I’m Pissed!

grizzlyBy Isabel Matos

I’m pissed!

This is not just for Sarah Palin supporters who are my friends. This is for all GOP voters and so-called Republicans who think their party is doing them favors.  They are not!

The GOP has gone after this woman, Sarah Palin, because they have known all along she has the answers we have needed to defeat Obama and to reverse the course this country is on, and they can’t have it. They, and millions of voters who have questioned her abilities and qualifications in the past, are in part to blame for the state our union is in.

On days like this, I just can’t help but think, how lazy, how apathetic and how over-confident voters are to believe that the party we belong to (the GOP) does all it can to win, and that the politicians we elect to go to Washington, do their jobs by fighting for our freedoms every day.

This is for all those voters who could, but won’t, take an earnest and hard look at the predicament we are in, and who continue to ignore that one person who would be president now had they not listened to the lies and smears that were spread in 08 about Sarah Palin.

Had voters been wiser, they would have ignored the tabloid-like coverage from the Marxist Media, and seen for themselves what she had actually done and stood for, on her own, without accepting any special favors, money, or using family ties to advance herself.

I wish voters had ignored the deliberate distractions, and had actually seen for themselves what a wonderful person and candidate she was.  I’m angry – angry that I have to urge voters (GOP voters!) to see something that is so painfully obvious.. that Sarah is a natural leader, that she has been leading us without a title since 2007.. and that her style of leadership is displayed by example, not just talk.

We are used to being lied to, so when someone comes along with the truth, she is reviled. I believe the mood and attitude towards her are changing, and I say this because I choose to be an optimist. She is exemplifying everything we need in times likes these. She is walking us through the worst we feared would come.

I saw immediately the rarity that she was!  To me, she was perfect. I never understood the vitriol against her.  Sarah is politically astute. She is the only Republican, with the exception of Ted Cruz , who is taking on this President and the GOP establishment alike. Our side continues to shirk its duties and ignore Obama’s  scandals.  That is scandalous!  They ignore his atrocious and treasonous actions and dangerously naive policies. (I’m being generous..)

The GOP Republicans are cowards! The President does not fear them. He still fears Sarah. He fears truth tellers like her who can rally the country against him. He fears her because she, unlike him and his wife, loves and respects this country. She, unlike him, has never stood down on anything she has said, or compromised her principles in exchange for personal power or cheap political gains.

Sarah is NOT corrupt. She is not morally bankrupt. She is not a coward. Unlike so many we know, she has standards she not only claims to have, but lives by.  Only Sarah Palin has the steel spine to carry on while others find their niche in Washington and forget what they were sent to do there.

Our spineless representatives fear negative media coverage. They live to please the Democrats enough to avoid it.  The fear of being made the target of personally destructive politics keeps them in their place.  They are deplorable! I hate every last one who lives by fear.

John BOEHNER chooses to please the president more than he does represent his own constituents. That is why it is so hard to replace him as Speaker. He is too valuable for Obama, who gets most of his agenda passed without the slightest bit of resistance from him.

JeB Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio .. None can speak with the political clarity or moral authority that Sarah Palin does. None can take on the traitor in chief because they each have at a least one skeleton in their closet, or a personal shortcoming that can be used against them if they overstep their bounds or push for investigations that would lead to impeachment or removal of many in the Obama administration. What is going on is not just despicable.

It is evil.

Sarah Palin not only knows the tremendous predicament we are in, she represents security for our country because she cannot be bribed, frightened off with the threat of the exposure of a scandal or blackmailed with any type of personal information she has that could compromise us.

How long will it take for GOP voters and Democrats or Independents with common sense and intellectual honesty to give this woman what she deserves: RESPECT and unconditional SUPPORT?

I am mad it has taken this long (and will still take long) for so many to open their eyes while the country’s future hangs in the balance.  Sarah Palin has proven that she is the only one fighting on our behalf, and the only one who can be trusted.. What then will it take for more to get it?  She is doing her part, what are we doing to reach out to a wider base of supporters?

Who cares what her voice sounds like? Who cares whether you like her family or not, or whether you think she still needs to read more books, have more experience, or dress more conservatively. (I actually heard that comment in person and just about lost it when I did!)

Sarah has proven time after time, issue after issue, that she not only has the experience to be president, but she has the guts and the timing that come from instinct to do what is needed during times that try men’s souls. Only masterful and natural politicians like her have done it in the past.

Because she is a woman, she is held to a different, and even impossible standard.   This cannot be denied. America had better get used to it, because no one else has the unique qualifications, spine of steel, moral compass and bold personality that can help renew and restore our faith in America the Great again. No one.

For the nay-sayers in the establishment circles, and for the so-called Conservative Republicans (like the one I met at the New Orleans Investment Conference last October):

To voters who repeat what they hear on television, you should ask yourselves why she is such a threat. You should wonder where the source of the criticism is coming from, and where you got your notion or impression of her.  The media will never admit she is everything they claim she is not:  that Sarah is savvy, that she is shrewd. And that she is damned good at what she does!

I’m ticked that people don’t support someone who is willing to fight the way she does, and expose her family to the intense scrutiny and criticism they will get. I can’t comprehend how anyone does not see the contrast between her and other so-called leaders of the “Tea Party”who prepare for their presidential campaigns for 2016.  How shallow.  Instead of giving, all they think about is what they can get.

We are blessed with an exceptional human being and an individual America can be proud of.  When was the last time you felt proud of your country because of its politicians?

I am infuriated when voters complain about politicians not being honest, but when one comes along, it’s not enough.  Sarah speaks clearly.  She does not make promises, or give false hopes of things that won’t come.  She does not sugar-coat the truth. She tells graduates they have to get off their butt to make a buck, and when she tell us hard times are coming, you had better believe they are. No one could be more practical or sensible.

She posts her comments directly on Facebook, too, while other politicians hire writers to work on their behalf.

I can’t wait for the continuation of her endorsements for 2014. She is off to a great start already.

Sarah’s support grows daily. I respect her. I will continue to share my enthusiasm for her with different friends (to expand the base). And I urge you to start spreading the news that were not going anywhere, that our resolve to fix this mess will only grow with time. We will follow Sarah’s lead.  Are you ready for the change that you are about to effect with your service in our nation’s history?  I am.

Sarah Palin Im pissed!


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32 responses to “I’m Pissed!

  1. Thanks for that great post, Isabel – you took the words right out of my head!! I feel the same way about those ignorant GOP voters who’ve refused to see the gem (Palin) right before their very own (dim) eyes!!

    • Isabel Matos


      It is so energizing to write about Sarah (look at the clock! I’ve been tweaking this all night and lost track of the time. It flies when I write about her). Sarah is a source of peace, but energy all in one.

      She has survived all the GOP’s attempts to make her irrevelant, and I am confident she will emerge as an even greater figure than we imagined, but I feel bittersweet that the country will go through a lot of pain until she is our President in 2016. Until then, it’s 2014 all the way, baby!
      Great to see you again!

  2. Troy

    I couldn’t agree more! I was sick when she didn’t run last time. This is a good verses evil world we’re in right now as it must be too fulfill scripture. My first hope is Jesus Christ but my second is Sarah Palin…

    • Isabel Matos


      I definitely think she is the antidote to communism and socialism. And yes, this battle (really a war) is something bigger than politics. It is an epic struggle between good vs evil, especially when we have forces infiltrated in this country who want to destroy our Judeo-Christian values. We cannot allow that.

      To add to your comment on Sarah being divine like Jesus: I never want to compare anyone to a deity.

      It does feel like God has touched Sarah in a very unique way. She talks and acts like regular folk who relate to her, but has exceptional qualities, like kindness and leadership. I like to refer to her as being exceptionally ordinary, and “ordinarily” exceptional.

      If you ever meet her, you will understand what I am describing. Sarah is so friendly and approachable, that you forget you’re in the same room with a very powerful woman and significant figure in history.

      Here’s something else I will add to that: When I met Sarah, I felt excited at first, then comfortable, then just settled in. After I left her presence is when I experienced the feeling of peace and energy which had a lasting effect on me. I have met others who described the same feeling as being life-changing, resulting in greater devotion to her and her cause.

      I thank God every day for having blessed us with the gift she is. Can you imagine having gone through the last six years without her leading and redirecting the conversation?

      Thanks again for stopping by.

      • Troy

        I wasn’t comparing her to Jesus, come on now. Simply saying that she is the answer to our country is not enough for me because that solution is in Jesus. Just because I mention the two in the same sentence does not imply I think she is Devine. That’s something the left would read from my comment. I appreciate your remarks and your Facebook posts, even though a lot of your posts are the same ones I read from Sarah’s page. And I HAVE met her and heard her speak… she is amazing and inspiring. I left the encounter thinking I was going to run for local office and try to make a difference.

  3. mike

    “Who cares what her voice sounds like?” I made that comment to Gary last week when I compared her voice to Michelle Bachmann’s voice but will add this week that Sarah speaks from the heart. She is what is good about America and when RINO McCain selected her as his running mate we had a chance to rid Washington DC of it’s corruption the same way Sarah diminished crony capitalism in Alaska.
    I will also say because I’m an opportunist, messages like yours and Gary P. Jackson’s are resonating on other conservative Internet sites. When I first started reading blogs Sarah was hammered over and over about the lies the MSM conjured up but now, there are more people defending her and her record. Keep up the good work because somehow we have to make our message clear to conservative Democrats and liberal minorities. This is about smaller and more manageable government, accountability, and freedom.
    There will be disagreements but that’s what makes America unique and there are good Governors protecting the people. Senator Cruz, Gowdy, Paul, Lee, and some very special congress people like Scott are making a dent to alter the conversation. Honesty and integrity is what your article is about and that message is winning the day because conservatives don’t have to cover their lies. Thank you.

    • Isabel Matos

      That is funny, Mike! I hear that comment a lot (in my own home, in fact, when I started using Going Rogue as bed-time story for the younger members of my family.) In this particular instance, it is appropriate to quote Hillary and ask “What difference does it make?” because that is exactly what I told my family a long time ago. They have since grown to like her.

      Your message comes through: it is loud and clear. It’s not about us as individuals, but the greater cause that must continue with or without us.

      About Sarah Palin .. she is a genius in my book. Many people consider having a high IQ as the only measure of one’s intelligence. It is an important one, but there is such a thing as emotional intelligence, and Sarah is a prime example of how important it is to be able to communicate with people not just verbally, but emotionally as well.

      Ronald Reagan was known for being a great communicator. I think Sarah will be known as the great connector. She is natural around people. She is warm, comfortable and adapts to just about any social situation she finds herself in. (Of course, this is assuming she becomes President, which is a long way from now, but for the sake of the conversation.)

      People who do not have social skills or who are intelligent but uncomfortable around others (like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb Bush and how can I omit Karl Rove? Reince Priebus is the most gregarious of the bunch and he’s a geek), happen to be powerful, but are handicapped because they do not understand or care what makes people tick. All they care about is numbers and theories like Immigration Reform. They are disconnected from us. I thought of Jimmy Carter, too. He was kind of brilliant in science, but dangerously naive in politics. Someone may offer other examples.

      When you understand the language of the heart like Sarah does, life so much easier (and cheaper since you don’t have to hire consultants to tell you what people want)!

      She is practically self-sufficient because of that skill alone. Anyone can read and add experience to their resume, not everyone loves hanging with regular folk. That’s a weapon.

      I am proud of her, and I am proud of this movement that supports the underdogs in life and team players. That is what Sarah is about. She is not selfish, greedy or unkind.

      By the way, I always thought that if I surrounded myself with smarter friends I would be smarter myself. I admire, even envy highly intellectual people, but I have to conform and be happy with how God made me. Everyone has a gift and talent they can use to help our cause.

      Thanks for stopping by. It is a pleasure to read your comments and pick up on your positive attitude and read your generous feedback. I hope it is contagious! We need enthusiastic team players like yourself, even if we disagree. Who said we had to agree on everything? How dull.

  4. Ed Fiskeaux

    Isabel, you have written another master piece here about Sarah Palin and why she should be our leader, but what I fear is all of the ignorant and blind takers out there that will never read this column. Along with voting fraud, they are the ones we need to get this message to and most of them have closed ears still. They’re not going to come here on Gary’s blog and read your article. My fear is that it’s still going to have to get worse before that crowd will start to pay attention.

    • Isabel Matos

      Hello, Ed!

      Sarah said in an interview with Stephen Bannon, “We haven’t yet begun to fight” (https://thespeechatimeforchoosing.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/we-havent-yet-begun-to-fight/) that she plans to expand her base of supporters by using different venues. She is masterful at it. Going to places like the Indy 500 and Miami Heat/Pacers games showcases her special talent (which I wrote about in the previous comment) of feeling at ease among ordinary, every day Americans.

      She has pushed for the youth (I think that is one particular group she is showing great strength in) to cling to their bibles, their guns, and the Constitution, and has encouraged them to “infiltrate” the culture to effect positive change. This is a great video with the details of her speech. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aczWNVDM7Y

      Her daughter is doing just that by participating in dance shows and other programs like Wife Swap where Conservatives would not have dared go before. I can’t wait for the Cool (Conservative) version of SNL (Saturday Night Live has become So Not Laughing!). That will be fun.

      I think Andrew Breitbart’s life was his legacy. He was out there penetrating enemy territory like no one had before. Brilliant.

      Thanks for making the trip out here to chat. It was awesome of you to stop by. I appreciate it very much.

  5. Glenn C. Briggs

    My humble opinion – Sarah did not run in 2012 because she astutely perceived AMERICA had not awakened sufficiently to the horror and pain that a Marxist regime would bring about, that we had not suffered enough to get off our duffs and really FIGHT! Yes, I could be wrong, but I do feel there’s a grain of truth in what I’ve said. But now, we have no alternative. The time has come for us all to fight back with all our might!! God bless you all!

    • Gary P Jackson

      I think you are spot on.

    • Isabel Matos

      That is possible. Coming from you, I would lean to give you the benefit of the doubt and that all of what you said may have been true; however, remember that Sarah Palin did many things leading up to her decision not to run, which indicated she wanted to, but “couldn’t”. Why couldn’t she?
      Let me cut to the chase: because the GOP made it impossible for her to.

      Anyone who goes on NewsWeek to give the headline “I Can Win”, or who delivers a 5-point policy speech at a Tea Party rally in Indianola, or who is visibly PAINED and ANGUISHED after her announcement not to run, in my world, did not plan on it. It was against every fiber in her being, but she had to sacrifice and wait for her time to come.

      In that regard, I do think we are all stronger because of it, but she was left with no option. From what I have heard, there was an important meeting in Naples, Florida where it was decided that Romney would get the backing from the GOP, not her. That would explain the reference in her letter about not running to be the GOP nominee.

      This apparently took place after Iowa. I will go to my grave believing the GOP had everything to do with her chances to run. Without the GOP apparatus she could not. She was the REAL second-in-line, not Romney. She was the one responsible for bringing a majority back to Speaker Boehner, and she was the one who for one week surpassed Obama in the election of 2007. I will never forget what happened in 08. I will never revise history or rationalize to feel better about what happened.

      Everything will work out, because we are all believers and faithfully with her, but it could have been a much easier place for us to be now had she become President. God favored us and her by making us wait until 2016, but for now, the focus is 2014.

      Glad to see you here, Glenn! Thanks for the comments. You are a better person than I am.

      • Glenn C. Briggs

        Surely, there are a very broad range of factors which one would appraise in order to come to the decision whether to run for President of the United States. And, yes, whether one could anticipate the support of one’s party would be a very significant factor. But, looking at the broader scene, whether one could have the support of a particular political party or not would be dwarfed by the consideration of whether the voting citizenry, regardless of party affiliation, were sufficiently aware of the underlying intentions and identity of the real opposition, the Marxists, to be motivated to get to the polls and vote them out of power. I feel Sarah looked far beyond what the GOPe was doing. In my view, to consider the GOPe as the main consideration is too narrow a view.

    • I tend to agree with much of what you said about Palin’s decision not to run in 2012, but I think that an even bigger factor was that if she’s nothing else, she’s practical and has incredible political instincts: She knew that the GOPe/RINOs who run the inner sanctum of the RNC were bound & determined to freeze her out and not give her a dime’s worth of support

      • (cont’d) So, she wasn’t going to spin her wheels in vain and waste political capital only to be brushed aside for the anointed one, Romney, who had only a 50-50 chance to win – while leaving the Conservative base in the dust…

  6. Glenn C. Briggs

    If I may add a bit to my comment above – America had not sufficiently awakened to the fact that Comrade Obama was and is an ardent Marxist whose intention was to impose a Communist dictatorship on Americans. Until that point is obvious to enough folks, they wouldn’t actually perceive the threat they faced.

    • Isabel Matos

      I don’t think they are still awake because the media refuses to cover the scandals and much more.

      We have our work cut for us. It’s hard for people to see what is happening when they choose to turn away.

      Nice to see you here again,


  7. Perfect. I have supported her since Day one. She is this Generations “Esther”.
    The communists fear her more than Jesus Christ. That should tell everyone anything they need to know.

    • Isabel Matos


      You are one of Sarah’s most ardent supporters. I admire your loyalty and consistent views and opinions. Like you, I will support her no matter what. She is the best chance we have to get America back on track. (And despite all that is going wrong, she will make it enjoyable and comforting enough for us to get through the tough times ahead.)

      Thank you for taking the time to come by and chime in. It is much appreciated.


  8. Kelly Brennen

    Thanks for being a Sarah Palin supporter. I make chocolate candy for a living and I have sent the Palin family a chocolate gift every Christmas for the last 4 years. It doesn’t take her but one day to put a thank you note in the mail to me…that’s the kind of person she is. The thank you note is handwritten with a sharpie. One year, my return address was thrown away by Todd and I got a call from her personal assistant and we got to talk about 30 minutes. I asked her if she knew if Sarah was going to run for office and she said..”.That girl can keep a secret, but I can tell you that something big in in the works.” I don’t know what that means…maybe it’s the Christmas book she has coming out, I don’t know. I always look forward to what she does next because she never disappoints and you can always be proud to be a fan of hers. Everyone I know, knows that I adore her. It almost feels like she is family. Like you said, that is a talent of hers…making people feel so close to her because she is so genuine!
    Thanks again for your support,

    • Isabel Matos

      Awww, Kelly,

      What a great post! It’s personal and sweet, and cool is it that the Palins have tasted your very own chocolate candy. Not only that, you also get called back when your address had been tossed and get to chat for 30 minutes. I don’t think they have that kind of time anymore. What I would do for a note like yours!

      There is more to Sarah than just charisma or popularity. There is a bond that is formed when one meets her, and it’s for life. She has that effect.

      I will share this one little secret with you (I’m being playfully honest, since you shared yours..) I met Sarah at the Investment Conference in New Orleans last October. I waited to have my picture taken with her. There was no entourage or husky security guards around her, except a female hotel manager who escorted Sarah and Todd into the room full of people waiting to have their picture taken with her.

      I had jotted a few ideas down to not go blank when I met her. And when I did, it all came spontaneously. I let her know with a big old grin on my face that I had lost a lot of weight to take that picture with her. Wow. She spread her arms wide open, placed her left hand on my right shoulder and checked me out from head to toe. Very focused, she even checked out my shoes. “Looook at you.. you look wonderful!” I’ll never forget her voice, its intonation and her supportive, spirited reaction.

      There I was in New Orleans, to let her know how great she was, and she turns around and makes me feel like the only person in the room. I will cherish that moment forever. Sarah makes people feel good about themselves and that is why they love her. She shifts all the attention away from herself, as magnificent as she is, and focuses just on you. I chatted away and ended up meeting Todd. He was stoic, but also very attentive.

      Whether she (they) runs for office or not, they will always be the most special couple I have ever met. How lucky is America to have them. They are already my first couple.

      God bless you, thank you for stopping by. I think you have a great story to tell for many years. Hold on to that thank you note forever! I have my picture in a special place, myself. (it’s like my own little Mona Lisa)


      • David Zimmerman

        Don’t tell Virginia Gentleman, but I believe your ability to tell a story rivals his if it doesn’t top it.

      • Isabel Matos

        That’s very complimentary, thank you, because I enjoy reading his wonderful posts. He is e gentleman, too, just like his name says.

        Thank you for stopping by and just sharing your kind and encouraging thoughts.


  9. ken anthony

    None are perfect. My dream team… Sarah/Allen West

    VP needs to be able to attack without mercy. West knows history. Sarah will clean house which is long overdue.

  10. Vesta Brown

    Just found this site and am glad to join in on a positive Sarah Palin conversation. I got to meet Sarah at my son’s high school graduation and she inspired me with her courage and grace and plain speaking. She was such a blessings to our kids and community. It is a day none of us will forget.

    • Isabel Matos

      Vesta, that wasn’t at the recent High School graduation in Republic, by any chance, was it?

      Sarah Palin is magnificent (and like I’ve repeated, in a unique and very ordinary way.) She is like a neighbor we know, a sister, or just a girlfriend we can always count on.

      Sarah is gracious, kind, and deserving of nothing less than support and our undying loyalty. She has a huge task ahead of her and needs our involvement, so I hope to hear from you again, to help with the cause. It is the most important in our lifetime.

      The left can talk all they want, we have the Rock Star and real treasure with the favor of God on our side. Sarah grows in influence and popularity with her good deeds, and she gains supporters from all sides each time she appears with stars from Hollywood, or penetrates liberal circles. Her legend will be greater than we even know. We are living and witnessing a legend play out her life. It is quite remarkable to witness.

      I am so happy you met her. It will bring good things to your life, as it did mine. Please stop again by soon and stay in touch with a movement that is gaining momentum as we speak. If I were the left, I would be shaking in fear right now. She has it all!

      Kind wishes from a grateful activist for stopping by,

      • Me, too, Isabel!! I share your enthusiasm and gratitude that another wonderful patriot – Vesta Brown – had joined the conversation! And, indeed, Palin’s leadership in addressing a high school commencement will long remain a precious memory for everyone who shared that afternoon.

  11. Watch what they are doing. First. they use $oro$-funded ethics charges to force Sarah Palin into personal bankruptcy or resignation. Next, they move to Texas for another politically motivated indictment of Gov. Perry. It’s about the headlines. To the low information morons who vote, Rick Perry is guilty. Another one down. Finally, they finish off Gov. Walker here in Wisconsin, either with an 11th hour indictment in John Doe II in late October (even though it’s been shut down by a federal appellate court, the Democrat DA and his henchment are still proceeding) or a loss to a Democrat empty suit in November (Walker is trailing in the polls here).

    The GOP-E is complicit: they want the decks cleared either for Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney 3.0. And you will like it.

    • Isabel Matos

      I have no idea why the things that Soros does are not considered illegal. Sarah survived the ethics charges because she is squeaky clean. They can’t touch her. Some things transcend politics.. and that is Good and Evil. 🙂

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