We Have a Huge Problem, Dallas!

gop amnesty 1986

The Hispanic Vote in the Republican Party

These statistics are taken from a Pew Research Poll.

 1980  56% Carter     Reagan    35%

1984  61% Mondale Reagan    37%

 1988  69% Dukakis  Bush 41   30%

(Amnesty in 1986 resulted in 7% drop)

1992  61% Clinton   Bush 41   25%

1996  72% Clinton   Dole         21%

2000  62% Gore       Bush 43   35% 

(After 6 yrs as Gov, Bush trails Gore by 27%)

 2004  58% Kerry     Bush 43   40%

2008  67% Obama   McCain   31%

2012  71% Obama   Romney   27%

About 2.6 million illegals were amnestied in 1986 (over a million the number projected), but only one fourth voted for Bush 41 in 1992. Bob Dole supported amnesty, but he got 21%, the lowest of all. If the Amnesty Bill is passed, it is projected that the estimated 11 million that will be legalized could be as high as 20 million, according to various sources.  With those facts and the Republican Party’s track record in mind, here is George W. Bush on “Immigration Reform.” Please go straight to the 7:00 minute mark where talk on reform begins.

I am not laughing!!

This clip was to speak about what he is doing in Africa, which I found compelling enough; however, in politics there is always something behind the photo-op. George Bush doesn’t want to make news by criticizing the President or weighing in on controversial issues. He says he wants to stay off stage in politics, unless there’s an issue he believes in, but he chimes in anyway. The reporter smoothly made the transition for him by adding that he has one he cares deeply about “You tried very hard to get Comprehensive Immigration Reform through.. How big a missed opportunity will it be if it FAILS this time around?”

George Bush says “it’s important to fix a broken system, (psst, that’s taken straight out of the communist playbook on Immigration. Please go to my previous article for the exact quote and how long it’s been said.) to treat people with respect, and to have confidence in our capacity to assimilate people. Its a difficult bill to pass because there’s a lot of moving parts. The Legislative process is an ugly process, but it looks like they’re making progress.”

With a war on terror not called terror going on, four scandals and a mess of an economy.. George Bush decides to discuss this. I would much rather hear him talk about Benghazi or Egypt, as what he did best in office was to protect us.

I know people like him, but if I hear they like him one more time, I will simply answer it this way:  How much does likability COST US?  Amnesty is no laughing matter.  The 20 million added illegals is no laughing matter, so can someone please help me wipe that grin off of George Bush’s face?! Thank you.

jack ass

Here is Bush 43 peaking at a citizenship ceremony in Dallas, again, insisting that we have a problem.. that the laws governing the immigration system aren’t working; that the system is broken, and we have to be more compassionate.

Mr. Bush, the politicians are broken, and that is why the laws are not working!

After all I have learned about Immigration Reform being a Communist-driven agenda, I personally wonder why anyone would come out to support this bill, and yet, here they are. The Bushes. Pushing Amnesty when they know we do not want it.  When they (should know) it will not help the Republican Party.  Are the Bushes getting Alynsky-itish?  Based on what I’ve seen.. It looks like they might be. We have a huge problem, Dallas!



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7 responses to “We Have a Huge Problem, Dallas!

  1. Anthony

    ” Behind the scenes of politics? More like in a bunker with Cheney and others typing in the words for the teleprompter~ And what we do know for sure is they are dumb as all get out to the wants of the people but not dumb at all to what they are doing to them~ I will not go into conspiracies although in this day there probably, is no such thing ( only, exists when leaders have best intentions for the people they are supposed to represent)~ But I will say this, the country is under attack and there is absolutely, no doubt about that~ What I see is the British and Communist way of Dividing a Country to Conquer it and make it so poor there is not any way possible to get the very ones causing it out of status quo~ I mean think about it while we are having to focus on these social issues they are full steam ahead with the agenda of bringing it all down~ First thing that is created is the divide then the hopes from elites the common peoples divided take each other out then in the name of crisis management the elites come in with m law to lock them all down which was the plan all along~ But believe it or not I am optimistic because there are millions who know this now~ Dallas we have a problem and have to say it is has oligarchy written all over it and a small group of such elitism is much easier than dealing with a whole populations of people if you get my drift~ Just have to up the brain capacity and strategize the best options~ It is what I do everyday~ And I do it within legality and morality~ “

    • Isabel Matos

      The more I read about them, the less I like them. Who do they think they are? It is astonishing. I think they know this is going to pass. What is in it for them, though? (If they ARE representing the party?). How many of those illegals will come to the GOP? 43 wasn’t around when Osama was killed, but he’s poking his nose around this Amnesty bill. I don’t get it. It’s like a fetish in the family. They can’t help but do what people hate. And they have their entourage and own right wing media reporters… Such elitists. I hate them and I hate what they’ve done to push us back, and to derail Sarah Palin, the list is long! I am optimistic the pendulum is about to swing in the opposite direction that these lame politicians are taking us. I have faith that 2014 will bring more true-blooded conservatives to DC and that Sarah Palin will declare her candidacy for 2016 immediately after those elections are over. Game on grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

      Thanks for coming by again.

  2. Anthony

    ” What is in it for them, though? (If they ARE representing the party?)” Isabel
    Well, this is the way I look at it~ One party Dems pass policies etc that the people cannot stand at all and the other side being Reps go along to get along~ So what I see here is the same thing either way~ It all leads to the same agenda~ And what I think the main goal is: is to turn US into the third world nation which we supposedly go abroad to help defend because in the state of total poverty there is chaos, dictatorial rule, no middle class and no ability to get them out~ They are trying to keep control at any means possible~ And if they win in this game and I am optimistic they want but if they did I cant even begin to tell you all the things that the people go through~ Total power and population reduction is the best way to sum it up~ And yes God has plans for the tea party and it may require more than a mere voting block~ We will see when the time comes until then eyes are wide open~ Thanks

    • Isabel Matos

      It’s insane to me. To want that kind of power-share without having the respect, the support or the trust of the people. Some things power can’t buy. JeB is becoming more and more despicable the more he is rejected. I think he knows we hate him. It’s all fine with me, because he has never loved us. What a legacy to leave behind.. a relentless power-driven nobody trying to be somebody because his father and brother were president so he feels inadequate cause he can’t be president himself.

      He’s a dim-wit who despite the apparatus and money at his disposal, can’t keep the eye-lids of his audience open while he speaks. His attention comes from the stupid things that come out of his mouth. At least Biden has an excuse because of his aneurism. I have wanted to publish an article about him for weeks, and can’t get through five minutes without yawning.

      I’m not kidding!! He also does not draw readers. No matter how good the article is. He is THAT boring! I consider W a little more engaging (don’t tell anyone I said this.. he IS likable, lOl!), I’m just sick of, and mad as heck at what their politics has done to our party. JeB is a pathetic fella.

      He used to have a good name in Florida, but he’s gone downhill like ice cream melting from a cone in the summer time.

      Good chatting!

      • Anthony

        Obama, Jeb, George, Hilary, Christie, all of them they put forward what is the difference other than the names I see none~ Let us remember anyone we see put forward on news as candidates etc is not for the people but for the agenda~ Not this time We The People are taking the country back in one way or another~ We The People to who is concerned are getting ready to throw a huge wrench in the machine~ Again, one way or another~ 2013 – on is it~ Make it or break it~ In the garden of tulips would be nice to take it all back in one fall swoop but unfortunately, it will require sweat-full labor~ Thanks

      • Isabel Matos

        I call them all (the D’s and the R’s) rhinos with an H. They’re all one party that is against us. The good news is we’re the hunters they fear! 🙂

        If you get a chance, check out the article.


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