Against All Odds, We May Prevail.

no to amnesty!

Yesterday was the first day Immigration Reform went to the House for legislation. Boehner is a liar and a traitor who has recruited at least one Marxist-Leninist to co-write the Bill, Rep. Luis Gutierrez, former member of the Socialist Party in Puerto Rico, and Xavier Becerra, a known amnesty activist.  Luckily, the snake Marco Rubio is not a Representative, but Paul Ryan is just as bad. He is weak. He doesn’t question his superior, John Boehner, blindly following what orders he is given. His job is to convince others in the House that this bill must pass. Or else. (Or else what?) Our GOP has become Alynsky-itish, hasn’t it? Seems like their association with the experts themselves has turned them on us. Paul Ryan is disrespecting the will of the people AND the American Rule of Law.

I know the cards are stacked against us, and I have no faith in Boehner whatsoever, but I am challenging everyone I know, you the reader, and everyone you know to call your Representatives today.  No, it is not fun, but I wouldn’t ask what I wouldn’t do myself. Here are some numbers (via AGU) that you can use. A lot of time phone lines in DC can be hard to get through to.  Speaker Boehner’s district offices can be called if the DC lines are busy:

Butler County: (513) 779-5400

Miami County: (937) 339-1524

Representative Paul Ryan:

DC Office: (202) 225-3031

Janesville: (608) 752-4050

Kenosha: (262) 654-1901

Racine: (262) 654-1901

Here are three suggestions you can use when calling your Representative/s:

1) AMNESTY does not win votes for the GOP (Pew Research Center Stats): 


1980 56% Carter Reagan 35%

1984 61% Mondale Reagan 37%

1988 69% Dukakis Bush 41 30%

1992 61% Clinton Bush 41 25%

1996 72% Clinton Dole 21%

2000 62% Gore Bush 43 35%

2004 58% Kerry Bush 43 40%

2008 67% Obama McCain 31%

2012 71% Obama Romney 27%

2)  Amnesty is a Communist-driven agenda that will create a permanent progressive majority

3) Amnesty will be costly, a social burden, and will make way for more illegals to come.

Other arguments laid out by Heather Mac Donald



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5 responses to “Against All Odds, We May Prevail.

  1. Anthony

    OK I will do it~

  2. Anthony

    JUST IN: House will not pass bill unless border is secured~

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