Deportation: What’s The Big Deal?

stop amnesty

I am going to continue to dedicate time to a topic no one is talking about enough. Time is running out.  We need to move.  I don’t sense the same urgency when the Senate Bill was being passed. Maybe there is apathy because we have a Republican majority in the Congress, but that should not be taken for granted. Many of these Republicans are being tempted left and right to vote for Amnesty. Too few have said NO. Too many, YES.

Please support my effort by passing this video along, going on Twitter and making it trend by pressing #NoAmnesty, contacting your Representatives, and not stopping until they are reached. I have contacted more than one who is not in my district.  YOU cannot be too zealous!  Too much is at stake. Thank you.


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3 responses to “Deportation: What’s The Big Deal?

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  2. Gary P Jackson

    Great article, as always

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