Video Jedediah Bila, Julie Roginsky Discuss Massive ObamaCare Exemptions JUST GRANTED to Unions

Michelle Obama

By Gary P Jackson

Jedediah Bila and Julie Roginsky appeared Tuesday night with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business News channel.

The bombshell is all of the exemptions union thug Richard Trumka has managed to get for his union members. The rest of America will suffer, but high paid union thugs will be exempted from the high taxes and penalties other Americans will face. Pure evil.

Honest Government WTF

Was rather disappointed and extremely saddened to think Jedediah and Julie have bought into the global warming HOAX. It just shows how well the corrupt global warming propaganda machine works.

I found myself tweeting the two many articles from our archive [and others] not only proving this is all a HOAX, but showing just how massive our energy resources are, with more oil in reserve, than all of the oil that has been processed, worldwide, since the beginning of time. [In this case, the beginning of the Petroleum Age]

I have the utmost respect for both of these ladies, but we must fight ignorance wherever we see it. Truth and facts can beat out propaganda and hype, every time.

This just shows we can never rest, never let our guard down, not for a second.

Video courtesy SarahNET.


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