Democratic Party Communications Chair Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children UPDATED

Allan Brauer

The face of the hate-filled democrat party

Screen-Shot- Brauer hate tweet


By Gary P Jackson

We’ve been talking about the vile hatred from democrats all day today, and here is the latest from Allan Brauer, who serves as communications chair for Sacramento Democratic Party.

As you know, by now, the United States House of Representatives voted today to fully fund government services, and defund ObamaCare. With two democrats joining the Republicans, the vote to defund ObamaCare was considerably more bipartisan than the democrat only vote that actually imposed ObamaCare on an unwilling nation!

The hate being spewed by democrats is out of control, and none more vile than the hate directed at Senator Ted Cruz’s wonderful aide, Amanda Carpenter.

Carpenter tweeted:

This was followed by the hate-tweet from Brauer:

Nice talk. Democrats can’t simply disagree with someone. They want them to not only die, they want a horrible death.

Friends, there is exactly ZERO difference between today’s democrats and Germany’s Nazis, except that Nazis had some class, and were probably better people.

To be fair though, even a fellow democrat called this animal out:

Some other thoughts, via Twitter:

Wanna guess why Brauer is such a hate filled piece of crap?

This is from the Sacramento Democrat Party website:

Allan is a longtime activist in the LGBT equality movement, starting as co-chair of the University of Chicago’s Lesbian/Gay Student Organization in the 1970s. Allan’s work in the telecommunications relay services (which facilitate telephone communications for people with hearing/speech challenges) led him to expand his activism to include inclusion for people with disabilities.

Allan’s corporate career in human resources progressed to the role of leading the enterprise-wide procurement and vendor management for a Fortune 20 corporation’s outsourced HR-related services. After a 2007 layoff, Allan became self-employed as a freelance writer, website designer and social media consultant. He provides services to help a variety of organizations use the internet to communicate more effectively with their members, donors and the general public. Allan holds a BA in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) certificate from SHRM.

Allan’s political involvement in the Sacramento area began in earnest with the 2008 presidential campaign, where he served as co-team leader for Obama for America in the Folsom area. He subsequently joined the Folsom Democratic Club, serving as its webmaster/social media manager and recording secretary, then vice president and alternate rep to the Central Committee. He was elected in June, 2012 to represent Sacramento County’s Fourth Supervisor district, beginning in January, 2013. Allan is president of the American River Democrats. Allan also served as the social media director for the Bronner for Assembly 2012 campaign, and Jack Uppal, US Congressional candidate in CA’s 4th District.

And you wonder why California politics are like wallowing in the sewer.

As I said earlier today, I am damn tired of pretending these animals are “fellow Americans” and that we are all “on the same team.” These democrats are the enemies of all free people everywhere. They are anti-American and anti-humanity. They are a direct threat to civilization.

ObamaCare is one of the greatest evils the American people have ever had forced upon them. NO ONE except the most deranged of democrats actually wants this thing. Obama has exempted Congress, his rich cronies and every one else who has carried his water. Meanwhile, the American people are being left to suffer the evils of it all, and are attacked for simply standing up against these evils.

Now is the time to stand tall, and stand with those who would attack them. This is truly a time to let it be known, you are either with us, or against us.

I stand with Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter, and every patriot who stands for Liberty and Freedom, and against tyranny.


Our Friends at Twitchy have more on this animal, Allan Brauer:

This vile piece of crap just got WORSE:

A statement from the Sacramento democrat party:

You see, to the democrats, the problem isn’t wishing death on children, it’s the fact that wishing death on children distracts people from the hate and lies spewed at Senator Cruz!

Despicable is far too kind of a word for these animals.

Of course NO Republican, including Ted Cruz is trying to shut down the Government. In fact, the bill passed by the House FULLY FUNDS everything, except ObamaCare. If there is a government shut down, it’s because Obama shut it down.


The scumbag apologizes, sorta:

Always gracious, Amanda Carpenter showed some class:

Like yours truly, Twitter ain’t buying this clown’s phony baloney jive:



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8 responses to “Democratic Party Communications Chair Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children UPDATED

  1. Reblogged this on From the mind of Less Government. More Fun. and commented:
    You Can’t make this stuff up. Disgrace. Un-American. Vile. If you are a democrat and don’t demand this hate-filled chair steps down, then shame on you!

  2. The Political system in this nation has become nasty as of late. I thought Eastern European countries had Political issues. You are correct that something needs to be done, not just with Obama care, but the system as a whole. Our so called leaders in Washington have become too powerful and self centered. Going back to the way out government ran where Congress was a part time job, not a fulltime crisis.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Going back to the way out government ran where Congress was a part time job, not a fulltime crisis.

      My God you nailed it! Well, well said.

  3. Interesting how shining a light on vile scum causes it to dry up. Seems like giving this kind of slime visibility has some positive effect.

  4. Susan Kraft

    How disgusting to wish death on Ted Cruz. Karma will come back to bite this person in the butt.

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