Flag Etiquette and U.S. Citizenship. I am a Proud, Legal American!

Im a Proud US Citizen

I created this video to inspire Americans to keep on fighting for their (our) country. I lost my country to communism and there is no end to the struggle for Freedom once it is lost. This is the most important cause in America’s lifetime. We may get tired. We may get discouraged. Politicians will deceive us and we will have setbacks; but We are One Nation Under God where nothing is impossible, as we place our trust and confidence in Him for victory and liberty.

Pictured below is the original painting of the drafting (not the signing) of the Declaration of Independence. The oil painting by John Trumball was commissioned in 1817, purchased in 1819, and hung in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol, in Washington, D.C., in 1826.  The artist painted many of the figures from life while visiting Independence Hall to depict the Second Chamber where the Second Continental Congress met. He left out a few participants, showing 42 of the 56 signers, including political enemies Thomas Jefferson and John Adams whose feet seem to be touching. Since the process was debated and signed over a period of time because membership in Congress changed, the men in the painting had never all been in the same room.

original painting of declaration



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