Egyptian Parliamentarian to Obama: Stop Backing A Regime We Rejected!

Mr. Sherdy, host on Al-Hayat TV, has a few choice words he taped in a message to President Barack Obama on July 4th. He also has strong words for certain members of Congress. He begins with an introduction addressed to Americans.

Message to the American People

My name is Mohamed Sherdy. I am a previous member of the Egyptian Parliament, Deputy of Position Leader in the Egyptian Parliament representing the (inaudible) party, Member of the International Parliamentarian, Member of the African Parliament. I have been the only international observer as a parliamentarian for the first election of Barack Obama’s. I have been in the States. I have lived in the States. I have been educated in the United States.

Message to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,

I’m talking to you now regarding a foreign policy that your country is having towards our country, towards Third World countries.

You have always been working for the interests of the United States.  The interests of the United States do not collide, or efface the interests of the people.

You have been backing up the wrong regime before the 25th of January, our first Revolution.  And then, you backed up again the wrong regime who assured us, and was talking all the time that America is supporting them.

You have backed up a regime that we have rejected, and the people have rejected.

What happened in Egypt is not a coup by the Army.  What happened in Egypt is a coup that is civilian, by the people.  Yes, we have overthrown our government.  We overthrew our government and our regime because we do not want to them to rule us.  It is a golden opportunity for the whole world right now to move against groups like this.  The Egyptians did not take long to come out and say, “We do not want such regimes to help us or to rule us.”

So please, when you talk, when you think, when you sit with your people to put a new foreign policy, have in your mind that you are speaking to the people.

The people are the one that will help, or the people are the one that will hate. We do not want to hate the United States.  We do not want to feel that you are trying to manipulate our future, because our future should be done, it should be planned by the Egyptian people.

We now have a new President, a new President that is according to the Constitution that is ruling this country for three or six months, until we have a new presidential elections. Help this country.  Help the people of this country. Do not come and ask us to bring back a group that we do not want.

i am the tea party egypt

Message to my previous colleagues in the American Congress

Please, you are, you have been elected by the American people to uphold the Constitution, to work for the freedom of the American people, to work for their best interests. Do not allow anybody in the foreign policy or in the White House to do moves that will ruin the interests of the United States: Work for the interests of your country, not for the interests of certain regimes.

Do help such revolutions that come out civilly, peacefully, to ask for Freedom. You are working for the best interest of your country, and we are also trying to get our Freedom. We are trying to have a brighter future. We do not want to be ruled by people who are suppressing us. We do not want that, and I’m sure you would help nations like us, who do not want dictatorship anymore.

We have finished this issue. We are turning the page, and we are going to succeed.  And when we succeed, I hope, you will still be our friends.

******** End of Message **********

Here is the new constitutionally appointed interim President of Egypt who welcomed Muslim Brothers to integrate. In the meantime, he has launched a widespread crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood’s leadership.Egypt's new interim president Adly Mansour

Adly Mansour

This week’s protests have “corrected the path of the glorious revolution that took place on 25 January 2011“, and continued revolution is needed until “we stop producing tyrants.”

This is the Egyptian Ambassador to the US, appointed by Morsi:

egyptian ambassador

Mohamed Tawfik

 “The ouster of Morsi in Egypt did not constitute a coup.”

Senator McCain urges the US government to suspend financial aid to the Egyptian army Friday evening, reported by Al Jazeera:

weasel rino

Senator John McCain

We cannot repeat the same mistakes that we made in other times of our history by supporting removal of freely elected governments.” 


Menendez said on “Meet the Press”:


Bob Menendez

 “An Egypt for all includes in my mind, participation from the Muslim Brotherhood.”

jay carneyJay Carney

“This is an incredibly complex and difficult situation.”

Our President and Secretary of State busy paddling or trying to get on a sailboat while the attacks are taking place.

tis the season


A disturbing video showing kids being tossed off roofs by Morsi supporters who beat their lifeless bodies to death.  Some were carrying the Al-Qa’ida flag.

alqu2alqu 3alq 1

sarah 190Sarah Palin

“Being on his boat isn’t the issue. Blatantly deceiving the American people is the issue.”

 Full commentary:

To end on a positive note:

frank gaffney


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