Breaking: Governor Sarah Palin to Hannity I Won’t Stop Until Americans Have the Good Government They Deserve!

Sarah Palin 2013-cpac

By Gary P Jackson

A great interview with Governor Sarah Palin on a Tuesday afternoon.

Sounding very much like George Washington, the rather reluctant leader, Governor Palin ends the interview with a bold statement about leading the party.

Ronald Reagan was a democrat for most of his adult life. He famously said that he didn’t leave the democrat party, the democrat party left him.

Governor Palin is saying what the rest of us are thinking. We’d MUCH rather revitalize the Republican Party than go in another direction, but …. and what else can be said but …. we haven’t left the GOP, the GOP has left all of us!

This is a long interview. Governor Palin talks about how the Republican Party has failed. She talks about starting a third party vs revitalizing the GOP. She also tells Sean that we must get new blood in the government, and save America.

Governor Palin also gives a VERY interesting answer to the question if she WOULD consider running for the United States Senate out of Alaska. This is the kind of answer a true leader, who cares about her nation, would give. Vintage Sarah Palin too!

All of this, and much, much more:

Audio courtesy SarahNET.



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2 responses to “Breaking: Governor Sarah Palin to Hannity I Won’t Stop Until Americans Have the Good Government They Deserve!

  1. davidfarrar

    Palin could effectively write her own ticket if she knew how to build a ground game with her Tea Party supporters. But it takes someone who is willing to get down in the trenches and build a national online Tea Party network up to 2014 and beyond.

    ex animo

    • Gary P Jackson

      You think Sarah Palin doesn’t know how to build a ground game? Seriously?

      BTW, have you forgotten 2010? Palin single-handedly brought about the biggest political turnover in our nation since Reconstruction after the Civil War! Besides the 70 or so congresscritters she helped elect, Palin put 5 Governors and 2 states’ Attorneys General in office, along with other local candidates. Past that 665 democrats when home in statehouses nationwide.

      Palin was also the only endorser that mattered in 2012. She did it just by the force of her nature, and quality of character. People TRUST her judgement. Karl Rove spent hundreds of millions and got almost no one elected!

      How, EXACTLY, do you think she became Mayor of Wasilla, or Governor of Alaska? In both cases she met damned near every single voter personally! In her run for Governor, she put her kids in the family pick-up truck and drove to every corner of Alaska meeting voters! And Alaska is the size of the entire western half of the United States!

      Let’s not forget, that ON THERE OWN, a half dozen people all but MOVED to Iowa in 2011, just THINKING Sarah Palin would run for President! More than a few professional campaign people, as well as media pundits, said that Palin’s rag-tag group was better organized, better prepared, and more ready for the Iowa caucuses, than the actual candidates and their teams!

      Seriously David, if Sarah Palin runs for office, any office, she’s have a ground game unmatched by anything in recent history.

      Let’s not forget that in 2008, when McCain was the nominee, the Republican Party couldn’t even get volunteers to man local campaign offices. The whole effort was a disaster, until he chose Sarah Palin! The Monday after she gave her acceptance speech in Minnesota, the GOP was flooded with volunteers, and set a 3-day fundraising record! Also, more people watched HER speech than watched Barack Obama’s!

      Where McCain was bringing supporters to events by the hundreds, AFTER he was the nominee, Palin was bringing in supporters to events by the tens of thousands. As many as 60-70,000 people would come to see Palin and hear her speak. History since then has shown that if she were to run, those crowds would only grow.

      Here’s a rather long bit, but if you want to learn about how Governor Palin won elections, all by landslides, in Alaska, well here ya go:

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