Sex For Breakfast?


No scientific evidence… But the sellers of SexCereal claim nevertheless that eating just three tablespoons of the stuff will leave you full of vigour all day long

By Gary P Jackson

Proving that us men have pretty much one thing on our mind, and that there’s always new and inventive ways for entrepreneurs to make a buck or two off that, I give you the latest “health food” trend coming down the pike.

It may be the last thing you are thinking about as you rush out of the door to work, but eating a good breakfast could really spice up your love life.

As long as what is in your bowl is SexCereal, that is – or so its makers claim.

The firm behind a new muesli say it is nothing less than ‘passion in a bowl’, full of exotic ingredients that increase sexual desire.

In fact, they claim eating just three tablespoons could leave you full of vigour all day long.

A spokesman for retailer added: ‘Please use it in moderation, otherwise you’ll be climbing up the walls by lunchtime.

The £9.99 cereal, which is going on sale in Britain for the first time, comes in two special mixtures for men and women.

The spokesman said: ‘Select your preferred formula, follow the surprisingly small serving suggestion and just add milk or yoghurt.

Designed to boost your energy and hormone levels, SexCereal contains cacao beans and maca powder, a ground plant root with purported aphrodisiac qualities.

The women’s cereal is a mixture of ginger, almonds, cranberries, sunflower seeds, oat bran, flax seeds and chia plant seeds.

The male version uses bee pollen, wheat germ, black sesame seeds, blueberries, goji berries and camu camu – a fruit which is high in vitamin C.

Creator Peter Ehrlich said: ‘If you have a bowl, you’re not going to get aroused in 20 minutes.

But SexCereal is real, honest, nutritious and tastes great.

He added that he came up with the idea at a vegan food fair, where he saw foods aimed at solving a range of health problems – but none that boosted sexual health.

After several months on shelves, the cereal has gained a strong following in America.

More here.

It goes without saying there is no medical evidence this pretty basic granola cereal does anything for one’s sex life, though it should be very healthy. Minus the supposed aphrodisiacs, one can buy pretty much the same blends at the local grocery store for around $3.00 US!

The ploy of having a different blend for men and women may actually have merit, but again, for a lot less you can get something comparable. Also having a women’s blend makes it more respectable for us men. At least that’s my theory!

If you want to have vim and vigor, eat right, plenty of whole grains and fresh fruit, and get plenty of exercise, even if all you can do is walk 2-5 miles a day. That’ll do more for you, but won’t be as sexy! You’re heart, however, will thank you!


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