Amnesty Hurts American #6Jobs #NoAmnesty #No ImmigrationReform!

Town Halls were over yesterday, September 6th, but we still have a lot of work to do to prevent Amnesty from passing.  When I started this project, I knew that any kind of immigration reform would not only be unpopular, but bad for our country; however, I did not realize how dangerous this bill actually was. I have been vlogging to protest it by using 10 talking points we could use to rebut the argument that Republicans are using to push it. I am posting 6 through 10 separately to make viewing easier.  This clip is on how American Jobs are affected by Illegal Immigration. It is talking point #6: JOBS.

amnesty hurts american workers

(My Amnesty Project/Presentation has included #1 Amnesty, #2 Border Security, #3 Business Creation, #4 Poverty, #5 Communist Talking Points) See post in thos blog titled “Immigration Reform (is) For Dummies.”


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