#DontFundIt #DefundObamacare! Ted Cruz’s Town Hall in Dallas, TX, Rocked!

town hall

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Rogowicz for almost two years. He has been a staunch supporter of Sarah Palin, but as a realist, after she announced she wasn’t running he got behind ABO. First it was the anti-establishment candidate Todd Palin endorsed, Newt Gingrich, then, reluctantly, Mitt Romney. Like many, he just wanted to send Obama packing! Last night, his hopes and dreams for his and his family’s future came a little closer to coming true.  As he told us himself in the group, Ted Cruz is like Sarah Palin with men’s pants on.  He is as electric and dynamic as she is! Ray was truly inspired by his experience at the Town Hall in Dallas. I can think of no better way to have posted about ObamaCare than by someone who heard its most prominent messenger lead the charge himself: #DontFundit! #DefundObamaCare!  Cruz was in Control and Rocked the House!

by Ray Rogowicz

Last night I felt I was truly blessed by God because for the first time in a long, long while, things just seemed to make sense to me again… at least for a night. I got to spend a wonderful warm Texas summer evening under a giant Full Blue Moon with my incredible son, my invincible Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, his beautiful Dad, Raphael Cruz, and the soft spoken Conservative powerhouse, former Senator Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation. Before heading home my son and grabbed the best burger and local made soda fountain drinks Downtown Dallas has to offer at the “Maple and Motor”.  Man, it just doesn’t get much better than that!  About the event..

town hall 1

The event evening started out with our Pledge of Allegiance led by a Romanian American who had fled her native country to come to the US to escape tyranny. It was followed by the Texas pledge of Allegiance and a genuine, heartfelt prayer for the Nation by Raphael Cruz. If your knees weren’t shaking at that point, whoa!

Then out walks Senator Ted Cruz!  The man has the heart of Sarah Palin, in a very educated latino warrior shell!  To say you had to peel 2000 conservative Texans off the roof of the Hilton during the entrance was a total understatement! Holy Moly!  That was just the beginning!

On to Defunding Obamacare.  You want to get this Texas crowd all fired up, just start talking about that legislation which is a real piece of work (POS) is!  Here are my two big takeaways from the evening to share:

1) The time to attack the defunding of Obamacare is RIGHT NOW!!!  It was very clear that if ever there was a time for America, both Republicans and Democrats to grow a spine and kill this nasty BOAR, it was NOW, folks! Only, and I mean only, “We the People” can do this. Congress can’t or perhaps won’t just by themselves, so we cannot waiver, waffle or blink here!!

We have to bring a  “tsunami wave down upon our Congress” via calls, letters, emails, faxes, town hall confrontations, FB posts, twitter posts, press statements and the whole kitchen sink! We have to put an incredible amount of pressure (as Mark Levin says)on the spineless “French Republicans”, the Karl Rove type clowns and all their ilk. Just flat out kick them dead square in the ass. We also have root out every Blue Dog Democrat that has even an ounce of common sense to kill the funding of this POS nightmare!

The majority of Americans DO NOT WANT THIS!  Obama does! He wants it so bad he is willing to shut down the government to socialize medicine European-style! Conservative Republicans are willing to fund the “entire government“, and sacrifice everything else right now for the sake of stopping this massive train wreck. If and when America wakes up out of its coma and realizes what has happened to them, IT WILL BE FAR TOO LATE!

This is the reality: they are starting the registration for half baked, half assed exchanges starting October 1st, placing individuals in exchange programs starting January 1st. The IRS will also begin taxing every single individual “they can find” (key word there: “who they can find“) to pay for the whole tab. This is shocking!

How the hell does anyone with a lick of common sense think we can ever stop this disaster once we cross that line? Obama knows this. If he can win this battle, the country will have been duped by a community activist, period!

We will still have 30 million people uninsured in the country. Not only that, if amnesty passes, dear God, nobody but those that are actually findable via the IRS will help pay it down. Our entire Healthcare system and one sixth of our economy will be turned upside down and inside out. We will have done nothing to improve our healthcare system with, or address true internal heath care reforms.  Insurance competitiveness and reform, most importantly, will turn the best health care system in the free world, even with all its flaws, into a banana republic that we can in no way pay for! WTH people?


2) The other takeaway from the event ( a big one) is that at this particular town hall event, “CNN and the queen of pain, Candy Crowley” was there. She was just sitting in the far back corner of the room by herself, about twenty feet away from us, not paying a damn bit of attention to any of it, shoes off looking like a drown rag. The cameras were there though, clearly the fix was in. Two planned plants interrupted the event right from the get go. Boy, were those cameras focused on those two. The cameramen ran wildly to cover them like dogs on a steak bone!!!! Fortunately the crowd drowned all the phony AstroTurf and propagandist BS by chanting, USA,USA,USA….!!!

Senator Cruz handled the two disruptions graciously, smoother than glass. It was like watching Minnesota Fats and his favorite cue stick, eight ball corner. A thing of true beauty indeed! In that same vein, as we were leaving the Hilton Parking lot, at the street exit, there they were the typical “paid to play” Acorn-type nuts, maybe a total of thirty, fifteen on each side of the exit. It was totally choreographed: perfect chants and holding their signs with their ObamaCare t-shirts on.  I know if I had offered them each fifty dollars more, they probably would have held any sign and/or chanted any script I gave them. Upon pulling out I also noticed a few mobile sign type vehicles with double sided signs saying: “How ObamaCare reform saves Lives” Right….

In conclusion, we MUST GET THIS DONE and we CANNOT BLINK!  Let’s let OBAMA be the one that decides if HE really wants go against the “will of the people” and “shut down OUR government down.”



Ted Cruz: “They have a point. They should have health care, and ObamaCare is causing more and more people to lose theirs.” #DontFundIt #DefundObamacare This is Ted’s site: http://www.dontfundobamacare.com/




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12 responses to “#DontFundIt #DefundObamacare! Ted Cruz’s Town Hall in Dallas, TX, Rocked!

  1. Excellent!!! I have hope again…thanks, Ray.

    • Ray C Rogowicz

      You are most welcome Georgia!
      I honestly believe Sen. Cruz is the real deal and he needs all of our support. It’s incredibly hard to swim in a sea of land mines and ports of tangled anchor lines without our full support and radar.

  2. Julia hernandez

    Julia hernandez

  3. William L.K. and Marian U. Schwoyer

    Both William.L.K Schwoyer and wife, Marian u. Schwoyer strongly oppose funding OBAMACARE

  4. leslie echaniz

    Dont fund obama care.put my name on the petition.

  5. Kenneth Reason

    Don’t fund Obama care


    Gerald Thompson

  7. Joanne E. Rickards

    please don’t fund Obama care

  8. Daniel Bingham

    dont fund obamacare and inpeach obama

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