RS McCain: By God, Sarah Palin is Right! AND So Is McCain. Here’s Why BOTH Are, and Why That’s So Important!


What’s possible if only the Geniuses of the GOP™ were smart enough to listen to Governor Palin’s wisdom, and warnings.

By Gary P Jackson

Recently Stacy Drake exposed the hate-filled, misogynist bunch at RedState’s attack on Governor Sarah Palin, not only did they use a photoshopped pic of Governor Palin’s head on a woman’s body [with considerable cleavage] sitting on Santa Claus’ lap, but the accompanying article was demeaning, mean spirited, and hell …. just plain wrong!

RedState is a “Republican” website that is unfriendly to Conservatives. In fact, in their comment rules they announce that any talk promoting any party but the GOP is ban worthy. [and they follow through] RedState has always been anti-Palin, and I can tell you from first hand experience that any attempt to defend Governor Palin with factual information, against the lies posted there, is always met with seething hatred, ridicule, and even banning. I know, I’ve been banned not once, but TWICE!

And I consider THAT a badge of honor!

Many of the nation’s top Conservative bloggers were offended by RedState’s nastiness. Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy called RedState out, and posted their after the fact Twitter thuggery, attacking those who dared to call them out.

Others, like Stacy McCain, not only came out and defended Governor Palin, Stacy always stands with those who defend Liberty and Freedom, he went further, and defended her position that that BOTH political parties have screwed over the American people, and that the GOP should be put on notice, with a wonderful article of his own!

Here’s a taste from The Other McCain:

Palin went on to say that many Americans, herself included, “are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party,” denouncing both parties as “dysfunctional political machines.

Hear! Hear! Attagirl, Sarah! You tell ‘em!

Then, in response to my friend Josh Painter, Governor Palin said she liked his suggestion of joining forces with Mark Levin to create a new “Freedom Party” if the GOP continues its drift toward abandoning a commitment to core American values. This comment was picked up by the Daily Caller’s Jeff Poor (who has always hated Sarah Palin with a blind fury) and was in turn seized on by a Red State diarist who, in order to illustrate his post, used a Photoshopped image to mock Palin.

By a strange chain of events — having missed the build-up of the brewing controversy — I learned of this via Stacy Drake, who slammed the dishonesty of the Red State attack. Quite frankly, a lot of Palin supporters have been bitter toward Red State since 2011, when Erick Erickson went out of his way to mock them. But let us lay aside these ancient quarrels to ask: Is Sarah Palin right?

Not only is she right to oppose this amnesty sellout, but the resentment toward GOP leadership she expresses touches on key aspects of a criticism that the most astute minds in the conservative movement have been making for many, many years. Readers already acquainted with this critique will excuse me for taking time here to explain to new readers the historical and philosophical background.

The perennial problem of the Republican Party is that they are a party of ideas, whereas Democrats are a party of people. That is to say, the GOP since the era of Reagan has been devoted to a philosophy of conservatism — an ideology — while by contrast, the Democrats sit around identifying specific voter groups (labor union members, women, blacks, gays, etc.), telling them that the Republicans are their mortal enemies, and then pitching them with promises: “We’re on your side. We’re your friends. Vote for us and we’ll give you X, Y and Z.

Republicans succeed when they are led by spokesmen who can clearly articulate a conservative philosophy, and who consistently point out the Democrats’ history of dishonesty and failure: Even if you could trust Democrats to do what they say they’re going to do (which by the way, you can’t) their policies don’t work, have never worked and never will work. People who vote Democrat in the belief that Democrats will fix their problems always end up with worse problems.

Want to see what Democrats do for their “friends”? Go to Detroit.

Republicans fail when they lack confidence in their own beliefs and instead offer voters a “Me, Too” agenda of Democrat Lite. This has been a GOP problem since the era of Herbert Hoover, at least, and was a basic reason why William F. Buckley Jr. and a number of other like-minded people organized what we now know as Movement Conservatism during the 1950s. It is a sad fact that many of those who today claim to be conservatives have never really studied the development of this movement. Too much of this history has either been forgotten or twisted by liberal authors (e.g., Sam Tanenhaus) so as to be unrecognizable to those familiar with the actual facts.

After spending some time talking to and about our libertarian friends, and their sometimes confusion about what actual Conservatism is and means, McCain goes on to say:

Well, “steady licks kill the Devil,” as they say. We have seen in the past half-century that, if properly organized and properly led, the conservative movement can make real changes. But personnel is policy, and too often the ambitions of individuals — careerists seeking to make politics the vehicle of their own personal success — have put the wrong kind of people in key roles, enabling them to prevent success (and then, of course, to scapegoat others for the failure).

Ability and ambition are not always accompanied by virtue and wisdom. Quite commonly in political life, we encounter selfish people who cleverly present themselves as principled idealists, zealous for The Cause, while enriching themselves and enhancing their own influence behind the convenient camouflage of political purity.

Al Regnery once summarized this problem by saying that the success of conservatism had created opportunities for opportunists.

In other words, back when “conservative” was an unpopular label and a misunderstood idea, people could not get rich or build careers for themselves by parading beneath the banner of conservatism. But the success of the conservative movement during the Reagan era and beyond made it a popular thing — both for Republican office-seekers and for various sorts of political functionaries — to identify themselves as “conservatives,” to claim to speak for conservatism, and to assert that their particular ideas were True Conservatism.

This influx of opportunists has not only confused the public as to what “conservative” means, but it has erected an organizational infrastructure of the movement staffed by careerists more interested in their own advancement within this hierarchy — “The Ziggurat of Ambition,” as I’ve called it — than in conservatism itself.

In this, McCain describes hangers-on and phonies like Erick Erickson and Ben Howe of RedState and also big time con-artists like Karl Rove, and lying politicians like Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, and Jeff Flake, who pretend to be Conservative, to get elected, then immediately run to the left once in office.

Whether he meant to or not, Stacy McCain just described everything that is wrong with the Republican Party in general. They will pretend to be “conservative” when they think they must, but screw over the entire base, and the country, once in office. And line their pockets while they are at it!

The GOP’s last presidential candidate is a perfect example of why the GOP is circling the drain.

In his lengthy column, McCain goes on to say:

This certainly summarizes a perception of Palin that many people might agree with, if they haven’t bothered to study Palin’s biography and to assess the fundamental problem: What happens when a successful but relatively obscure Republican with no previous exposure to high-stakes national politics is suddenly thrust into the spotlight — and finds herself surrounded by the sort of vicious backstabbing crapweasels who were running John McCain’s campaign?

Seriously: If Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace are the future of the Republican Party, we are doomed beyond all hope of redemption.

Criticize Palin however you will — say she was “not ready for primetime,” call her a “bomb thrower,” accuse her of greed or excessive vanity, impugn her temperament, whatever — but you must understand this: Sarah Palin is not what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

And while I do not mean to endorse a third-party effort in 2016, Governor Palin has put her finger directly on a key problem for conservatives, namely that such leaders of the Republican Party as have joined The Gang of Eight Liars are betraying the people who elected them with the belief that those voters have no alternative.

Controlling the party apparatus and able to hire plenty of “conservative intellectuals” to endorse their betrayal as essential to the future success of the GOP, these Republicans proceed on the assumption that conservative voters are so lacking in devotion to principle that they will always vote Republican no matter what.

Governor Palin can’t say this, but I can: F–k you, “Republican leaders.”

And while we’re at it, f–k anybody who says we should roll over and accept this kind of phony “conservative” bulls–t as inevitable.

No, by God, I say we fight these bastards with everything we’ve got.

Fight them until Hell freezes over, and then fight them on the ice.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, a fine occasion to declare our independence from these vicious backstabbing crapweasels.

If Governor Palin is willing to help lead this fight — inside the GOP so long as there is hope, but outside the GOP if we must — then I say, “Patriots! We must conquer here or die! Rally on the Alaskan!

The entire article is a seriously great read, and well, an essential one, please go here to do it.

Stacy McCain says what is on the mind of just about ever Conservative activist these days, and is saying it exactly the way it needs to be said! The cold hard fact is, the Republican Party needs Conservatives a hell of a lot more than Conservatives need the Republican Party!

The Geniuses of the GOP™ have caused all but a baker’s dozen, plus one, of Senate Republicans, to commit an act of TREASON against the United States of America, all in order to pander to an insignificant voting block that liberal talkers have convinced them that if they don’t, the GOP will never win another election.

Mitt Romney didn’t lose the election because of Hispanic voters, who only made up 8% of the electorate in 2012. Some pundits throw around the [legit] notion that had Romney gotten 70% of the Hispanic vote in 2012, he would have still lost. I’ll go further and say he could have gotten 100% of their vote and still got skunked!

What the GOP Smart Set™ still hasn’t figured out, but Governor Palin has, and pointed out quite strongly to them, is Romney lost because Reagan democrats and movement Conservatives weren’t impressed enough to care. They either stayed home, or voted for someone else. It’s really that simple.

Think about this: Barack Obama is demonstrably the absolute worst President in our nation’s 237 year history. In fact, he’s one of the worst people to lead any nation, in the history of history itself …. and yet …. Obama won re-election, by a convincing margin! ….. W.T.F.?

Obama is not just corrupt, he’s running a lawless, completely illegitimate government. The Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the Founding Principles that have guided America for two-and-a-quarter centuries, are not only meaningless to the Obama regime, they are openly ridiculed and attacked by it, and the entire democrat party!

Not only could Mitt Romney NOT defeat the worst President in history, one of the worst leaders the world has ever known, he actually got less votes than the McCain/Palin ticket did in 2008! Now to be fair, Barack Obama ALSO got considerable less votes in 2012 than he did in 2008. That, by the way, is the first time in America’s history a sitting President has been re-elected with fewer votes than he got originally!

Now what does that data tell you? Evidently it tells the Geniuses of the GOP™ they need to out-lie and out-pander the democrats. What it tells the rest of us though is neither man inspired the nation enough to care about them and get off their asses and vote!

This didn’t help the down ticket races a bit either.

The 2012 election was nothing more than a test of those who put party over principle, and will pull the lever for ANYONE with an R or a D after their name, depending on which team they support! THAT is not how you win elections. THAT is not how you lead a nation to prosperity. What THAT is …. is an exercise in maintaining mediocrity.

Republicans still haven’t figured out the ONLY way to win elections convincingly, is to capture the hearts and minds of WE the People. That the ONLY way they will ever be the majority party, and be able to actually restore America, is to choose leaders with an actual message. A positive message. It’s not enough to be the “lesser of two evils” or “not” [fill in the name of the offensive candidate]” Nope, you gotta stand for something POSITIVE. You MUST give voters real, compelling reasons to vote FOR YOU and not just AGAINST that other guy!

Governor Sarah Palin had this figured out two decades ago!

Her first political campaign was for a seat on the city council of the tiny village of Wasilla, Alaska. She was part of a new breed of younger, progressive [The GOOD kind of progressive!] forward-thinking Conservative men and women candidates who had a strong vision of where Wasilla needed to go. History tells us that she was not only popular and successful, but always fought for what was right, no matter the situation, or the personal consequences.

In time, Sarah ran for Mayor, and was elected not once, but twice, on a message of real hope, and real change. She didn’t have a ton of high paid political consultants blowing smoke up her ass, she didn’t waste a single dime on attack ads going after her opponents. What Sarah DID do was get out there and meet the people, sell herself, and bring a positive message to the people of Wasilla.

Once in office, Mayor Palin not only lived up to the hype, she made good on her promises. She stayed true to her convictions, and the people of Wasilla. The results are the stuff of legend. She and her team took a mostly dirt road village and turned it into the fastest growing city in Alaska! She built roads and the infrastructure needed to lure in big businesses. Mayor Palin and her team created an vibrant, modern city. This created jobs and grew the city’s tax base so much that during her tenure, she was actually able to LOWER taxes!

Something else Mayor Palin did, that some may think quaint, but I find unique. She kept a jar with the names and numbers of her constituents on her desk. Once a week, she would pull out a random name, and call one of them up, just to ask them if they thought she was doing a good job, and if so, why, and if not, why not, and how things could be better.

As someone who spent 30 years in the high end retail automobile industry, I can tell you customer service, great customer service, not only maters, most times it’s the ONLY thing that matters, if you want to be truly successful. What Mayor Palin did was provide great, personal, customer service. There’s a whole bunch of hacks in government nationwide who could benefit from this one lesson from Sarah Palin alone! Don’t just act like you give a damn, ACTUALLY GIVE A DAMN!

In the end, thanks to Mayor Sarah Palin, Wasilla, Alaska became the trading hub for the entire Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware! The current Mayor reports tens of thousands of people shop there weekly [Wasilla’s population is around 7800, give or take] and absolutely credits Sarah’s efforts for this economic power.

We all know Mayor Palin was term limited, and after an unsuccessful, but close bid for Lt Governor, was seen as a political superstar in Alaska and appointed by Governor Murkowski as the powerful Chairman of Alaska’s AOGCC, the state’s oil, gas, and environmental regulatory body.

I won’t rehash the whole story here, as entire books have been written about Sarah Palin’s discovery of massive corruption in the Alaska Republican Party, as well as their corrupt relationship with the Big Three major oil companies that operate there. As she later would, more than a few times, as Governor, Sarah stood toe to toe with the Republican Establishment and the CEO of these oil companies, and never backed down!

Of course, when Sarah first discovered the massive corruption, she went through the chain of command, so to speak, and took it to her boss, the Governor. Here she was basically told to “shut up and play ball“! To re-enforce that sentiment the state’s Attorney General, who was wallowing in his own, but separate corrupt dealings, paid Chairman Palin a threatening visit. The message was “Shut the hell up or we will destroy you“!

The rest is history, and well, legendary, among those of us that appreciate honest, motivated reformers. Chairman Sarah Palin, a young mother with four mouths to help feed, and on a career path that could take her anywhere she wanted [if she played ball] did what EVERYONE up there considered political suicide, and resigned from that high paying gig!

But Sarah Palin didn’t stop by resigning, that was just the first step. She would team up with an honest democrat lawmaker, Eric Croft, to file ethics charges against the corrupt Attorney General, Gregg Renkes, who was forced to resign, and then went after the entire Republican Establishment!

The VERY powerful GOP State Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich, who had been a fellow AOGCC commissioner with Palin, was not only forced to resign from the AOGCC [he was spending all of his AOGCC time doing GOP Party business] but also pay the largest individual fine in Alaska’s history! A six figure fine!

As we all know, all of this convinced Sarah Palin that Alaska needed a strong, powerful and ETHICAL leader. She looked around and realized that she was the only one that fit that bill.

It would have been easy for Sarah to have run a negative, scorched earth campaign against Governor Murkowski in the primary, and even against former democrat Governor Tony Knowles, in the general election. Both were part of the good old boys club, and both deserved all of that wrath that could be thrown at them.

Instead of a two-fisted negative battle, Sarah Palin would run on a platform of sudden, and relentless reform, something she’s been preaching to GOP candidates ever since. She told the people she would clean up the rotten government, or as Nancy Pelosi once promised, but never intended to actually do: “drain the swamp“! Sarah Palin promised good, efficient, TRANSPARENT government. One free of corruption.

Again, the results were legendary. She won both the primary and the general by a landslide!

When I first learned of Governor Sarah Palin, only a couple of months after she took office, the FBI was still raiding lawmakers’ offices, and still hauling corrupt Republicans off to jail. In the end, Sarah Palin ran on an aggressive agenda, made some mighty big campaign promises, including doing things others had promised, but failed to deliver on, for decades. And you know what, she delivered on ever single promise, and more!

Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher wrote an extensive accounting of Governor Sarah Palin’s incredible executive accomplishments as America’s Best Governor, something that every single voter should know and share.

The haters, the loons, the Geniuses of the GOP™, and their overpaid jackass consultants will never understand why so many millions of regular, every-day Americans support Governor Palin and stand with her. These little elites live in a bubble, for sure, but the also have a real and true disdain for the ordinary, everyman. Those “John Does” our very own Whitney Pitcher so eloquently spoke of here.

As we all know, Governor Palin is absolutely right about the GOP. She may not be ready to start an actual third party, or even run as a third party candidate, even though, from what I see, a hell of a lot of Conservatives are chomping at the bit for that very thing to happen.

What Governor Palin is ACTUALLY telling the GOP”leadership” is they have lost their way. Governor Palin is reminding these clowns that they have forgotten they they work for WE the People, not the other way around! Governor Palin is giving them a PROVEN blueprint for success. One that has worked before. Sadly, I suspect it’s all falling on deaf ears.

Frankly, I’d love a new party, but reality tells me, a new party would be too much work and might take years to be viable. [Not that the GOP is all that viable these days] Common sense tells me that we need to be at a somewhat state of war with the leadership of the Republican Party, a war for the soul of the party, which in turn is a war for the soul of the nation! A war to get the liberal Republicans that lead this disaster, out of power, if not out of office.

Liberalism is the greatest evil man has faced in long climb from the swamp to the stars, and liberalism has infected the leadership of the Republican Party, so much so, the disease may prove to be terminal for the entire party.

Here’s my biggest hope. We know Sarah Palin is a force of nature. Stubborn and damned near unstoppable when she sets her mind to something. We can almost guarantee she will lead strong Conservatives in battle, come 2014. With all of the scandals and outright crimes from the Obama regime, with all of this mismanagement, and outright TREASON from Congress, 2014 could make 2010 look like a picnic, in comparison, to those incumbents in both parties who have betrayed America. It could be a true Conservative blowout!

But while 2014 is almost a forgone conclusion, from what Sarah Palin will do, to how Conservatism will rule the day, [and I say all of that cautiously] my biggest hope is like she did when she ran a successful campaign for Governor of Alaska, Sarah will look around and realize the best man for the job of President come 2016 is indeed, a woman … HER!

After far too many campaigns full of nothing but negative ads and bullshit rhetoric from BOTH sides, I LONG for a campaign run by a competent, PROVEN, successful leader. A reformer who has actually taken a major government that was 100% FUBAR and turned it into one of the finest examples we have of how good government should be run.

A Sarah Palin campaign would be a campaign that talked about sudden, relentless, and never ending reform. That, of course, is why she scares the hell out of the corrupt “good old boys” in both rotten political parties! She would destroy their gravy trains forever!

Sarah Palin would run on REAL HOPE and REAL CHANGE. But unlike President Obama, Sarah Palin wouldn’t look to “fundamentally change” America into something our founders wouldn’t recognize, she would look to fundamentally RESTORE America. Her’s would be a campaign of Restoration, Renewal, and Revitalization.

We all know Sarah Palin is that one leader who never pulls her punches, the one with the balls to say what many think, but are too timid or afraid to say out loud. A Sarah Palin presidential campaign would kick ass and take names. She would eviscerate her opponents, but wouldn’t run a scorched earth, all negative, all the time, schlockfest of mediocrity and failure, that we have all come to expect, and despise.

Sarah Palin would run a positive, inspirational campaign that would remind everyone what is RIGHT about America, what is GOOD and GREAT, while also calling out those who have helped lead us down the path of destruction. Rather than empty platitudes and insulting pandering, Sarah Palin would bring a message that not only reminds us where we are, and how, sadly, we got here, but offer up REAL solutions that will bring America and the American people back to where they should be. She can, and would restore America to her rightful place in the world.

Unlike others who are going to flood both parties’ tickets in a run for the presidency in 2016, only Governor Sarah Palin has the experience needed to turn this EXTREMELY FUBARED government around.

We hear about the need for outsiders, and often names of news makers who inspire, but have no experience, are championed as the next potential President. If these were normal times, that sort of fancy would be considered interesting, even laudable and worth considering. These ain’t normal times my friends!

Sarah Palin is the ONE serious leader in America that not only sees the problems and understands them [there are several GREAT people who do that] she’s the ONLY leader in our great nation that has actually walked into the aftermath of an all but destroyed government, and swiftly turned it around. If you wonder why Governor Palin had a lengthy SUSTAINED job approval rating of over 90% throughout most of her time in office, all you need to do is review her record!

I, for one, would follow Sarah Palin through the fires of hell, carrying a bucket of gasoline in both hands, if that’s what it took, no matter what path she chooses. But as someone who has studied her career extensively, and looked around at the other sad, and disheartening alternatives, I hope Sarah Palin takes up the charge in 2016, hopefully as a serious reformist REPUBLICAN candidate, but if an independent run is the only option, as the GOP has, by then, committed suicide, well an independent run it is!

As far as I [and a whole bunch of others] are concerned, the only REAL question left unanswered is who should be Sarah Palin’s running mate, and who she should choose to fill out her cabinet!

Stand strong. Never give up, never surrender! WE the People, will prevail!

In case you missed it, take time to read: America, 237 Years Strong and Ready to Grow Stronger

We have only begun to fight!



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26 responses to “RS McCain: By God, Sarah Palin is Right! AND So Is McCain. Here’s Why BOTH Are, and Why That’s So Important!

  1. God, i loved that, Gary – you wrote a helluva a great piece about Sarah Palin! And I’m looking forward to reading Stacy McCain’s excellent piece in full as well. I think you’ll spark quite a discussion!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thanks Joy! It was Stacy McCain’s piece that inspired me to get serious and write what needed to be said!

      If you haven’t, Stacy’s website is one to follow. He’s always, always , always worth reading!

  2. hope4palins

    This was awesome. You said what I have come to believe, what I started believing listening to her evisceration of the Obama campaign in 2008. As far as I know, she is the only VP candidate in history who can be proven to have actually lifted her ticket into the lead. The ticket stayed there until McCain followed POS Schmidt’s advice and suspended his campaign. They never recovered. There is a myth that her two bad interviews hurt. Wrong. The polling data clearly shows that after her selection the McCain campaign took the lead and stayed there until the suspension. I’ve been following this stuff for quite awhile and I’m not aware of any VP selection ever doing that.

    I worry for her personal safety, I worry about her family’s well-being and the enormous time sacrifice that they would have to make for up to 8-10 years. That’s an awful lot to ask. That’s why, if after prayer and reflection she should ever decide to run for office again, any office, your quote describes my feelings exactly: “I, for one, would follow her through the fires of Hell, carrying a bucket of gasoline in both hands, if that’s what it took, no matter what path she chooses”. There hasn’t been her like in our history. I’ve always had an eye for major political talent in the GOP, and she rings the Liberty Bell of the heart like no one else. I’m convnced that if she shoud ever become POTUS she will become an iconic figure in our history, a true political Giant, one who will set a very high standard for those who follow her in that office.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thank you so much for your kind and gracious comments.

      I turned 54 a few weeks ago, and have never seen a VP candidate from the losing team ever be remembered, much less followed and supported! I’ve spent many, many years cursing John McCain at the top of my lungs, and so have most of us, but will never forget the day he introduced Palin as his running mate. Rush Limbaugh, who hates the man, started calling him “John McBrilliant”!

      He earned a lot of goodwill with all of us!

      Of course, many of us already knew of her, and had been petitioning McCain to do it.

      You’re right about her almost dragging McCain’s sorry butt across the finish line! By the way both I and Stacy Drake set the record straight on the polling:

      Something else, when was the last time a group spent a ton of money thanking a LOSING VP candidate? This group did and ran this TV commercial around Thanksgiving 2008, during all of the big football games!

      That tells you all you need to know about Sarah’s influence, from day one.

      It’s going to be all out war, not with just the GOP, but the democrat party, and the corrupt media, but if we work hard we can save America!

      Thanks for stopping by, and don’t be a stranger!

      • hope4palins

        I remember in the days after that Convention speech and the swift and heavy reaction by the Obama Campaign, thinking that I had just watched an entire campaign pivot and immediately target her, a VP Candidate?. I remember thinking, wow, she really got to them. I’ve never seen that happen before either. Usually they take a couple of standard potshots like “divisive”, etc., but this time it was like they immediately realized the danger she represented to them if she ever got traction. They have spent the last 5 years trying to erase her; fortunately she seems to be one of those rare jewels who takes seriously Winston Churchill’s admonition to “Never Give Up”. Thank God. My political opinion of her has only gone up from there. Thank you for your compliment, and for your writing. People like you and Ms. Drake give me hope.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Indeed. They treated Sarah Palin like SHE was the nominee for president!

        Palin supporters know the story, and I am working on an incredibly long piece rehashing things, due later this month, but lets never forget that Palin scared Obama and his party so bad he rounded up a complete group of local Alaska thugs to assault her and her staff on a daily basis!

        Those thugs, controlled by Pete Rouse out of the West Wing of the White House, would cost the Alaskan people over $2 MILLION with all the bogus “ethics complaints” and FOIA requests. It was a serious jihad against both Palin and her staff. It’s what led to her resignation. Had she stayed in office, we once estimated Obama’s thugs would have cost the Alaskan people as much as $10 MILLION had she stayed in office.

    • It’s hard to top what you just said, H4Ps – I echo Gary’s sentiments and response to your passionate blog! And I have a very strong feeling that we’re not alone in any of this – the support of Sarah Palin and the coming war with the GOP!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yup, the GOP is NOT going to change without a massive fight. Remember, these are the same kind of clowns that hated Ronald Reagan, even as he won two historic landslide election!

      • hope4palins

        Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Christopher Fromme

    Again John Boehner says to Gov Palin you are not worth my time when he is in Alaska to raise money with the CBC on July 2, If the the House is so stupid as to pass any form of Amnesty then it is time to revolt and form the Freedom Party.
    Got one of those surveys from the RNC, sending it back today withe a picture of a yard sign FREEDOM PALIN WEST 2016 if you pass amnesty

    • Gary P Jackson

      Indeed! Boehner is an idiot. But I ain’t telling you anything you don’t know already!I really despise the GOP “elites”

  4. As long as “Conservative” is seen as requiring one to discriminate against gays, ban stem cell research, defend crony capitalism, and try to dominate the world militarily, the GOP will be split.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually you just described liberal DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS not Conservatives, you ignorant twit.

      It’s your liberal friends that hate gays while pretending to care, same goes for blacks. It’s YOUR president who is the all time CHAMPION of crony capitalism. And it’s YOUR president who can’t keep his nose out of the world’s military entanglements!

      BTW, one of my heroes, Dr Martin Luther King Jr was a Conservative REPUBLICAN.

      Sarah Palin has been leading the charge AGAINST crony capitalism for over a decade. Hell, as Governor, Palin made crony capitalism a CRIME in Alaska!

      As for stem cells research ADULT stems cells are curing all kinds of diseases right now. Conservatives support that 100%! However, baby stem cells have proven to be a dead end.

      Of course, Conservatives are against the slaughter of 1.5 MILLION innocent children a year, while your kind not only sanctions it, but CELEBRATES it! It was your bunch shouting “Hail Satan” in Austin, Texas recently while trying to stop common sense legislation to save the lives of women. That’s pure goddamned evil!

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  6. My biggest problem with Sarah Palin and generally the GOP is that all this infighting isn’t really about substance. Palin has marked out a territory as an anti-establishment conservative… okay?

    Part of the problem with politicians like Rubio (Palin endorses him for Senate) is that their success is based on what people think they stand for and not what they really say. Conservatives need to talk about substance. Why isn’t anyone talking about the Balanced Budget Amendment? Show me a politician who can really talk about an issue and I’ll show you a candidate who actually believes in what they’re saying.

    When you watch speeches by Reagan and Friedman they talked about real issues and framed the debate. When Paul Ryan gave his speech at the 2012 GOP convention it was a vaporous cloud of nonsense. Scratch through a few words and it could have been delivered by Obama.

    Palin wasted an excellent opportunity to rise above the fray after she stepped down. Instead she got a good job at FOX that forced her to take a partisan position on every issue.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Actually Sarah Palin DID NOT endorse, Rubio. Only said nice things about him. As for the rest of your statement, exactly where have you been for the last 5 years?? Sarah Palin has often been the ONLY one leading most fights!

      And if you think Fox “forces” Palin to take any position but her own, then you don’t know Sarah Palin!

      I do agree with you about Paul Ryan, and pretty much the entire GOP though.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “rise above the fray” either. These are not “rise above the fray” sort of times. We are at war my friend. By nature one must take a side or just get out of the way. Sounds like you’re looking for a world of rainbows and unicorns in a world filled with deceit and corruption, as well as the greatest evils of our time.

      Bury your head in the sand, or gripe from the cheap seats if that’s what turns you on, but the rest of us are on a mission to save this great land. And Sarah Palin has a long PROVEN record of doing what must be done.

      • You are correct about the endorsement (my mistake).What I meant about rising above the fray is when Palin makes comments about the White House holiday/Christmas cards. We need leaders who are going to talk about the big issues.

        Just look at how confrontational you are about my comment. Take a deep breath. I wise man once said “that which is crooked cannot be made straight.”

        I’m not very fond of emotional arguments. When you say “Not only could Mitt Romney NOT defeat the worst President in history, one of the worst leaders the world has ever known…” how can anyone take you seriously? Indeed, Obama has been a poor president, but I’m not really to start comparing him to Andrew Jackson .

        FWIW Romney received more votes than McCain.

      • Gary P Jackson

        So, because Sarah Palin comments on little things, mostly to get under the skin of liberals, her BIG STUFF doesn’t matter? Sarah Palin was the FIRST person to call out Obama on Libya, when the shit first hit the fan, and Qaddafi was still in power. Same for Eqypt, long before Arab Spring allowed Al Qaeda’s political arm, the Muslim Brotherhood take over.

        She’s been out there steadily since. She’s one of the few openly calling for the heads of treasonous Republicans who voted for that idiotic amnesty bill. Not just chewing their asses, but calling for their ouster. One of these, Kelly Ayotte, is someone she, herself worked hard to get elected. Where is everyone else? Hiding under their desks, or just crying.

        For nearly TWO YEARS Sarah Palin was the only serious person raising hell over Quantitative Easing, how how destructive that is to the economy and the strength of the dollar. We’ll be seeing the effects of this disastrous policies for years, if not decades to come. Where is every one else at? Never heard Willard Romney say a thing!

        Again, Sarah Palin comments on a lot of things. They don’t ALL have to be end of times type of stuff, ya know! She’s a private citizen like you and I. If something pisses her off, she speaks up. The problem with everyone else, is they are too afraid to do exactly what Palin does! They are too busy trying to play up to those that hate their guts, and always will, instead of looking out for the people.

        I’ll take Palin over any 100 others out there.

        And yes, Obama is the worst, most corrupt, most anti-American president in history. He runs a lawless, completely out of control government. The fact that I have to spend actual time writing this back to you makes me question your seriousness as someone participating in political discourse.

        Yes, McCain/Palin got more votes in 2008 than Willard Romney did in 2012. Of course, Obama 2008 got more votes than Obama 2012 as well. A few news outlets have tried to revise history, claiming that eventually more a few more votes were counted for Romney than first reported, but so what. Still less than McCain/Palin.

        Thing is, Romney, like all liberal Republicans, are non-starters to the party base, and it’s only getting worse. People are getting sick of voting for anyone the GOP slings out there, simply because the democrats represent pure and complete evil. We need more and better.

        We need serious human beings out there fighting for America. Sarah Palin is a serious human being. She’s proven that when the rubber hits the road, she’s standing there ready to fight!

        There are a few other good men and women as well, but they are damned few, and don’t have Palin’s gravitas.

        Sorry this turning into a pissing contest, but when people come on here talking about Palin, and ignore the facts, we reserve the right to give them hell!

      • Glad you pointed out – among so many other things – that Romney/Ryan in 2012 did NOT get more votes than McCain/Palin 4 years earlier!

      • Gary P Jackson

        They eventually got really, really close after all of the votes were counted, a month later. But on election night not even. Obama picked up a few more votes as well. Still less than 2008.

        Not really the point though, as horrible and corrupt as Obama is, a ham sandwich should have beat him! Why? because a ham sandwich would have been more inspiring than Mitt Romney! The point stands that neither man excited enough people to really care.

        Some people don’t get it, and there are far too many that don’t. Keeping doing the same old same old, and expecting better is insanity defined.

        Our buddy thinks we are too “emotional”! I mean hell, we’re only talking about the future of America, why would we get emotional?

        At some point, all will be awakened.

      • Here the officials results as submitted by the Federal Election Commission. Romney received 60,932,152 votes. In 2008, McCain received 59,948,323.

        This isn’t a debatable fact. It’s public record.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Yeah, after over a month later, and barely.

    • I totally disagree with your very flawed assessment of Sarah Palin! AS Gary responded, indeed, where HAVE you been for the past 5 years? Palin is ALL about substance and tackles one important national issue after another – mostly via Facebook, but also in personal speeches, op-ed columns and Twitter.

      • (Con’d) As far as Palin remaining “above the fray,” she stepped down from the Governorship of AK for sound financial, political and person reasons; and only those who are deaf, dumb & blind and refuse to hear the Truth believe otherwise,

      • Gary P Jackson

        You know, the only people these days that don’t understand why resignation was Governor Palin’s only option [Obama’s thugs cost Alaskans over $2 MILLION and had paralyzed her government] are either those who don’t WANT to understand, idiots, or liars working an angle. All disgust me.

        Sarah did more in her time as Governor than many politicians, including two term presidents, do in a career.

        My guess is Henshaw would be quite happy to keep this nation headed off a cliff. You can’t fix stupid!

  7. Pingback: Sarah Palin RIPS Alaska Senator Mark Begich: Really, Mark? Really? | A Time For Choosing

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