Breaking: President Obama to Seek Congressional Approval for Actions Against Syria


By Gary P Jackson

In a sudden shift Saturday afternoon, President Obama announced he would seek Congresional approval before ordering military action against Syria, after Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons against the Syria people.

From the Washington Post:

President Obama said Saturday that the United States has decided to use military force against Syria, saying last week’s alleged chemical weapons attack there was “an attack on human dignity,” but that he has decided to seek congressional authorization for such a strike.

The announcement appeared to put off an imminent cruise missile attack on Syria and opens the door to what will almost certainly be a contentious and protracted debate.

Obama’s remarks came as senior administration officials were making a fresh round of calls to congressional leaders on Saturday in an effort to bolster support for a potential military strike on Syria, officials said.

Many are against getting involved in the Syrian conflict, as both sides are anti-America, and the rebels fighting Assad have strong ties to al Qaeda. Also the Obama regime has laid out no clear goals, no clear plan of action.

One must also conclude that with British Prime Minister David Cameron losing his attempt join in Obama’s folly, and only the French expressing interesting in a coalition, as well as Obama’s own caterwauling over the Iraq war, [which DID have Congressional approval] that seeking Congress’ approval now is the only way for Obama to save face and not look like the flaming hypocrite that he is.

Ironically, Saddam Hussein slaughtered over ONE MILLION Iraqi citizens, including the Kurds, … with chemical weapons …, and yet Obama, and the entire left wing of the democrat party STILL scream about “Bush’s war” and how wrong it was for America to invade Iraq, and take Saddam out.

And yet, not a single peep out of the Code Pink fascists, or any other radical anti-American democrat group over Obama wanting to get into Syria, with roughly 1,000 deaths due to the chemical attacks.

Also, unlike Syria, Iraq was, at the time, the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Saddam offered the families of suicide bombers $25,000 for every bomb set off in Israel. We’ve see an almost complete lack of suicide bomb attacks in Israel since the Iraqi dictator was captured.

As for myself, I see no clear reason to get involved in this war. Both sides of the fight are our enemies, and unless the goal is to go in there and wipe em all out and start over, giving the Syrian people true Liberty and Freedom, it makes no sense. Even if Assad’s tyrannical government is toppled, we know the Muslim Brotherhood [al Qaeda] will likely fill the vacuum created, and we’ll have another disaster, as we have in Egypt.

I feel for the Syrian people. They live in a country that has been run by a brutal dictator for years. If the other side wins, they will STILL live under a brutal dictatorship. Just a different name on the door! That is the greatest tragedy of the whole affair, and something neither Obama, or those supporting his actions, care to address.

Thankfully, only a handful in Congress are excited about getting involved in this mess.

Either Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV] or Speaker of the House John Beohner [R-OH] could call Congress back into session, but they are not scheduled to return until the 9th of September.

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