Theater of the Absurd: Abortion Extremist Wendy Davis Claims Gubernatorial Campaign is “For The Children”

Wendy Davis for the children

By Gary P Jackson

You can’t make this crap up!

We’re used to making fun of democrats over their hypocrisy and absurdity. Democrats are constantly coming up with ideas that, either by design or sheer stupidity, end up hurting America.

No matter how evil, or un-American their programs are, the stock answer is: It’s “for the children“! As nauseating as it all is, Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis takes absurdity to a whole new level.

Davis, whose only claim to fame is supporting abortion on demand, up until the mother is about to go into the delivery room, was insane enough to announce her candidacy on Twitter, using CHILDREN as her props.

As you can imagine, condemnation of Davis was quick, and HARSH.

Michelle Malkin had a better idea for a backdrop for Davis’ tweet:

Jon Gabriel knows the name of Davis’ photo:

Katie Pavlich sums it up nicely: “This is sick“:

Bill Hobbs fixed it for Davis:

Of course this dumb ass had to make it about race:

A barely decipherable tweet:

This stupidity was answered with:

This idiot chimed in attacking Pavlich:

To which she smartly replied:

This is even MORE hilarious knowing that ObamaCare will put the federal government right smack in between you and your doctor!

Of course, like most liberals, this moron can’t seem to see the difference between slaughtering an innocent child, and rendering justice to a convicted criminal:

Fact is, we all know that while democrats celebrate abortion like it’s a religious ceremony, instead of wholesale slaughter, they’ll go out and hold candlelight vigils for murders, rapists, and the like.

LilMissRighty fixed Davis’ tweet for clarity:

And added:

There’s a bunch more if you follow the timeline of the tweets above, or head over to Twitchy.

Democrats excel at being totally shameless, but Wendy Davis raises the bar to all new heights!



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4 responses to “Theater of the Absurd: Abortion Extremist Wendy Davis Claims Gubernatorial Campaign is “For The Children”

  1. Gary, you are so right! “Theater of the Absurd.”

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