#8 The Gang of Eight and Letter Targeting House Representatives #NoAmnesty #NoImmigration Reform

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Marco Rubio is the poster boy for the Gang of Eight.  For months he lied about the bill not being “Amnesty”. He was elected because he deceive voters into thinking he was against amnesty, when in reality, he was always for Amnesty.  Marco Rubio is also very corrupt. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Many more have chosen this path rather than to do the will of the people.  Marco Rubio was the only member of the Gang of Eight who chose not to be part of the targeting of House members, but that may be because he felt he had paid his dues and needed to begin to change the subject to rehabilitate himself. 

It will always be a moment to remember the damage he did by pushing this bill against our wishes. Always. We are one election away from primary-ing him and I hope he feels the pain.  Who can erase from their minds the image of Schumer, Durbin, McCain and the other Rhinos with an H (the D’s and the R’s) introducing Immigration Reform to the world in April, with thugs like Trumka, and infiltrator Norquist among those present althouhg behind the scenes. If Marco Rubio confesses he did wrong, if he renounces to all the money he has taken from Karl Rove (and returns it), I will think about it.  In the meantime, he can sleep in the bed he made.

The Gang of Eight is rotten to the core.  The motivation behind Amnesty is less about being humanitarian than it is for greed. The letter written by Carolos Gutierrez is filled with banalities and talking points I have been trying to dismantle since I started this project, which prove that the logic behind the bill is flawed. It is not a Republican ideology to grow government which is what this bill does, but since the corporations are profiting from cheap labor, that skews the way they see things. They come up with not-so-well-thought-out justification instead of looking at its unfairness overall.  At the very end of the clip you will learn a bit of information that raises even more questions about Carlos Gutierrez.  It is chilling to the bone.

Two final comments: First, I like to be thorough in my presentations, even if it takes long.  I’m not crazy about a sound-bite culture that doesn’t dig deep into what is going on.  This is a modest, humble attempt at getting to the core of the problem.

Second, the more I read, the more I hate the Republicans who are pushing amnesty.  I don’t hate them in a way that makes me hateful, I just hate them for being so corrupt.  I don’t mind saying “I hate the GOP”, because my love for this country is far greater than the hatred I feel toward my enemy, and I am just fighting back. Let’s not get so touchy about the word hate.  They deserve it.  Can we stop with the political correctness! Please

Here is the clip. Enjoy.



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