of black conservatives from around the nation, according to The Advertiser:

The senator switched from Republican to Democrat when he ran for the House of Representatives in 2007. He has broken with the Democratic Party on numerous issues, taking a more conservative stance.

The luncheon was scheduled to present the Frederick Douglass Award as a conservative leader in the Legislature. The conference’s goal is “to celebrate the determination by black conservatives to lead Americans away from dependency on the government.”

The New Orleans Times Picayune adds:

Guillory has a conservative voting record and has long been an ally of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration, particularly on education and retirement issues.

With Guillory’s switch, Republicans will hold 25 seats in the 39-member state Senate.

Not sure what motivated Guillory to switch to the democrat party in the first place, but a quick look at his record indicates he’s been mostly Conservative all along.

This is, of course, a big deal in Louisiana. Could have national implications as well.

I’m sure loving, tolerant democrats will weigh in on the matter shortly, as only they can!


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5 responses to “BREAKING: LA Sen. Elbert Guillory Switches Parties, Now First Black GOP State Senator Since Reconstruction

  1. Jon Henry

    I think I can venture a guess why La. State Senator switched to Dems in 2007. First, embarrassment over the perceived mistakes of the Bush administration and 2nd , a man of color, who was articulate and seem to be promising a positive change for a brighter future. Many of us have been disappointed by our current POTUS. I pray more will open their eyes to the truth and embrace the reality before it’s too late.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Maybe so, except Bush was a pretty good president! I didn’t like the fact he let the liberal wing of the GOP run wild, but still. Not the best, for sure, but no where near the worst.

      Not sure how anyone fell for Mr Hope and Change though. It took absolutely zero effort to look into his past and know he was a hard core leftist with a 100% anti-American agenda. I guess the only plus here is maybe people will realize just how evil liberalism is, and finally reject it forever.

      Senator Guillory seems to be a solid guy. Glad he’s joined up to help Governor Jindal.

  2. I’m white, okay? Can’t help that. But I think you Black Republicans deserve a worldful of respect for tugging away at this uphill battle in the Black community. Rest assured: Republicans everywhere are rolling big rocks up steep hills, while the Democrats are just rolling logs down the hills.

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