Sarah Palin Has a World Class Whippin’ Reserved for Liberal Pig Bill Maher’s “Lily-White, Wimpy Ass”!

Pig Maher

By Gary P Jackson

Over the weekend one of President Barack Obama’s biggest mega donors, liberal swine Bill Maher, used his [alleged] “comedy act” in Las Vegas to attack Governor Sarah Palin’s youngest son, Trig, who has Downs Syndrome.

Maher was confronted by an audience member, after the low-life democrat pig referred to Governor Palin’s son as “retarded.”

Mama Grizzly, herself, then found out about Maher’s latest hate-filled comments.

Governor Palin is angry enough that she told Maher that she’d be around this weekend!

I’d pay good money to see those two in a good old-fashion Texas cage match. Two go in, one comes out!

All I can say is if I was Pig Maher, I’d be looking for a place to hide!



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9 responses to “Sarah Palin Has a World Class Whippin’ Reserved for Liberal Pig Bill Maher’s “Lily-White, Wimpy Ass”!

  1. Wraith

    Two men enter! One man leaves! Two men enter! One man leaves!

    (OK, one woman and one douchebag enter, and the conclusion is foregone…)

  2. One wonders why Maher (ugly little pock-marked POS) STILL mocks Palin and her son – isn’t that really OLD news?!? And the fact that his low-info audience STILL finds that idiot bullying FUNNY also puzzles me. I guess society is in the toilet, and these creeps have only emerged from the ooze of their dirty trrailer park

    • Gary P Jackson

      Liberals are scum. All of em. Sewer dwellers, each and every one.

      I’ve never seen Palin get this fired up though. I was serious when I said if I was Pig Maher, I’d run and hide!

  3. Publius Huldah

    Sarah is my girl! Love her.

  4. if we Boycott HBO he might be silenced he is not funny only a liberal bully who needs to be shut down like he demands pro-life to be. if enough people call their provider and say I am canceling HBO because of Bill the message will be heard…liberals even network nitwit liberals love their cash flow….

    • Gary P Jackson

      I know a whole bunch of good people who have cancelled HBO because of Pig Maher. He’s a nasty, hate-filled individual. In other words, a typical democrat!

  5. Rich Leamon

    I have NEVER agreed with his politics but usually like his cutting style of humor! He has definetly gone way too far this time…If he were any kind of MAN, he would publicly apoligise….

    • Gary P Jackson

      Maher has always been a nasty hate filled loser. He’s called Sarah Palin a cunt on TV. Michelle Bachmann as well. Maher hates. That’s his entire act. Hate.

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