Sarah Palin: God Bless Sarah Murnaghan, Her Doctors and the Judge Who Said YES


By Gary P Jackson

As you may have heard by now, 10 year old Sarah Murnaghan has received two new lungs, through transplant, and is doing well, and according to family, could be running down the halls soon.

Sarah came to the nation’s attention after HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius refused to intervene on her behalf, and her parents filed a lawsuit to force action.

Governor Palin was all over this early on, and had this to say about the wonderful news:



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3 responses to “Sarah Palin: God Bless Sarah Murnaghan, Her Doctors and the Judge Who Said YES

  1. Sibelius is such a POS!! Perfect, in fact, for her job as Death Czar! I heard recently (talk about irony!) that her family was/is in the funeral business – and, in fact, has been very financially successful in the industry! “You stab ’em, we slab em!” eh? So, maybe that’s wh those creepy words, “Some pepole live, some people die,” rolled so effortlessly off her putrid tongue…

  2. Aaron Allen

    I’m so happy Sarah Murnaghan is responding/recovering so well, so far: Pos-
    sibly the larger ‘adult’ lungs were just the thing…I’m still curious–do vital or-
    gans ‘grow-up’ with their new ‘hosts’? Isn’t a properly-sized [or just a little bit
    larger] lung, heart, etc. better than an undersized, smaller-capacity organ?..
    Let’s make ‘opt-out’ the law [like Europe] and preach against ‘withholding’ or-
    gans–why any intelligent person wud deny the use of their ‘parts’ [unless
    they are actually defective] beats me…
    Aaron Allen–a recorded donor…

    • Gary P Jackson

      Yeah it’s a real blessing! Technology has advanced considerably since that rule about transplants in children was written. Good things.

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