Immigration Reform (is) For Dummies.

stop amnesty  immigration reform

I am laying out ten talking points to argue against the passing of the House Amnesty Bill.  There is no reason for Republicans to even think of doing this. It is self-defeating.  They insist this bill is not Amnesty.  They refuse to accept the fact that Hispanics do not create more businesses, but poverty. They cannot promise border security and refuse to acknowledge the influence of the Communist Party and other factions heck-bent on making our system a one-party system. I have spoken about these points before, but it must be repeated.

This is part One of Two, but the most important arguments are here I believe. It takes a very long time to edit, but since neither one of my representatives are holding a town hall, and I can’t drive to the nearest 4 hour away location, I decide to help by offering our own talking points. Numbers USA is phenomenal!  You should check out their page today.  Conservatives need to learn to be pro-active and not just reactive.  It shows weakness that we’re not dominating the conversation, but then it’s the Rinos, not us, that are the problem.  We are all doing a great job by keeping our voices heard. We just have to keep flexing our muscles and speaking out against the injustices. Thank you. Enjoy the show.

How to Plan A Town Hall Meeting

Numbers USA

stop amnesty


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