Canada: Firefighter Dies After Muslim Attempts to Behead Him “Without Provocation” in Toronto Cafe

Dominic Parker died from severe head wounds

Dominic Parker died from severe head wounds

By Gary P Jackson

A horrific report out of Canada, via Pamela Geller [Atlas Shrugs]

I heard about this horror while I was speaking in Toronto. It’s consistent with attacks on soldiers, policemen, and first responders. Thanks to my Canadian readers who sent the link.

Police “have no motive.” Well, how can you have a motive if you pretend the motive doesn’t exist?

Man charged with murder after allegedly stabbing firefighter in the head ‘without provocation’ at Toronto cafeNational Post, September 18, 2013

An off-duty firefighter has died after being stabbed in the head “without provocation” several times at a Danforth café early Saturday morning, Toronto police said.

Dominic Parker, 45, died from his wounds in hospital after he was attacked at 1:18 a.m. at Rotana Café in the Danforth and Coxwell Avenues area. Mr. Parker was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital around 2 a.m., and died from severe head wounds shortly after midnight Sunday. Police have charged a 23-year-old man with first-degree murder.

The family is completely devastated to have their husband and father completely ripped out of their lives so violently and so fast,” said Jay Michaels, the media representative of Mr. Parker’s family.

Mr. Parker had been married for 23 years to his high school sweetheart and has two daughters, 18 and 19, both of whom are in their first year at Concordia University in Montreal.

The family is completely devastated to have their husband and father completely ripped out of their lives so violently

Aside from being a firefighter in Markham, Mr. Parker also worked as a freelance set designer and had just finished shooting a Christmas commercial Friday night around 8 p.m., said Mr. Michaels. He and two friends from the production crew decided to have a couple of beers at a nearby bar and after several hours they parted ways. Mr. Parker went to pick up his bike, which he had parked on Danforth Avenue.

He decided to stop by Rotana Café first, where he knows the owner. It was while sitting on a couch sipping tea that Mr. Parker was stabbed repeatedly in the head by a stranger.

Police are calling it a completely random act of violence,” Mr. Michaels said.

It’s unclear how many times Mr. Parker was stabbed but his most serious injury was a knife wound that went through the back of his head and through his brain, Mr. Michaels said.

Police are calling it a completely random act of violence

Doctors surgically removed part of Mr. Parker’s skull to relieve some pressure but his wounds proved too grave.

Nabil Hurhuy, 23, was arrested in Scarborough Saturday afternoon and charged with first-degree murder, two counts of carrying a concealed weapon and one count of carrying a dangerous weapon.

At the age of 40, Mr. Parker decided to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a firefighter and signed up with the Markham Fire and Emergency Services.

It just shows what kind of guy he was,” Mr. Michaels said. “He was a guy that was doing something every day that would make him smile.”

He traveled often with his wife, a travel agent, and two daughters.

The Markham fire department is taking the lead for funeral arrangements, which will be held Friday at Markham community church The Bridge. A memorial service will be held at the Balmy Beach Club.

One thing they do have is the outpouring of support from the Markham fire department and the film community,” said Mr. Michaels of the family’s condition. “They haven’t been without a hug since this happened.”

More from Pamela here.

This is a horrific attack, and seems to be motivated by nothing but the hate radical Islam preaches to it’s followers. The Canadian media, much as the American media is known to do, seems to be downplaying this attack, and the ties to radical Islam.

Islam directs it’s followers to kill non-believers. It happens every day in the Middle East, and if these animals aren’t controlled, we’ll see it more and more in the West.

It is time for people to wake up and realize that Islam is NOT compatible with civilized society.

Pray for Dominic Parker and his family.



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4 responses to “Canada: Firefighter Dies After Muslim Attempts to Behead Him “Without Provocation” in Toronto Cafe

  1. Another example of the works that the “Religion of peace” cough, cough…encourages, if this horrendous act doesn’t help you understand the need for concealed carry at all times, you are a “useful idiot” that will eventually be lead to slaughter by the radical islamists. Pray for peace, but prepare for war…God helps us suffer through the foolishness of political correctness!

  2. This is why US senators want more gun control over civilized citizens so these fine upstanding citizens cannot defend themselves as one senator from NY Stated “we need to thin the herd and gun control help savages thrive” America has the best senate money can buy

  3. I’m glad you’re addressing what I consider as a twin evil (pisslam) to the Leviathan state, Fedzilla. I try to check in on Geller’s Atlas Shrugs as often as possible, but I missed this story. It’s such a grim and tragic story – and I just hope that the pondscum mudslime who committed this atrocity gets a taste of some tough justice (but don’t count on it…)

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