Senator Vitter: Gang of 8 “Immigration” Bill Gives Amnesty to Wife Beaters, Child Abusers, Drunk Drivers


By Gary P Jackson

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) has actually read the TWENTY-FOUR POUND, 1170 page Senate Amnesty bill. He’ll be live tweeting what he finds in front of the scheduled vote on Monday.

We already knew violent gang members will be allowed to stay and take part of this amnesty, and we already know that the border will never be secured. Now we find that convicted drunk drivers, wife beaters, and child abusers, the dregs of any society, will be welcomes to stay, with open arms by the treasonous members of the United States Senate who are pushing amnesty.


Here’s what Senator Vitter has for us so far:

How corrupt is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a democrat? THIS corrupt:

What Las Vegas tourism has to do with “immigration” is beyond me. More proof our government is too out of control to be allowed to continue in this direction.

Check Senator Vitter’s Twitter feed during the weekend for updates.

You should also call your Senators and demand they vote against this treasonous bill.


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One response to “Senator Vitter: Gang of 8 “Immigration” Bill Gives Amnesty to Wife Beaters, Child Abusers, Drunk Drivers

  1. Aaron Allen

    Hi Gary: After looking at the photos in your post I am firm that: 1. Whatever
    Congrefs ‘passes’ WE Citizens must vote upon in a plebiscite: OUR choice
    will be binding law–screw the Plutocrats. 2. Anyone like the MFs shown are
    to be 86’d [permanently banished forever]..An information blitz in at least se-
    ven languages and dialects will be broadcast to potential invaders that they
    must enter the USA thru normal ports-of-entry bringing a few clothes, person
    al possessions, proper papers–no large sums of money, contraband, or wea
    pons. One new special port-of-entry will be built to thoroughly check out all
    visitors, aliens transiting Mexico, etc. in each sector between present POEs.
    Aircraft will fly back and forth with powerful loudspeakers warning any inva-
    ders that they will BE SHOT if they enter the US illegally as they will be con-
    sidered attacking enemies!..A force of US Armed Forces snipers will detect
    and stop ’em…Enemy aircraft/boats/trucks are gunned down; any contraband
    and weapons are destroyed…
    Rotating Reserve and Guard personnel will man outposts like ours in Korea and elsewhere. Farmers, ranchers, miners, etc. who OWN, rent or lease lands along the border will provide sites for the Forces and will be allowed to shoot any invaders who trespass upon their lands. When the invasion stops [after a few hundred invaders are shot and left for the scavenger critters to consume], gangsta ‘hoods’ further inland are fenced-in—then cleaned out.
    Anyone who fights back is blown away and thrown into a power-plant firebox
    or taken several miles offshore and tossed, weighted, into the sea…

    If WE Citizens allow them, the ‘good’, deserving, illegals are assisted to be-
    come citizens [US-born only] or permanent residents [all others over 15]. A
    strict system of protection will be created to prevent any abuse by ’employ-
    ers’ or exploitation by plutocrats, labor-contractors, redneck racists, etc…
    A non-partisan, straight-shooting union or workers association will assure
    that the permitted sojourners can actually make a worthwhile life while state-
    side, stay out of debt, and remit modest sums by direct-deposit to their fami-
    lies offshore…Living in clean, non-chaotic, multi-generational households,
    they work, eat properly/cheaply, avoid evils and actually enjoy their lives…
    They don’t need expensive mortgages, student loans, multiple junk jobs…
    Aaron Allen.

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