Unbelievable: Pro-Abortion Freaks Shout “Hail Satan” as Christians Sing “Amazing Grace” in Austin,Texas

Pro Abortion Crowd in Austin

By Gary P Jackson

First I must apologize to readers, I’ve been absent from the smokin’ keyboard for a few days. Still having a bit of a health issue, but getting a handle on it. Nothing serious, mostly aggravating, especially since it makes writing almost impossible. I MUST thank Whitney and Isabel for keeping things rolling with their always excellent commentary! I couldn’t do it without them!

If you’ve been following the absolute hate fest that has convened in Austin, Texas, you already know some of the insanity, and the amount of unbridled hatred being unleashed on those who want to protect, not only innocent children from the abortionists’ tools of mass destruction, but women as well, who are being victimized in Texas by Kermit Goznell wanna-bees.

Things came to a head on Tuesday on the Capital grounds when these loons started yelling “Hail Satan” while pro-life Christians sang “Amazing Grace.” I’m trying to think of a time in our nation’s history this kind of evil has been so openly displayed, and even counting the democrat party’s KKK adventures, I can’t seem to find anything like this. Not in America.

This should come as no real surprise, because, as you remember that democrats, at President Obama’s 2012 democrat party national convention openly booed the mention of God’s name [three times].

On Tuesday, ahead of a renewed vote that would not only ban abortions after 20 weeks, but also rid Texas of Animals like Mass Murderers Douglas Karpen, and LeRoy “Crock-Pot” Carhart, the hate filled pro-abortion crowd let loose.

House Bill 2 [HB2] would force abortion factories to come up to the same standards as hospitals and clinics, and the doctors, who make a fortune slaughtering children, have admitting rights at a nearby hospital, in case an emergency occurs. As we have come to learn, it’s common for these slaughter houses to be filthy, unsanitary, and poorly staffed. HB2 will end that in Texas and that is what these democrats are fighting against the hardest, claiming it will lead to back ally abortions. [not that what happens now is any better] And a lie, of course.

From our friends at Twitchy:

Here’s videos of these hate filled morons:

Hail Satan” was actually trending high on Twitter Tuesday evening, here are some examples of the tweets:

Frankly, you could almost stop right here with this from Stacy McCain:

Kurt Schlichter added his wit:

Which elicited an equally relevant response:

One of my favorites, because it’s TRUE:


Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and treated as a saint by top democrats, worked to make abortion acceptable because she saw it as a way to wipe out the Negro race, who she called “human weeds. Today’s democrats still idolize Sanger. [which should tell you all you need to know about that bunch]


If you’ve missed out on all of this hatred coming out of Austin, over the democrats wishes to murder their children with no restrictions, EVER, and in filthy, unsanitary conditions, … our friends at Twitchy have a pretty good taste of what is going on recorded herehereherehereherehereherehereand here.


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3 responses to “Unbelievable: Pro-Abortion Freaks Shout “Hail Satan” as Christians Sing “Amazing Grace” in Austin,Texas

  1. Jim Thompson

    Speaking of Satan, I came across this on the Internet The other day:



    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Oh heck yeah. That is a GREAT ONE. Paul Harvey was so, so right!

      This has nothing to do with politics, but instead of the Devil’s delusion, here’s something sweet and nice from one of our favorites Basia Trzetrzelewska:

      The Sweetest Illusion!

      Happy Birthday America!!!

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