The Truth About Rinos is That Rinos Don’t Want to Know About The Truth.

The truth about Rinos is more than just their not wanting to know the truth.  They flat out lied to voters who they set out to deceive by saying they would vote to defund ObamaCare, but they only had the intention to vote YES to CLOTURE all along so they can have it both ways (a technicality).  We can only guess what their motivation or satisfaction was to help downgrade or destroy our economy without remorse, or what compelled them to hurt citizens’ lives in daily ways.


John Cornyn was not alone in selling us out on ObamaCare.  24 others did. He like the others thought they knew better than we did.  They kept using the excuse of being blamed for a government shutdown (which would never be shut down), which was a silly argument. Ted Cruz was patient with them.  You could not find a more knowledgeable or just Senator. He was valiant and honorable defending this cause for over 21 hours on his feet without a drink or pause to go to the restroom. Instead of lauding him for his hard work, he was sneered at. His noble effort and clear, brilliant mind they saw as a threat. It’s a modern day version of Cinderella and the Three Step Brothers, in the GOP.

What drives RINOS to do this is that they can’t think outside the herd.  It’s a mentality I described in “They Are All Rhinos with an H” a few months ago.  NO. They cannot be individuals. They are simply reduced to state of primitive existence called survival.  They are (political) beasts, not human anymore.  Humans have principles. They are defined by their morals, and have a value system that guides them and holds society together.  Rinos look to fill their needs, and never see beyond thee next feed.  Things must change.

The answer for any Rino IS to listen to their constituents, like Ted repeated all throughout the 10 hours I spent watching. He recycled it a few times. The GOP showed arrogance. Their secret was he didn’t have a chance and was hung out to dry, not caring about the support we gave him.  They declared war.  Cornyn, McCain, McConnell and Representatives (let’s not forget step brother, Pete King!) may have thought they had a lesson to teach the “Junior” Senator, but he schooled them on class and grit. Rinos don’t want to know the truth or why they’re wrong. They only want to learn from those who tell them what they want to hear. Their mindset is closed, condescending and uncaring.

It takes chutzpah to ignore the will of the people and to fund ObamaCare given these circumstances, as millions will feel the effects of lower wages, less hours at work and penalties for not having insurance. This was unpardonable for our leaders to ignore. It is time to get the stomach to what needs to be done, and to remove the low-lives from seeking re-election first in 2014, then in 2016.

We are lucky to have Ted and Sarah to undo the damage done by those who think are better than the people they represent, and we need to continue discussing what it is that makes Rinos tick so we can reclaim our party again.

15 traitors

Those up for Re-Election in 2014

Lamar Alexander  (TN)

Susan Collins (ME)

Thad Cochran (MS)

John Cornyn (TX)

Lindsey Graham (SC)

Mitch McConnell (KY)

All six must go, but Texans are already looking to Gohmert to replace Cornyn.




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17 responses to “The Truth About Rinos is That Rinos Don’t Want to Know About The Truth.

  1. In the previous presidential election, there were questions about all the money the DNC raised, and where it came from. Cornyn proved he’s a money whore, the only question is who’s paying, and how many others are taking the money.

    • Isabel Matos

      That is the question.

      We have to follow the money. We should know who or what is making them talk and vote the way they do.. against us. We know McCain has had ties to Soros, but this needs to be common knowledge. These senators who ignore us have abused their power.

      Thanks for coimg by.

  2. Anxious to affect an election? here’s one for you.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Great idea, but whoever put that video together got the words and the photos TOTALLY out of synch!

      BTW, that fat, Hamas terrorist loving PIG Chris Christie screwed the whole race up, so Booker could win. Lonegan should have been Governor instead of Pig Christie. Good luck on defeating Booker.

    • iizthatiiz

      haha .. a free vial

  3. Good video, i particularially liked it past the 7 min mark… !

    • Isabel Matos

      Hey John,

      I’m thinking about posting one clip from the seven minute mark and calling it something else. It can stand alone.

      Thanks for the comment. Will do it ASAP.

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  5. nancy

    I wish more would reply to this message. Getting scant replies on a lot of todays mail. Unless there hasn’t been enough time to get more comments. I am so thoroughly fed up with the rinos. I had no idea McCain was under Soros & I tho’t I knew everything. What a loser. Cavuto & Brit Hume stuck up for McCain against Cruz because Cruz called him out. Cavuto doesn’t know what’s going on with any of this political stuff. All he knows is stock market stuff. Cavuto doesn’t realize that we conservs give McCain credit for his service but that wore thin a long time ago when he started siding with the libs going against his own party. He had no call to do that & I have no respect for him anymore. Cavuto didn’t go after Cruz personally ,but Hume did. Acting like a Viet Nam prisoner of war veteran knew more than Cruz (who’s just an upstart) does. Called Cruz harsh names & was very indignant. I have no respect for Krauthammer either. Said Cruz has only been in the senate for 9 months & thinks he should be president, just like Obama. In fact he’s like Obama ,in that respect. What a childish thing to say. I used to think he had all the answers but I can’t even listen to him anymore. & Fox has too many of his kind. We barely hear a conservative talk anymore. When O’reilly has them on he talks over them & he always goes to the lib 1st & argues with the lib for so long ,the conserve has barely said anything or he interrupts so the full sentence isn’t ever heard. Sometimes Oreilly has 2 libs on, thinking he can take them both on (ego) & all he ends up doing is giving double time to liberal views. He’s such a putz!!

    • Isabel Matos

      Amen to all you’ve said. Do you remember the story of Cinderella and the three step sisters? It’s the same only in the male version. We have Peter King, John McCain and Brit Hume. We can add Karl Rove, of course, Mitch McConnell and the motley crew of Senators who showed up to test him. Not one is worthy of shining his shoes. Ted Cruz proved himself a statesman. He also exposed the others for who they really are.. Selfish, arrogant, people haters. They don’t know wht to,do with him like they don’t know what to do with Sarah, and I suspect more will come like I said in the clip. Harry Reid. What a piece of work. Dick Durbin. Could not haloooove gotten more bruised. Someone called it the Cruz bruise. Bob Corker. Could not have looked more foolish. All of them are out of sorts because Ted Cruz has our attention. He is virtuous and I can only imagine how many more have not shown their displeasure openly, but but it is safe to say, there must be plenty of creepy roaches yet to be discovered. This display was quite sickening, honestly. To think these elitists hate us to the point of putting country second. I cannot wrap my head around it, which is why I am beginning to explain it as a refusal to hear the truth. There are other reasons, but well start there.

      Hey, thanks for coming by and leaving a greeeat comment!!! I appreciate it.

  6. Never, ever can we forget this list. Ted Cruz showed us what “Sudden and Relentless” looks like when he enacted his leadership this past week. Are enemies are correct: “We are at CIVIL War.” We are fighting for our Freedom that only OUR Constitution provides for. The Democrats and the Rinos are trading in the future of our nation for their current personal power. They have helped no, and continue to do so, because the American people’s wishes are obstacles to their remaining in their lofty positions. They are not listening, because to do so, means they would have to find solutions. Solutions make them expendable. They wish to be needed, thus making them indispensable. We Conservative must vote to let them no they are not.

    • Isabel Matos

      Sometimes I wonder if the Karl Eove had defended George Bush, would we have been as critical of him as we are today. It was the New York Slimes and the rest of the media who relentlessly attacked him and was a sitting duck thanks to his 1% advisor. Ironic, isnt it? Kar Rive brough this upon himself Something happened to our side when that happened. I know it divided us, but the we became aware of just how bad the Bushes were in actuality. It was a blessing in disguise.

      Thank you, leftists! Our civil war will get rid of your friends, our GOP frenemies, the ones you rely on to break our will. It won’t happen.

      Nice comment Dennis, thought-provoking!

  7. Yes, Sen. Cruz’s moment – actually 21 hours straight and then some more interviews! – gave all of us cause for hope that the Conservative tide is changing and, better yet, gaining momentum by the day! Yes, it’s a disappointment that FOX has turned out to be a RINO, too…

    • Isabel Matos

      I’d like to see any senator or pundit on tv who has criticized him, do that! He’s head and shoulders above them his caliber and honesty as a person and poltician do not come often. It is just as uncommon as Sarah’s, but I’m going to hold back a little on that word rarity and keep it exclusively for her because Sarah is the one who inspires this type of leadership.

  8. I think we’ll see a re-energized Palin on the campaign trail over the next year, as we work to defeat the RINOs seeking re-election. The gauntlet is down for 2016 between the Conservative base and the RINO quislings and it’s only going to become more intense over the next two years!

    • Isabel Matos

      This whole debate over Obamacare has exposed who is behind our party’s division. No matter what we do, there is Rove looking to defeat our efforts, and using the establishment machine, including Fox, to keep us down. 2014 is right around the corner. The candidates who ran on promises they didn’t keep should not be re-elected.

      I think Sarah should even hold back on endorsing anyone who does not have a record of promise keeping.

      Kelly Ayotte is not up for re-election, but boy, has she turned colors on us.

      Good to see ya here, Joy.

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