House Republicans Busted in “Benghazi: The Truth Behind the Smokescreen” by Bret Baier!

Many of you may have missed it on television, so I urge you to watch the report that aired on Friday, June 28th, on the Benghazi scandal. It is compelling, disturbing and to be continued, I hope!

After spending nine hours putting Bret Baeir’s report in writing (I was so riveted I couldn’t resist!), I can say there were explosive details like the promo advertised, the biggest one for me (because I hate the GOP and always want proof they are against us), can be found at the very end of the article (the tease is already in the title).  I looked up all of the names mentioned in the report myself because I like know who is doing what wrong when bad things happen.

What happened in Benghazi was not just a tragedy, but a blatant, negligent and criminal act on the part of our Government, Obama’s government. It is curious to me that most of the so-called “tragedies” Clinton cited at the very  beginning of the report seemed to be under Democratic Presidents who are usually dangerously naïve or just weak in foreign affairs (I am being kind). The attacks on our soil were incremental, leading to 9/11, the worst one yet.

Speaking of Hillary, after seeing her again today, I was reminded of how repulsive Mrs. Clinton is. She is a villain of the highest order.  She is corrupt.  She has blood on her hands, and she should never be allowed to run for President. She should hang her head in shame, and so should every Republican who defends her, including Rinos like Jeb Bush, John McCain and Marco Rubio, who is now officially a member of the GOPe brotherhood. When they cover for her by thwarting any efforts to investigate infiltration at the highest ranks in our government, it leads me to believe they all have something to hide. I continue to push for our leaders and journalists to EXPOSE infiltration in the GOP, as Michele Bachmann seems to be out to lunch quite a bit lately.

The story of Benghazi seems to strike a deep chord in all of us. The way these Americans died was preventable. It is just so much crueler than the other scandals on Obama’s watch. It is no wonder seventy-one percent of Americans want Congress to continue investigating the Benghazi attacks. (I have news for the American public, and it isn’t good; but for the sake of this post, I will keep my lack of optimism about Congress’s will to do what is right to myself.)

The report begins with a background description of the politics leading up to September 11th, 2012: (U.S. policies towards terrorism)that he sequence of events during the attacks themselves, and the possible presidential cover-up about what happened that night.  The political and bureaucratic smokescreen makes Benghazi not just a tragedy, according to Baier, but a scandal.  The written information is below the clip.  I found the video in an article in Bizpacreview this morning.

1.  Background Politics 

Hillary Clinton states before Congress that to understand Benghazi, one must go back a few years.  Benghazi joins a long list of tragedies for America:  1979 – the Tehran Hostage situation, 1983 – the Embassy and Marine Barracks bombed in Beirut, 1996 – Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers.

Islamic supremacism is the motivating cause of these attacks, according to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor who won the conviction of the blind Sheik who wanted to bomb New York tunnels and landmarks in the 1990’s.  The ideology, which has not changed, has fueled attacks in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The difference between the Obama administration and its critics, is the lessons learned from that history. President Bush treated 9/11 as an act of international terrorism, to be dealt with as an aggression against the U.S. by a hostile power. Obama’s approach was to deny there was a global war on terror. Smart diplomacy would manage the problems in the Middle East and elsewhere.

June 24, 2009 Obama’s apology tour began with his speech in Cairo. It was followed by the brutal suppression of Iran’s Green Revolution, an uprising in Tunisia, and a popular revolt against Mubarak “the Arab Spring”, in Egypt, presenting Obama with a defining foreign policy crisis in the Middle East.

He was forced to explain his intervening in a civil war in Libya to stop the blood bath by Gadhafi in an otherwise unknown place, Benghazi.

September, 2012. A Coptic Christian from a jail cell in Southern California came up with a loopy scheme to make a low-budget film called Desert Warrior. His message to the world:  “Be careful. Evil (Terrorism Culture) coming from the East.” It was released upon his parole and became part of the smokescreen that obscured the truth what happened on the 11th anniversary of 9/11/2001.

To this day, it is unknown where the story of the Mohammed video came from. (John Bolton)

2. Fox NEWS timeline 

Using unclassified and investigated reports released from Congress and the State Department, and public Presidential remarks, as sources, as well as their own investigative reporting, Fox News comes up with a timeline showing how disastrous decisions led to deadly air 1

October, 2011 – Benghazi was supposed to be safe from violence.  The American compound built West of the city is heavily secured. The “Annex”, now known as a CIA facility, is more than a mile away.

Tripoli is the capitol of Libya. Based there is a Department of Defense Sub-Security Team with Special Forces capability.

February, 2012 – Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Wood, in charge of the SS team in Tripoli, despite security incidents every three days in the Spring of 2012, are set to leave Libya by summer’s end.

March 28th:  Americans send the Secretary of State a cable requesting more security.

April 6th:  A bomb is tossed over the Benghazi compound.

April 19th:  A return cable signed by Clinton says SECURITY WOULD BE SCALED BACK (Clinton would later deny knowing about exchange.)

June 6th:  An IED is placed at the compound’s North gate. No one is hurt, again. Christopher Stevens is the newly named Ambassador asks to keep two security teams the State Department had ordered to be removed.

June 11th:  His request is denied. The Brits decide to pull out of Benghazi after a convoy transporting the United Kingdom’s Ambassador is ambushed.  He was not hurt, but two of his security squad were.  Lieutenant Col. Wood conducted an investigation and said it was clearly an assassination attempt by skilled operators. He realizes these operators are an increasing danger to Americans who are last on their target list.

June 25th: Stevens sends another cable to Washington, warning of a deteriorating situation where Libyan extremists are “targeting international organizations and foreign interests.”

The State tells the Special Forces Security Team protection is not needed in a place like Benghazi.

Bret speaks with Lieutenant General Morgan who was the United States Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.  Lieutenant Morgan explains their lack of response as unrealsitic.

Morgan: “They were trying to tell a better story than what was unfolding on the ground. It’s because they live in a fantasy world.”  Speaking of fantasy..

Hollywood.  The Coptic Christian who made the “Desert Warrior” movie renames it “Innocence of Bin Laden.” A screening in Los Angeles is advertised in late June. Steven Klein, an anti-Islamic activist and spokesman for the film, says fliers were to get the attention of young Taliban wannabes in California, to see who their real “hero” is. The movie portrays the prophet Mohammed as a homicidal gay child molester. It is released, but no one shows up to see it.

July 2nd: A trailer for the film, renamed “Innocence of Muslims”, is uploaded to YouTube by “Sam Bacile”. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula denies using the alias Sam Bacile; but it is him, and he violates his probation.

July 6th: Americans in Libya are even more concerned about terror attacks.

Charlene LAMB, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security, sends back a response urging them not to make formal requests for an extension of the security teams set to leave in August.

According to Mr. Nordstrom who testifies before Congress: “Lamb was discouraging, to put it mildly. Why do you keep raising these issues? Why do you keep putting this forward?”

August 8th: Ambassador Stevens sends another cable: “What we have seen are not random crimes of opportunities but rather targeted and discriminate attacks.” Less than a week after the cable, Lieutenant Colonel Wood and his team leave the country.

Stevens is being pushed to increase U.S. diplomatic presence in the city, and soon.

Hicks:  “According to Chris, Secretary Clinton wanted Benghazi converted into a permanent constituent post. The timing for this decision was important, Chris needed to report before September 30th, the end of the fiscal year.”

September 6th:  John Kerry at the Democratic National Convention in  Charlotte, North Carolina: “Today, without a single American casualty, Moammar Gadhafi is gone, and the people of Libya are free!”

The same day, Morris Sadak, an Egyptian-American Coptic Christian activist, emails journalists to promote a 9/11 event with Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones, including a link to Nakoula’s YouTube trailer.

September 8th:   Cairo. Popular Islamist broadcaster airs portions of trailer. Outrage ensues.

September 9th:  As Ambassador Stevens gets ready to leave Tripoli for Benghazi, Diplomatic Security Officer in Tripoli, Alec Henderson, warns that the Feb. 17th Martyr’s Brigade can’t be trusted to protect him.

September 10th:  Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens  arrives in the city; though his movements are supposed to be secret, the local media is present.  And that is cause for grave concern on the eve of 9/11.

Stevens and Twin Towers Cropped

September 11th, 2012

6:43 am  Benghazi.  A Libyan police officer atop a building next door is caught photographing the interior of the American compound.  The idea that a Libyan cop might be casing the place, rattles Information Management Officer, Sean Smith.

12:00 noon Sean Smith messages a friend on the internet: “Assuming we don’t die tonight, we saw one of ‘our police’ that guard the compound taking pictures.”

12:11 pm Cairo.  U.S. Embassy staffers release a statement about Nakoula’s video shown on Egyptian t.v.: “We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.”  By late afternoon the Cairo Embassy is surrounded by protestors, voicing a variety of grievances. Andrew McCarthy says the video is part of a larger demonstration brandishing of the Al-Qaeda flag, with chants of  “Obama, Obama,  there are still a billion Osamas”.

6:45 pm  The Egyptian crowd storms the embassy. America’s #2 man in Libya, Greg Hicks, reaches out to his boss, Ambassador Stevens, in Benghazi.

Hicks:  “Chris, are you aware of what’s going on in Cairo?  He said, No.  So I told him that the Embassy had been stormed and they were trying to tear down our flag. He said ‘thanks very much’.”  No sign of protest in Benghazi over the video, or anything else.

9:00 pm Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith retire for the evening in the main residence. Four diplomatic security agents accompany them: including lead offer, Scott Wickland, and Alec Henderson.

(Congressman asks if there was any awareness of a YouTube video) Hicks: “The YouTube video was a non-event in Libya.”

9:42 pm Agent Henderson hears shots and an explosion. He sounds an alarm.

Charlene Lamb: “He also alerted the quick reaction security team stationed nearby, the Libyan’s 17th February Brigade, the Embassy in Tripoli, and the Diplomatic Security Command Center in Washington.”

The armed attackers enter the main gate without warning or resistance from the Brigade.

In Tripoli, Hicks finds out the Embassy is under attack. He calls Stevens who’s hiding with Sean Smith in the safe haven. Stevens says, “Greg, we’re under attack”.  Attackers set the residence ablaze.  The safe haven fills with thick dark smoke.  Former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and other agents at the Annex, more than a mile away, get their weapons ready.

Hicks: “They were mobilizing a response team there to go to our facility and provide reinforcements to repel the attack.”

covered in smoke

9:59 pm An unarmed surveillance drone hits towards the compound. Hicks calls the Operations Center at the State Department in Washington (4 pm) to report the attack.  When asked if he reported a protest in connection to a YouTube video, Hick responds: “No. The only report that our mission made through every channel, was that there was an attack upon the consulate.”

4:05 pm Washington. An internal State Department Ops alert reports that the “Benghazi special mission is under attack.”

Hillary: “I was notified of the attack after 4 pm, I spoke to the National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon. Tom was my first call. I instructed Senior Department Officials to consider every option to just break down the doors of the Libyan officials to get as much security support as we possibly could.”

State Department Counter Terrorism Official, Mark Thompson, wants to immediately dispatch the U.S. Foreign Emergency Support Team, called FEST.

Thompson:  “It is on alert to do just this mission. I notified the White House of my idea. We needed to act now, not wait.” At the annex, sources tell Fox News, the CIA Team is told to stand down twice.

An independent Accountability Review Board appointed by the State Department concluded the CIA officers were “not delayed by orders from superiors”.

10:07 pm  Benghazi. The CIA team leaves the Annex anyway, bound for the compound.  But what about help for the compound?

10:45 pm  When asked if he got help from the Pentagon, Hicks:  “I asked the Defense Attache if anything was coming. The short answer was, No. So, I said, thank you very much, and we went on with our work.”

10:54 pm Benghazi. The six-man response team from the Annex drives the attackers out of the compound. By that time, Sean Smith has been burnt dead, but nobody can find Ambassador Stevens.

sean smith close upsean smith

5:00 pm Washington. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta attends his weekly meeting with the President.

Panetta:  “We ordered all available DOD assets to respond.” (Bret Baier interjects:  but none outside Libya will.) “The quickest response option available was a security team that was located at the Embassy in Tripoli.” (Bret Baier interjects:  but the Americans had no plane in Tripoli).

Hicks:  “We agreed that we would move forward with chartering a plane to fly a response team to Benghazi to provide additional reinforcements.”

11:10 pm  Benghazi. A U.S. drone armed only with cameras begins circling above the compound. Five minutes later, a second wave of attackers arrives. Hicks testifies that the Annex team withdrew from the facility when the second wave of attackers took it over.

Senator Graham: “Did anyone leave any base anywhere to go to the aid of the people under attack in Benghazi, Libya, before the attack ended?”

Panetta: “No. Because the attack ended before they could go on the ground.” Senator Lee points out this was an attack that lasted nearly 8 hours from start to finish.

Panetta replies: “There was this initial attack on the facility at Benghazi. Frankly we thought that was the end of what had occurred there. And we had no intelligence that a second attack would take place at the Annex two miles away.”


September 11th turns into the 12th

Bret Baier describes Benghazi becoming “a modern-day Alamo, a handful of brave Americans facing terrible odds, with no help on the way.”

5:30 pm Washington. Leon Panetta finishes meeting with the President.  He summons U.S. Africa Commander Carter Ham, Joint-Chief Chair, Martin Dempsey, and other Senior staff to discuss Benghazi. That meeting lasts over 2 hours.

Tripoli. Greg Hicks has neither hope that help is on the way, nor time to dwell on it. Hicks testifies that they’re on their own, and have to try to pull this off with the resources they have.

12:00 am  Benghazi. The Annex is under attack. Hicks: “The second phase of this is that after the teams have returned to the Annex, they suffer for about an hour and a half of probing attacks.”

After a two-hour scramble, Team Tripoli finally secures a charter plane, among those aboard, former Navy Seal, Glen Doherty.  glen doherty 1Meanwhile, in Washington, State Department Counter-Terrorism official, Mark Thompson, wants to know why the Foreign Emergency Support Team (FEST) had not deployed as requested.

Thompson: “The reason I was given was that this was not the time for the FEST. It might be too unsafe for the FEST.”

Chaffetz: “How do you react to that?”

Thompson:  “We live by a code.  That code says you go after people when they’re in peril .. when they’re in the service of their country.”

12:07 am Libya.

6:07 pm Washington. The State Department issues an internal Ops alert, an Al-Qaeda-linked, Ansur al-Sharia, is claiming responsibility for Benghazi.

12:30 am Twitter posts are calling for attacks on the Embassy in Tripoli.  Hicks:  “And so we now have to take care of ourselves.”

1:00 am  Someone using Wickland’s cell phone redials Hicks. The caller says the Ambassador is at the Benghazi Medical Center.

Hicks: “We learn that it is a hospital which is controlled by Ansur al-Sharia.” Hicks suspects a trap.

1:15 am Libya. The American Charter plane from Tripoli arrives at the Benghazi airport, but there’s a hitch.

Hicks: “The Tripoli Team had to stay at the Benghazi airport, because they had no transport and not escort from the Libyans.” The delay would give the terrorists time to set up another lethal assault.

2:00 am Tripoli.  Hicks gets a call from Washington (8 pm). Secretary of State Clinton along with her Senior Staff on the phone, to ask what was going on.

Hillary:  “I spoke with our Charge in Tripoli, I talked with the then Libyan National Congress President to press him on greater support. We were reaching out to everyone we could find to try to get an update about Ambassador Stevens.”

8:39 pm Washington. Five hours after the attacks began. After the 2 hour meeting, Panetta officially authorizes a military response (of sorts).

Panetta:  “First, we ordered a marine fleet anti-terrorism secure team to prepare, to deploy to Benghazi. A second fast platoon was ordered to prepare, to deploy to Tripoli. A special operations force, training in Central Europe, was ordered to prepare, to deploy to (inaudible).”

Ayotte: “to prepare to deploy (3 times) is not deployment of actually going towards Benghazi.”

Chaffetz: “Why did it take almost four and half hours to start the clock to prepare to deploy? We had people who were getting killed, we had an Ambassador who was missing. We didn’t know when that attack was going to end, and the American Military did not respond.”

Bret asks about the House Republicans’ own Interim Progress report that concluded in April that “Department of Defense officials and military personnel reacted quickly to the attacks in Benghazi”

Bret Baier quotes from the House Joint Committee Report: “There were no planes, no helicopters, no armed drones, nothing could have saved the lives of the Americans killed in Benghazi.”

He asks if he’s reading it correctly. Chaffetz responds by saying the report is an interim report, that the discussion of what the military did and did not is not yet complete.

3:00 am Hicks receives a call from the Prime Minister of Libya.

Hicks: “I think it’s the saddest phone call I’ve ever had in my life (choking up). He told me that Ambassador Stevens had passed away. I immediately telephoned Washington.”

ambassador stevens

4:00 am   Benghazi.

10:00 pm  Washington. Clinton: “I spoke with President Obama later in the evening, to bring him up to date, to hear his perspective.”

It was the only call between the two that night.  John Bolton says the Secretary of State should have been on the phone with the President constantly saying we’ve got people at risk.

10:08 pm  Washington. Clinton issues a statement. Despite the months of security warnings in Benghazi and claims of responsibility by an Al-Qaeda affiliate, Clinton issues links the attack to the anti-Mohammed Video produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

(U.S. Department of State):  “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

4:45 am Benghazi.  The seven-man Tripoli response team finally leaves the Benghazi airport bound for the CIA Annex.

Panetta:  “Within 15 minutes of arriving at the Annex facility, they came under attack by mortar and rocket propelled grenades.”

Hicks:  “The accuracy was terribly precise. The first mortar round was long. The next was short.  The next three landed on the roof.  Killed Glen and Tyrone.”

Former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods become the third and fourth Americans killed in Benghazi.

Glen Doherty

Glen Doherty

Former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods become the third and fourth Americans killed in Benghazi.

Hicks, still in Tripoli, knows he must send another plane to Benghazi.  “People in Benghazi had been fighting all night. They were tired. They were exhausted.”

He ordered a special forces team led by Lieutenant Colonel Steve H. Gibson, who he told to bring “our” people home. That’s what he (Gibson) wanted to do.

Hicks: “As Colonel Gibson and his three personnel were getting in their cars, he stopped, he called  them off and told Hicks he had not been authorized to go.”

Chaffetz (?):  “How did personnel react to being called to stand down?”

Hicks:  “I will quote Lieutenant Colonel Gibson. He said this is the first time a diplomat has more balls than somebody in the Military.”

Lieutenant Colonel Gibson later told Congress they were ordered not to stand down, but to stay IN Tripoli, due to threats against Americans there.

Gibson’s boss is Africa Commander, four-star General Carter Ham who’s at the Pentagon with Panetta and Dempsey. He declined to speak with Fox News, but met with Congressman Chaffetz about the lack of military response that night.

Chaffetz: He said they had proximity and capability but were not ordered to go.

3Conclusion: James Rosen continues with the events of September 12th, 2012 and more on the “smokescreen”…


Update 7/23/2013:  Boehner refuses to investigate Benghazi



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  1. Will we ever know the truth of this…this piece was well done More of Hillary’s handiwork is establishing Morsi as Super Pharoah of Egypt which is about to implode.. There’ll be more smoke to cover Hillary’s trail to run for 2016

  2. Amnesty

    I’d love to see obama and hilary pigs to be put in that fight instead. See how they fair and let them taste their own lies.

  3. Dianne Manning

    The truth has to be told. When are we going to hear from the survivors? I understand some are still hospitalized these nine months later. The IRS misuse of powet and the bugging of our phones and emails by big brotheralong with the bullying of reporters are all going to have to be investigated but nothing is more important than finding out the truthh about Benghazi

    • Isabel Matos

      It’s always amazing to me how it’s okay for the government to lie, invade our privacy and steal from us, but when we call them out on it, we are not justified. This particular administration is out of control. Good points.

  4. why did Ambassador Stevens die with so much prejudice shown against him, including mutilation and many injuries… is gun running a part of the mix and is Hillary Clinton involved in those weapons activities

    • Gary P Jackson

      If you look, Muslims routinely mutilate the bodies of their enemies. A common thing is for a group of males to either gang rape a male enemy, or sodomize their dead body. These are some evil, sick, sub-human pigs we are dealing with.

      Hillary Clinton has a lot to answer for.

    • Isabel Matos

      Mary, what I like about Baier’s report is that he stays focused on what Obama, Hillary and the Pentagon were supposed to do, and didn’t do, leading up to and during the attacks, and what they used as a smokescreen (cover-up) during and after the protests. The timing of the film could not be more bizarre or dubious. Many questions remain unanswered.

      Like the recent NSA scandal, this administration makes anyone but Obama the focus of attention. When this story came out, it was cruel to hear people make remarks about Ambassador Stevens personally. It has been said he was acting as a CIA agent, involved in dealing arms, and that during the exchange, something went wrong and Syrian rebels intercepted them and attacked the compound. While that may be true, I choose to follow this report, again, because it focuses on the State Department and Pentagon’s negligence and cover-up. An interesting point to add is that Hillary lied when testifying before Congress. She denied telling Col. Wood security would be scaled back, but according to her she did not “perjure” herself, because she never testified under oath. The woman is vile.

      The fact of the matter is, no one who serves his country deserves to die the way he did. No one. The focus should be on those who were RESPONSIBLE for keeping him, his personnel, and noble servicemen out of harms way, but didn’t. Unfortunately, I am not counting on Congress to do what is right. They will let this go like they did Fast and Furious and the IRS scandal, where they talked about getting a Special Prosecutor, but we’re still waiting. What happened in Benghazi was ugly, and what we are witnessing on the part of Congress is indifference. That is unacceptable.

      • Obama keeps telling everyone after Each new scandal: We Will Not Rest Until We Bring The Criminals To Justice. We’ll Use the Full Forces Available To Us To Do This!
        What has been done about Any of the many things he’s used this line (lie) about???? Nothing!!

      • Isabel Matos

        He learned his lines early on, and the GOP learned to shut up an let him lie early on, too. Please tell me where the heroes are? Dead. I see no one taking on the president in DC. I should say Hicks is brave and a hero himself. I was referring to just politicians.

  5. Liberty Girl

    Good work, but the headline is misleading.

    • Isabel Matos

      Thanks, I appreciate that, but Bret Baier did bust the House Republicans when he asked Chaffetz about the House Republicans’ Interim Progress Report that concluded with: “Department of Defense officials and military personnel reacted quickly to the attacks in Benghazi”. That to me indicates they have no intention or desire to get to the bottom of this. Nothing new there. They haven’t done anything with the IRS scandal or Fast & Furious. I just wrote Chaffetz a note thanking him for his work, but it’s not enough.

      • Addie

        There are a few faithful and true Republicans, a very few, that want to see justice and truth prevail. I think the Republicans in Congress have the mindset that they are small and the corruption is huge. They think as in the Bible there is no way to take Goliath the giant, down, that they would be trampled in it’s path. But we have read the story, one small teenage boy knew that it could be done, should be done and did not quit until it was done. I am hoping Senator Gowdy, could be our David.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Trey Gowdy is the real deal, for sure! Hope he will primary Lindsay Graham next year!

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  10. TexasFreedom

    Excellent article. It is even more disheartening to read about all of the missed opportunities to save those four lives. There is no way this isn’t a cover-up. I want to know WHY all the security was taken away from Amb Stevens when this administration KNEW how unstable Libya was.

    • Isabel Matos

      I totally agree with you. It is also infuriating how nonchalant the entire administration has been about those missed opportunities, especially Leon Panetta who says (without the slightest bit of remorse) that they just didn’t have enough intelligence to know about the attacks. He is a liar. I am looking forward to justice being served one day. It is the least that can be done for four unfortunate Americans serving their country that day.

  11. Nice article, one acronym you do need to correct is FEST is Foreign Emergency Response Team. All in the details.

  12. Giulianna

    Excellent article, EXCEPT, unless I am missing it somewhere, both FOX and you fail to mention a VITAL piece of the puzzle. On Sept 10th, 2012…CNN’s Nic Robertson interviewed the Blind Sheik’s brother and son and showed they are staging a protest over the Blind Sheik outside of our embassy in Cairo. Why doesn’t this get covered? More proof it was not about the movie, it was about hostage negotiations in their eyes. They were going to force our hand to give up the Blind Sheik, but things did not go as planned. :/ The protests start at about 2:28 on this video:

    • Isabel Matos

      This report is specifically about the “smokescreen” or use of the video to cover up whatever else was going on. Notice the questions taken from the hearings. The same question was asked at different points, and testimony was consistently given that that there were no indications that the protests were over a video. The State Department has completely ignored the fact that Ansur al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack in Benghazi. He controlled the hospital where Stevens was sent in the early morning hours. This report exposes the LIE that the video caused the protests and the refusal (in my opinion) to assign blame to Al-Qaeda operatives, for whatever reason. One last thing. The fact that the film was used as an excuse for the attacks hindered the FBI who had to, according to Hicks, investigate this as a crime scene. The FBI’s access was delayed, and the crime scene was contaminated. Rice’s lies about the video may have constituted an obstruction of justice. We may never know why the attacks happened, but we know why they DIDN’T happen. That is the essence of Bret Baier’s investigation. I thought it was compelling. Thanks for the link. Here’s another you may want to share: Many roads lead to the truth!

    • Isabel Matos

      I hope you get this. It is fascinating. Please write back if you do.

  13. KC Ted

    Where are the 33 survivors and why can’t we hear what they have to say?

  14. They should impeach Obama, evict The Obama’s out of the White House. Obama is more concern for 3rd World Countries than
    The US! fix what’s wrong in your own backyard and stop spending taxpayer’s hard
    earn dollars on your leisure’s. Obama is a
    Embarrassment to the US and it’s people!
    Not another 3 more yrs of false promises!

    • Isabel Matos

      You are right, he should be impeached, but we have a weak Congress who makes him look harder to beat than he is. I ignore him for the most part because I consider him a second-rate dictator who I do not care to spend any of my valuable time on. He is truly an empty suit. We should be apologizing for him, instead, that is for sure!

      • andy721

        Obama the trojan horse puppet. Get the ones pulling on the strings and then you’ll do more damage on them to better the world.

  15. Mike

    Very details, Isabel. Can’t wait for your follow up.

    • Isabel Matos

      Thanks, Mike. Looking forward to doing more of this; the GOP needs to be exposed further. This is probably the tip of the iceberg.

      Thanks for stopping by and chiming in. I appreciate it!


  16. Mike

    Gary, I have to enter my email and name every time I posted a comment. Is that how it is, or am I doing something wrong?

  17. Milton Richards

    Isabel, I couldn’t find you on Twitter.

  18. Monty Hollingsworth

    The best I have seen yet on Benghazi. Isabel, can you give us some justification for the Congress pulling up their skirts and running back to Mama?

    • Isabel Matos


      I’m sorry for the delay on my part. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated seeing your reply.

      Your comment made my day! I just wanted to tell you if I could put a star next to my favorite today, I would pick yours. So much was said in such few words. The rhetorical question is genius as it provides the answer within.

      Thanks for coming by and leaving such an awesome response.

  19. wwj745

    I see much of Clinton and the dems being “busted”. I do not see how republicans are busted. They are the only ones who want an investigation.

    • Milton Richards

      General Ham may appear before a Congressional Committee to shed some light on his role, but until the survivors are “un-gagged” we won’t get the full story.

      • wwj745

        I agree. The dems are the ones that have them gagged. That still does not explain why the title is House Republicans Busted In Benghazi. The title indicates that the repubs got caught doing something they should not have been.

      • Isabel Matos

        The GOP has been against us for years, specifically they haven’t made the case against Obama with all the evidence at their disposal. Benghazi is just one example of their refusal to take action against this President. Why? Because they are either cowards, incompetent, lazy or all of the above.

        When I did this project it wanted to do the story which is fascinating enough as it is; however, three quarters of the way and after 9 hours of listening to the details, I discovered what I considered to be explosive evidence: the report by Baier revealing language in the House Interim Report that was inconclusive.

        There is evidence of wrong-doing by the State Department, White House and Pentagon, yet the language used by Republicans acquits Hillary and the Pentagon from any wrong-doing. I read the entire House Interim report after this piece, and they did delay action to rescue the victims. The “fudging” or changing of the conclusion shows their indifference to it, saying there’s not much to be done. The proof they have been deliberately ambiguous is that Hillary feels free to run for president! that’s how the left manipulates our side. We are all expecting something to have been done by now by the House, and it has been almost one year and nothing has been done.

        The ambassador and the thee service men derve justice.

        BOEHNER has openly said this week that he wants to block any investigation into Benghazi. Is there blackmail goung on that we should know about? Why are our leaders shying away from this?

        It is certainly a BOMBSHELL that with all the evidence displayed, tha lawyerly language using technicalities to let Hillary and the pentagon off the hook is not just bizarre but anti-American. The GOP is continuing to put their poltical careers ahead of the country’s needs.

        Thanks for coming by.

      • wwj745

        What you wrote is correct. The repubs have not done enough. Did you really expect them too? There is really only 1 party. People look to dems and repubs to “save” the Country. The truth is neither wants to. They are out to destroy the Constitution and BOR. I have been asking people for almost 3 decades. Why do you support the “lesser of 2 evils”? They are unwilling to admit that by voting that way. We still get stuck with evil.
        People talk of the politicians failing the Country. I say it is the people. We were warned by our forefathers to elect good men to office. Good men make good laws. It is the people who knowing they were electing evil. Refused to stand up and fell into apathy. Now many are wondering how to save the Country. Yet they maintain the same voting habit. We will never turn things around by electing a repub or a dem. Anyone who runs for president from either party. That is endorsed by the party and is considered in the “top tier”. Is only there because the party knows they will not change anything and they will maintain the status quo.

      • Isabel Matos

        Just a big Amen to everything you said. BOEHNER is the anti-thesis of a forefather. He is in the position for a reason. I. Any add more to your comment, it was so well-stated.

        Thank you so much for not only stopping by, but leaving such a great reply. What do we do is my only question?


    • Isabel Matos

      Did you see this wwj745? It does not surprise me at all. It is infuriating, though.

      • wwj745

        I have heard that. I am not sure they cut a deal. Or if Boehner just got his marching orders from his globalist leaders to leave it alone.

        What to do… With the small number of people we have that actually pay attention. There is not much we can do. As long as so many devote their time to survivor, american idol, so you think you can dance, their i phone, facebook etc. We are doomed. They can name the last 6 american idols. Yet do not know who the vice pres. or the speaker of the house is or what is going on in the Country. They get their voting information from a talking head or politicians 30 second sound bite and convince themselves they know what is going on. The arrogance and stupidity of the people is amazing.

        Another thing that has contributed to this is the abysmal public non-education system. Again the public stood by while their children were and are dumbed down. They used to teach the writings of the founders in the schools. Now they barely skim the Constitution.

        I wish I knew how to turn it around. Without a change in the candidates and peoples voting habits. I doubt we ever will. When I run across a post by someone who says they are a Christian and they are talking about voting and politics. I ask 1 simple question. I ask them to explain to me just which evil. Of the lesser of 2 evils. That God wants them to support and vote for. As of yet I have not got an explanation. All we can do is continue to try and educate. The problem? Many just do not want to know the truth.

      • Isabel Matos

        I love your passion and enthusiasm for wanting to do the right thing about the lack of proper information that is out there. Remember there are still good people fighting the good fight who are keeping this story alive. There are also things you can do to be art of the solution.

        1. Steve Stockman has spearheaded the petition effort, which would take the creation of a “Select Committee to investigate the attack on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, last September out of committees’ hands and put it back on the House floor. A total of 218 signatures by members of the House will wrest control of the decision from an overly politicized committee and put it back in the people’s house.” here is the link

        2. Louie Gohmert is helping out with that effort, and has been very outspoken on the house floor. You can see the videos he’s posted on Bneghazi, too. Very powerful.

        3. You can join this Facebook group dedicated to just Benghazi issues. it has over 400 members. Maybe you already belong to it.

        Most people talk, few walk. Just keep that mind so you won’t be discouraged and keep focused on working on what needs to be done.

        Thanks for coming by again. Please keep in touch. I love activists! Let’s see what new distraction the president has concocted for us today.

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