Video: Sarah Palin’s Commencement Speech at Republic High School

Sarah Palin Republic High School Class of 2013

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s video of Sarah Palin’s inspiring speech to the class of Republic High School, 2013. Go Tigers!

Governor Palin reveals Republic, Washington played a major part in her early life.

Video courtesy SarahNET



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12 responses to “Video: Sarah Palin’s Commencement Speech at Republic High School

  1. Who among us remembers ANY of our commencement speaks (high school, college and grad school)? But I’ll warrant that these lucky kids will LONG remember who spoke at THEIR graduation – and, an added bonus, what their town meant to HER and her family in years gone by!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed! They will remember this for a lifetime!

      What’s even more delicious is watching the liberal elitists lose their minds over this! The paper she ripped to shreds, in a classy way, is REALLY hot! They are literally like 2 year olds!

      I loved the story about her dad driving them through there when she was just a baby. Small world!

  2. Tom

    Interesting that this graduation speech was filmed by SarahNET and posted by Gary P. Jackson. Look at all the message boards about Sarah Palin–Gary Jackson is the person who constantly is posting how powerful and great she is–defending her against all the negative comments and quoting from her books like they have nothing but truth. Paid staff member hired just to defend Sarah–most of those positive comments are written by People paid by Sarah.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually moron, it was filmed by someone local, and forwarded to our friends over at SarahNET out in California for publication. The kids in Republic were excited as hell to have the Governor give her speech for them.

      Being a democrat, I know you are stupid, so I’ll type slow. Neither myself, nor the folks at SarahNET work for Governor Palin, SarahPAC, or anything, or anyone related to Sarah Palin.

      Further more, this website has no revenue stream whatsoever. No paid funding of any kind. As such, we are 100% independent in our reporting.

      Now OF COURSE we are supporters of Governor Palin’s. The only people who aren’t are ignorant, and frankly, un-American. I have personally followed the Governor’s career since her earliest days in office, and was among those lobbying John McCain to chose her as his running mate.

      Myself, and others DO from time to time, post information, FACTUAL information on websites that encourage hate, and lies aimed at the Governor and other American patriots.

      Being an America, we strongly defend the American way of life against those who seek to destroy it, no matter the political party.

      Too bad you are so ignorant, and have such a small, closed mind. Our website prides itself on taking on left wing Republicans with the same zeal and radical democrats. We have no political party, instead choosing to focus on what males America great, as well as exposing those who would destroy it.

      I’ll invite you to hang around, possibly you might learn something, even though you are a democrat, and thus mentally deficient.

    • I really can’t add anything more (or more thorough) to what Gary has said in reply to your moronic statement. I’ll just say that, of course, Sarah has a small paid staff (and that does NOT include the MANY bloggers and volunteer organizations that strong support her from their heart! her staff helps her with the tousands of emails and letters wh receives every week, and we can only applaud her sensible and careful use of funds for this purpose. Besides, it was finally revealed that Obozo actually DID have a ghostwriter for his “Dreams from my Father” book: Namely, unrepentatnt terrorist, Bill Ayres! There simply is no comparison between the two when it comes to honesty and genuine patriotism – Palin leaves The One totallly in the dust!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks Joy. Several of us engage this filth from time to time on various websites. Lefties, in both parties, tell us Sarah Palin is 100% irrelevant, and yet will spend hours on end spewing hatred any time her name is mentioned. I’ve never EVER seen anything like it.

        I’m kinda glad in a way though, as the mask has finally fallen, and all of the world can see just how evil democrats are. How they have nothing but hate, and lies to spew. They contribute absolutely nothing else to society but their rabid hate.

        We feel that hate must be answered.

    • Let me tell you something Tom, I had a nephew and 2nd cousin graduate in this class at Republic High School and I know that the requests they made for Sarah Palin to speak were genuine and the fact that she went to a town of less than 2000 citizens and spoke for a class of 27 graduates is not only commendable, it is exceptional. You need to stand down with the political rhetoric and let these kids enjoy a thrill of a life time. Don’t be an ass and make this into something it is not. Thank you for any consideration you may show.

      • Gary P Jackson

        How cool! That will be a story your nephew will enjoy telling for years to come!

        Don’t mind these hate filled democrats. The hate website from Seattle that first attacked Governor Palin for going, wrote a nasty rebuttal after she wrote a classy retort to the nasty bunch. The lefties have spent the last three days spewing hate in post after post on that article.

        A few of us went over there to set the record straight. The amount of hate democrats have stored up is almost limitless. It’s a truly pathetic existence.

        Your family gets what America is all about. Your nephew will be one of America’s next great leaders. Common sense, hard work, and good values will rule the day.

        Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sorry for the typos, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to edit my comments on this site, Gary – when one hits line 4 or 5, the text starts to jump up & down, so one can only proceed blindly. What’s with WordPress? I don’t find this problem with any other website that uses WordPress.

  4. Sarah2016

    Just wanted to add my heartfelt support & thanks to Gary jackson for having the stomach to constantly take-on these smug, deluded Obamabot cretains that have no qualms smearing the good name of an honorable, courageous patriotic woman (that goes for the RINO, as well.) So Gary, hope the haters make you double-down in your tireless effort to defen our next President Palin & I will now actively search your twitter replies just to spite the Sorors-funded Tom commenter above.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Hey, thanks! You have no idea how much your comments mean to myself, and all of us who support Common Sense Conservatism, and Governor Palin.

      The left is showing it’s true colors these days. They are hate filled, and becoming more so each day. Liberalism is the greatest evil man has faced in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. It must not only be defeated, it must be wiped from the face of the earth!

      Thanks gain for your support. It really does mean so much to us all.

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