Dear Governor Palin, Please Help Us Stop Amnesty By Calling Us To Action!


Dear Sarah,

I have never asked you for anything, but I am asking you to please lead the charge in helping us stop the Amnesty Bill from passing in the House.

RUBIO is R.I.P. for me, so is McCain and the rest of the Gang of 8. Their careers mean nothing. Our country does. We’re stuck cleaning the damage they did by passing Amnesty in the Senate. As if that was not enough, they have the gall  to continue working against us by targeting House Republicans to pass it there (see link below).  They are disrespecting Americans and disregarding the Rule of Law.

This AMNESTY bill is beatable, but ACTIVISM is needed.  We can target our representatives the way big business and the Gang of 8 have targeted them.

Focus is the key to success. I’m here to focus, not squander time. Based on all that I have read so far, if Amnesty passes, it will create a permanent progressive majority, and add an estimated 30 million new Democratic voters after all is said and done. I am stunned by those numbers, and the fact that not one election has garnered the Hispanic vote for Republicans, so why do Republicans vote for it?

I believe our Representatives need to hear and know the facts.  I’ve quoted these stats several times – from a Pew Research Poll Mark Levin read on his show: http://wwwthefollowup.blogspot.  Numbers don’t lie. The message is short, quick to read and easy to pass along to our Representatives who seem to be clueless and poorly informed on the matter. Pompous and pretentious Eric Cantor is on a “Become America” tour to educate us on Immigration Reform. I believe we need to remind Cantor, Boehner, and Ryan that their job is to protect us, not to jeopardize our national security by pushing an agenda that legalizes illegals. Terrorists do a good job of gaming the system every time politicians weaken the laws.  Making laws about feelings is not the purpose of making laws!

So, I ask: Where is the urgency to stop this bill???

Sarah, the last time you called on us to contact our Senators we did. It made a huge difference!  Here we have a supposed majority in the house. We could win, but we have no leadership in the House. (Both mean well, but Michele Bachmann is too ineffective and Steve King only has 12,000 likes on his page.) We need someone who gets results by calling us, the troops, to action. It is my belief that it is better to be not to wait until the bill is passed to have twenty-twenty hind sight and complain about what happened after the fact.  Like I said at the beginning. I couldn’t care less about anyone’s career. I care about the country.

We can continue to push for Hillary, the White House and the Pentagon to be convicted over Benghazi (we need aggressive investigations), and we can continue to support Ted Cruz and others in defunding ObamaCare, but this particular issue can be stopped. Now. It is within our power to:

 Seize the Opportunity. Act. And Make a Difference.

Darling Trey Gowdy has betrayed this country by pushing for a “humanitarian pathway to citizenship”, from I understand, to grease and line his fancy former-prosecuting pockets. I do believe that if enough pressure is applied, though, we can teach our Representatives the evils of this bill. We can make them see (with proof) that it is a communist-conceived agenda, and that all they are doing is helping to make that communist dream come true. I love the word communist.

Luis Gutierrez, former Marxist-Leninist of the Socialist Party in Puerto Rico, was enlisted by John Boehner to co-write the bill.  Paul Ryan is in charge of making sure Republicans vote for it.  Ryan makes no sense trying to justify the bill or his own actions. He wouldn’t even go on Mark Levin’s show after meeting with Gutierrez, even though the communist agitator and amnesty activist (I refuse to call Gutierrez a far left liberal) proudly displays photos of Ryan visiting Chicago on his wall. If Ryan wouldn’t talk to Mark Levin, why would we expect him or anyone else in DC to listen to our concerns? (Ryan eventually went on the show, but it shows the alienation and distance they have with their base).

I have tried to call attention to the matter on Twitter, Facebook, and my own wall, and there is interest, but the Zimmerman trial and the non-issue of race relations dominates the news. It is disappointing that our own network is intentionally not covering Immigration Reform. This results in Amnesty being inexistent, and I find the complacency unsettling! Let’s not wait until its too late.

Congress is in Recess August 2nd. That’s our chance. South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio are in particular states that can help overturn this bill, according to Steve King. Maybe we can stop some representatives on the target list from being tempted to sell us out. Maybe we can do Town Halls. Definitely we need to contact our Representatives not just via email, or voicemail, or even once! WE just need to show up and make some noise locally, often and like lobbyists who nag their own (nicely of course). But we can’t sit around and do nothing.

AMNESTY is not about our leaders, their corruption or even jobs, it’s about National Security and the preservation of a two-party system. Let’s not feel sorry for anyone. Let’s put this on top of our agenda and do something about it today!

Thank you, Sarah.  If you made this call to get us moving I would be grateful..

I am, faithfully yours,


P.S.  I love this picture of you. It shows you don’t let anyone invade your space. I would trust you not to lead by not letting anyone invade (or reward anyone for crossing) our borders illegally, and I’m a proud Hispanic.

fists up Sarah

Links Referenced:

Gang of Eight Targets House Republicans

Big Business Targets House Republicans

The Communist Party USA Infiltrates the GOP via Amnesty


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16 responses to “Dear Governor Palin, Please Help Us Stop Amnesty By Calling Us To Action!

  1. Greg Gorski

    Awesome as always Isabel!

  2. Freempg

    Nicely written, Isabel. Hope you are well. I have only one suggestion. In the world of identity politics don’t forget to add your family history to a post like this. Your informed voice is what should be elevated in the Hispanic community rather than the divisive, hate-filled shrieking from the likes of racist groups like La Raza. God bless.

    • Isabel Matos

      Thanks Freempg!

      I did mention at the very end that I was a proud Hispanic (right above Sarah’s picture). I was hoping that would be in the reader’s last thoughts.

      Racist doesn’t even begin to describe LaRaza. I wish that is all they were. They are powerful, evil and corrupt extortionists who blackmail and threaten our Senators like doing household chores. It’s a daily routine for them. They are dangerous for America and the GOP. I’d rather face a communist than a radical LaRaza activist. That is how bad they are.

  3. Mike

    Once you latches on to something, like a Pit Bull, you never let go. Thank you for all you do on this important issue.

  4. Anama

    The indispensable woman…

  5. Great words Isabel and you are correct in asking for Sarah to do more. She has spoken up and made her position clear, but another declaration from her informing the Congress of its peril, should they choose to give into the Senate Bill. Sarah will certainly read this and be inspired. She is just that kind of leader.

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you, Dennis! I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes. We have to stir things and redirect the conversation back to Amnesty. It’s off the record since Fox News won’t touch Immigration Reform.

  6. panchita

    As a fellow proud Hispanic I pray Sarah reads your article and get the fire in the belly.

    • Isabel Matos

      I’m ready for the call.. GRRRRRRR! Can’t wait. Will do a lot of research in the meantime, get my contacts and other information ready in preparation for deployment! We need to coordinate and mobilize. Let’s see what she says, I’m sure a statement will come soon. Thanks for stopping by, Panchita!

    • This is a distinguishable moment for Sarah Palin. The vast majority of Americans want the Border to be Sealed BEFORE any Amnesty or road to citizenship is given. Many Democrats and a majority of Latinos want this. We have a Ruling Class that includes a Media that continues to be the propaganda machine for Obama. Sarah has the chance to stand up and do what is right for America, that most Americans agree with her. We need to inspire her into action.

      • Isabel Matos

        I don’t like to ask her to do things. She knows what she is doing. I just wanted to let her know that we have become stronger and more well- informed, and I’m ready to put some teeth (or fangs) into fighting against it in a different way, not just calling.

        Thank you so much for coming by.

  7. Christopher Fromme

    Anyone that wants to tweet this great Call to Action can use this link

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