RedState Posts Demeaning Photoshop of Governor Palin, Denies When Confronted — Updated


Little men syndrome

Update V from Gary P Jackson: Welcome Twitchy readers and thanks to Michelle Malkin, Lori Ziganto, Jenn Taylor, and the entire Twitchy Team for standing up to those who would attack Governor Palin and lie about it.

By Stacy Drake
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Monday evening, RedState published an article titled “Palin’s Third-Party Solution is Part of The Problem.” The point of the article was to show why they think she was wrong to suggest dumping the GOP if Republicans help pass the amnesty bill in Congress.

The author repeats the same line we’ve been told for years about why you can’t leave the GOP because it wouldn’t “do anything more than ensure a permanent majority on the Left.” What the author fails to see (and what any Conservative Californian can tell you) is that if the amnesty bill passes, the GOP will be a permanent minority anyway, so whatever(!) with the content of the article.

The main problem with the piece however, is the choice of the image RedState uses (as the top featured post on the front pages, by the way) to go along with the article.

Take a look:


I suppose that’s a funny picture… If you have the mentality of an emotionally underdeveloped frat boy, but to most adults, it isn’t. In fact, considering the attire and position of the person who owns the body that they Photoshopped Governor Palin’s head on to, it’s obvious that this was posted to demean her. The author did refer to her as merely a “celebrity” after all, and there certainly is no respect for her at Eric Erickson’s house. Never mind the fact that she was the first female vice presidential candidate in your party’s history, guys.

So, where did RedState pick this photo up from? The left-wing publication, The Fiscal Times:


The Fiscal Times were the people who originally Photoshopped the picture. They did it to go along with a series of parody articles about famous political types writing to Santa Claus. The person who Photoshopped the picture, used this photo of Governor Palin, taken at a Grand Rapids book signing in 2009:

Sarah Palin Grand-Rapids 2009

What did Erick Erickson have to say when people confronted him about this on Twitter? He denied it:


Yes it is!

As a professional graphic artist, and someone who uses Photoshop on a daily basis, I can tell you exactly what the person for The Fiscal Times did. They took the original picture (seen above), selected Governor Palin’s head and some (not all) of her hair. They then copied and pasted that image onto the photo with the lady and Santa Claus.

They rotated the image to match where the lady’s head would be situated, and then added some red tones and adjusted the light levels to match the scenery better. Note the blue hue on the altered image is still there even after the color correction. That’s because in the real image, Governor Palin had a blue curtain behind her, and The Fiscal Times artist doesn’t know the proper use of overlays. Or feathering for that matter, but I digress.

Here are the images side by side. I tilted the original so that they are aligned. Since I’m not on the clock, I didn’t attempt to recreate the color alterations:
Sarah Palin Real-Photoshop Side-by-side

I didn’t need to however. It’s blatantly obvious that this is the same image. I placed one image over the other while adjusting the transparency, just to make double sure. Yep, everything matches. The hair (minus the parts excluded by Fiscal Times’ artist), the earrings, eyes, etc.

Before Erickson denied that this was a fake photo, Michelle McCormick asked Ben Howe to remove the picture. Howe also denied it was a Photoshop but first stated:

Michelle continued with no response from Dana Loesch whatsoever, and no further response from Ben Howe:

Howe’s denial:

She never posed for that picture and instead of taking that into consideration, the boys at RedState dig in. They demean Governor Palin and everybody who defends her, but I guess that’s nothing new.

The folks at ShePAC also weighed in on Facebook, writing:

“LIKE” IF YOU AGREE: @EWErickson @BenHowe – we all disagree at times, but lets be respectful. The left demeans conservative women enough – conservatives don’t need to follow their lead. Please change the demeaning photo-shopped image currently on RedState’s homepage. Let’s lead by example fellas.

As of now, the image is still posted at RedState. ShePAC was ignored by Erickson and Co.

Update by Doug Brady: Dan Riehl at Riehl World View gets to the heart of Erickson’s issue:

I swear, RedState should do a fund raiser to get Erick Erickson a penile implant in hopes that he’ll one day get over his fear and loathing of strong women. Were he a serious editor he never would have allowed the post in question to go up, let alone have defended it. And it isn’t just the photoshop that’s the problem, although the moron evidently can’t even spot one of those.

The other problem with the RedState piece, as Riehl goes on to explain, is that Governor Palin never called for the establishment of a third party, which is the basic premise of Erickson and company’s article. I’ve watched with amusement these past several days as many on the Left have twisted Governor Palin’s innocuous response to a Twitter question on FNC as a call to found a new “Freedom Party“.

I watched the interview and that never happened (though I wouldn’t necessarily mind if it had). Here’s the video, courtesy SarahNET the question, from Josh Painter, comes at the end:

She simply pointed out the obvious: That if the GOP continues to abandon their principles, stiff-arm their base, and accept political advice from Chuck Schumer, they’ll go the way of the Whigs as conservatives will eventually be forced to abandon them. The kiddies at RedState are as unfamiliar with the English language as they are with the concept of photo shopping. Read Dan Riehl’s entire piece here.

Update II by Stacy Drake: After overwhelming evidence, Erick Erickson deleted his tweet denying the picture his site used was a Photoshop job. That’s okay because we made sure to get a screenshot of it last night. I have replaced the tweet embed with a copy of that screenshot above.

Update III by Doug Brady: (h/t Michelle McCormick) Jen Kuznicki has written an excellent article on this.

Here are a couple excerpts:

Anger erupted on twitter after RedState’s Peter List posted a photoshopped cleavage picture of Sarah Palin on his Diary, but the content of his post misstated her position, and shows how little he knows about the current fight going on in the GOP.

For all its buzz, RedState is a fairly static presence on the web. For instance, you can miss reading it for about 2 years, and then jump back in, and they are saying the same thing, with the same people, pointing out the same circumstance, and frankly, being really nasty and angry in the comment section.

List says that Palin’s third party solution is part of the problem. He knows she didn’t come up with a third party plan, and if he knows anything about boots-on-the-ground grassroots work, he would know that the third party idea is prevalent in the GOP rank and file. In his misleading post, List points to another RedState writer and how he has laid out the way to take over the GOP.

Is List ‘taking over’ the GOP? It seems to me that if you are going to preach it, you ought to do it. If he is in the fight, good, but I do not see the insight in his post that would prove such. For him, and his clique at RedState, I’ll lend a hand to show what has happened to warrant what many see as a possible alternative. And I’d like to stress the fact that Palin didn’t say she’s going third, she said, ‘if’ the current GOP establishment keeps on doing what they are doing, it certainly is a factor.


UPDATE: List responded to an email, saying that he honestly thought the picture of Palin was a flattering, real picture of her, and ran out of time to replace the pic before the whole thing blew up. I’m not sure I buy that. To have a pic of Santa in July is odd.

Odd to say the least. Be sure to read Kuznicki’s entire piece. It’s insightful and well worth your time.

Update IV by Doug Brady: This is hilarious. More brilliance from this misogynist moron who, presumably, has the prestigious Erick Erickson seal of approval:

Translation: I acknowledge that I’m demonstrably full of shit, but those evil conservatives who noticed are “cultists” for pointing it out.

And we’re supposed to take this cretin or Erick Erickson, who approves of his BS, seriously? I think not.

Stacy Drake, Doug Brady, Michelle McCormick, and Gary P Jackson contributed to this article



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30 responses to “RedState Posts Demeaning Photoshop of Governor Palin, Denies When Confronted — Updated

  1. Publius Huldah

    Red State is a shill for the RINO party. They ban articles proposing REAL reform and kick out people who attempt to post them.
    The photo is disrespectful of Sarah Palin, and is disgraceful.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh indeed. When I was first blogging, and well, rather naive, I blogged there. Diddn’t last long, because I’m a Conservative.

      Went over there today to take Erick on after he posted a piece trying to passively aggressively attack Governor Plain, and promptly got banned. I will cherish that as a badge of honor. It’s an echo chamber over there of frat boys and GOP Establishment types. Parts of the problem, not the solution!

    • Mary Bermel

      Maybe all this is EXACTLY the reason the Republicans are a failing party.

      • Gary P Jackson

        You ain’t wrong. MOST Republicans aren’t like this, but RedState is run by a bunch of juvenile morons who think they are big time. They represent the Establishment wing of the party, not the Conservative base than makes up the bulk of the GOP.

        Watch out on Friday for another write up, as there is a lot more to this story, the hate and lies from RedState just keep coming!

        This sort needs to be purged if we are going to save this great nation!

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  3. As I pointed out to Ben Howe, you would think, with the expertise of Caleb Howe on the Red State staff, a photoshopped image would be spotted immediately. A link to his “expert” bio is below. The second step of course would be to say, “nah, we’re not going to use that and look as sexist and disgusting as the Dems and Maher.” Instead, the boys thought they were being clever and their digging in and disparaging remarks (and the deleting of them) spoke volumes. They’re making plenty of $$ off of TeaParty causes (see client lists at Mister Smith Media) yet talking out of the other side of their mouths for the Grand Ole Party. That’s how you get paid in DC. I know b/c I’ve seen the sausage being made.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed. RedState has always been a phony Conservative site. They are GOP Establishment all the way. BTW< I went over there to challenge those clowns and immediately got banned. I consider that a badge of honor!

      Erickson and Tucker Carlson both make a habit of saying nasty things about Sarah Palin, and women in general. I think Dan Riehl got their problem nailed perfectly!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Thanks Gary. I don’t like to throw around the “sexist” argument b/c liberals have really worn that whole thing out. However, this was pretty blatant and I’m just so sick of the degrading attitudes towards Palin from the good ole boys. What they don’t realize is they don’t need the immigrant vote, Repubs need the WOMEN’s vote. That’s who put Obama in power….dumb, over-emotional, don’t pay attention to the news, white women. I know many of these gals who voted for the “nice, black guy” while knowing nothing of his policies. Instead of bashing conservative women like libs, they really should be courting our votes. Duh! In the end though, it really has nothing to do with male vs female. I think Malkin said it best when she said Rove was in the incumbent protection racket. As long as the foul, payoff money is running deep in DC, true conservativism and reformers will always be fighting the Dems AND the lousy Repubs.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Thanks! West Coast Editor Stacy Drake put in some hard work with this deal. That’s why we are so proud to have her!

        I’m like you, playing the victim just doesn’t suit us Conservatives! The frat boys over at RedState are notoriously anti-Plain, to the point of being worse than any liberal hate site, and frankly, anti-Conservative.

        Both Erick Erickson and his buddy Turcker Carlson have a LONG history of demeaning women. Both have called Governor Palin a “MILF” not exactly the thing to call a married mother of five, grandmother of two, and Conservatism’s greatest living leader. And the GOP Establishment wonder why women voters look cross-eyed at them!

        Our friend Robert Stacy McCain also hammered these losers, and then some. I’ll be posting some of his great piece before the day is up, it’s delicious, and doesn’t pull any punches! He also noted that Governor Palin is absolutely right about the state of the GOP.

        We live in some CRAZY times!!!!

        Thanks for your support!

    • Howe would starve if he had to live on the money he earns making those crappy videos.

  4. I am not savvy in this world of the blogger, but it seems it contains so very few people of Character, those who have a moral code they stand by men or women who value their own word. So I am not surprised when I see men or women boldly display their ignorance in such a way as this. we many people who will say we need but then behind closed doors what they want comes into view that is why we have lost our why; so few still place any value in theirs or anyone else’s character, all they want is presents a speaker someone like them. Well isn’t that what we have? and isn’t it a shame. The Honorable Governor Palin should not be disrespected in this way( she is quite beautiful, I will say) but ignorance is the order of the day and Conservative’s do not use liberal tools, we forgive them for they can not help but be the fools.

    • Gary P Jackson

      None of us are perfect, that’s for sure, but the kind of crap we see from our so-called “fellow Conservatives” [bloggers-pundits] can be awful disgusting at times.

      Too many egos, and too many agendas.

      One of my favorite Ronald Reagan quotes, one Governor Palin uses often, is:

      “It’s amazing what can be accomplished if no one cares who gets credit for it.”

      In the grand scheme of things, we are all just little fish in a big pond. Our goal should be advancing Liberty and Freedom, exposing evil, and every now and then taking time to have some fun!!!

      Have a wonderful 4th! Make sure to smell the roses.

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  9. Hey Gary, has Dana Loesch even responded to any of this? Very disappointing if she hasn’t. I stopped reading RS years ago for all of the reasons named above. I can’t add anything to the on-target descriptions of Erick Erickson except to say I agree 100%! Loved Dan Riehl’s take especially.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Honestly, I haven’t seen a thing from Dana. If you follow Michelle McCormick, lets just say there were some choice words aimed as Mrs Loesch.

      I can say that I remember Dana being less than complementary about the STELLAR Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman, who Sarah Palin endorsed, while going all in for that idiot Todd Akin, who was the democrat party’s choice for an opponent and an absolute JOKE of a candidate.

      The longer we do this, the better we learn who is for real and who ain’t. I think I’ll leave it at that!

      Now Michelle Malkin and her Twitchy crew stepped up to the pump and helped get this all out in the open. Those gals don’t get near the praise they deserve.

      • Yep, incidents like this are truly illuminating! Over the past several years my eyes have certainly been opened as to who is sincere about restoring the country and who isn’t. Sadly, many have revealed themselves as nothing more than self-serving people out for the spotlight, using conservatism as their alleged cause. You’re are right — it’s great to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff!

      • Gary P Jackson

        I sure hate to have to say you are right, but sadly, you indeed are. There’s always a bit of self-promotion, or at least promotion of our work product, but when that becomes more important than the mission, it’s time to take a break and re-evaluate what you are trying to achieve.

        Take care and have a great 4th!

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  15. R

    First clue: Since when do dangle earrings defy gravity?

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