America, 237 Years Strong and Ready to Grow Stronger


By Gary P Jackson

237 years ago today, a group of brave men stood up and announced their independence from an oppressive, tyrannical government. This bold act of defiance was indeed, treason. A signer of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin noted: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. It was that spirit of comraderie and immediacy that gave their fight purpose.

Even though it may seem dormant, at times, it’s a spirit that lives in all Americans to this day!

Indeed, our founders fought a long and bloody revolution to create what has become the greatest nation this world has ever known. A nation that has been an inspiration, and a force for good the world over.

As Americans we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye on things and even had another, incredibly bloody war, a Civil War, over human rights, and man’s inhumanity to man. In the wake of that war, our nation has matured, grown up, if you will. As this maturation has continued, we’ve seen great things, and done great things, as a nation.

Our people have made countless life saving medical breakthroughs, created countless inventions that have changed the way the people around the world live their lives.

Though he didn’t invent the automobile, Henry Ford’s vision of an efficient system of mass production put the entire world on wheels as he sold tens of millions of his “Tin Lizzy” the Model T. And of course, other car makers around the world adopted, and even perfected Henry’s production system. The automobile has given the world great Freedoms they could only dream of before. The Freedom of movement at one’s own will, the Freedom to travel, explore, and discover …. at one’s own pace, and own route. It’s a Freedom that should never be taken for granted!

From creating a more efficient way to pick and process cotton, to inventing microprocessors so efficient they can do more work than computers that once took up entire rooms and even entire buildings!

In the early 1960s a young and visionary President addressed the nation and announced that man would go to the moon, and return safely, by the end of that decade.

When President John F Kennedy uttered those words, no one had any idea how this could be done. None of the technology needed to do this even existed. The rockets needed to take man into space, were still just as likely to explode on launch as work properly! But on July 20th, 1969 Neil Armstrong took his “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” and walked on the moon.

The amount of new discoveries and technologies created along the way to the moon is simply mind-boggling. And people world wide have benefited from those many discoveries and technologies. THAT is the greatness that is America

In the 1930s, while American’s struggled during government’s gross mismanagement of a fiscal crisis, that turned into The Great Depression, other nations struggled as well, many due to the same wrong-headed Big Government policies. In one of these nations, Germany, a great evil came to power and gripped that country. An evil that threatened to envelop the entire world in short order.

Though many considered America down and out, America’s vast industrial might cranked up. And her people joined the fight. America not only got back to work, we freed the world from the evils of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi movement, and the violence of Imperial Japan. Had America not existed, had her free and resourceful people not existed, Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich” would have come to pass and the entire world would have slipped into darkness, possibly forever.

After the war, former allies, the Soviet Union showed their true colors, and set out to conquer the world in their own ways, spreading evil Soviet-socialism, communism, throughout the land. America fought against this great evil in many ways, but on January 21, 1981 a man would take the Office of President, who would set the wheels in motion that would see the end of the Soviet Union, and the freedom of hundreds of millions of people restored.

President Ronald Reagan never considered the Soviet Union a legitimate nation, nor did he consider socialism-communism, a legitimate ideology. He considered the Soviet Union an “evil empire” and his policy of peace through strength not only won the cold war, without firing a shot, it again made America a true world power, a power for good.

Yes, America and Americans, have, indeed, changed the world. Made the world a better place.

Today, as Americans, we still enjoy great Freedoms, but we also face many problems. We face problems that some feel are so overwhelming, that there is no cure. Some are so disillusioned they have just tuned out. Others are simply oblivious.

We face a true tyrannical government that no longer respects it’s employers, WE the People. In fact, our government “leaders” no longer consider WE the People, their masters. Today they have become the master, and we the slaves to their will.

We have an out of control President who has no respect for the Separation of Powers set forth in our Supreme Law of the Land, our Constitution. Nor does he respect the Constitution itself.We have a President who uses the full power of Government to outright attack groups, and individuals, who do not agree with his ruinous policies, or dangerous visions for America.

We have a Congress filled with some of the most corrupt, and morally bankrupt human beings this nation has ever produced.

Yes, I know there are also some good and decent men and women there as well, and we should count our blessings for that every single day!

We have a Congress though, whose members engage in all manner of corruption, looking to line their pockets, and the pockets of their cronies, rather than do the work of the American people. These corrupt members of Congress grow rich, and enrichen their cronies, on the backs of the American taxpayer.

Recently a huge majority of the United States Senate committed treason by passing a so-called “immigration reform act” that will give amnesty to tens of millions of criminal aliens from around the world, people who are here illegally, and should be forced to leave.

This amnesty will include violent criminals, thieves, gang-bangers, child molesters, wife beaters, and so on. This legislation, if allowed to advance into law, will give employers incentives to hire these newly pardoned criminals over American citizens. This treasonous legislation would further depress the already stagnant wages of American workers for decades to come. Oh, and it won’t do anything to stop the further invasion of tens of millions of more illegals!

The Senate amnesty bill is a direct assault on the American people, in favor of foreign nationals, that allows even more to flood our shores, unchecked. I should think no better definition of treason exists in any dictionary.

Obviously, the legislation must never be allowed to come into law, and those who created and promoted it must be held responsible: Treated as the traitors to the American people they have shown themselves to be. They should be punished to the full extent a traitor deserves.

Why am I saying all of this on this day, a day of great joy and celebration for the greatest nation the world has ever known? Because this IS the greatest nation the world has ever known, and inhabited by the greatest of people.

America, and her people have grown comfortable and complacent. America’s greatness and strength allows many to take our Liberty and Freedom for granted. American citizenship should be an advanced course in participation, but oft-times our citizens just go about their daily lives not even considering the events surrounding them, and how their very Liberty and Freedom is in grave danger. More in danger now, than at any time in modern history,

On this day of great joy and wonderful celebration WE the People must prepare for a new revolution. WE need not fight a bloody revolution, as our founders found necessary. No, WE the People, are in a much stronger position than our founders. But make no mistake, this will be a hard fight. One that would sap the strength and spirit of lesser men and women. But WE the People are NOT lesser men and women! WE come from a stock like no other on earth.

Even though we have people who have come from around the world, stood in line, and worked hard to join us as American citizens, WE are all indeed brothers and sisters in Liberty and Freedom. It is that melding of so many great peoples that has made Americans so strong, stronger than any other peoples who have ever existed! Even, if at times …. we feel that we are not.

On this day, this day of joy and celebration, this day we celebrate Liberty and Freedom, lets renew ourselves to preserving that Liberty and Freedom that so many died for to create, and have since died to preserve.

WE must all make it our work to save America from this tyrannical and out of control government. WE must all make it our work to inform and enlighten those who have been lulled into complacency. And WE must all make it our work to fight those who stand against us, with every ounce of our souls!

WE must never give up. WE must never surrender.

The Great Ronald Reagan saw America as that Shining City on a Hill. Though that light has grown dim in these dark days of tyranny, WE, THE PEOPLE can make that light glow brightly. Brighter than it has ever glowed before. WE have that power!

Let us all, on this day of great joy and celebration, re-dedicate ourselves to the preservation of Liberty and Freedom, and the defeat of the great tyranny that has infected our nation and our lives. Let us stand with those, both in government, and out, who have pledged their lives to preserving Liberty and Freedom, and the greatness of America. They are our brothers and sisters in arms!

God bless you all, and God Bless America, the greatest nation this world has ever known!


Please join me and enjoy this most beautiful rendition of “America The Beautiful” preformed by the incredible Ray Charles on the Dick Cavett Show September 18, 1972:



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