WWII Vets Threatened BUT Obama PERSONALLY Allows Treasonous Pro-Amnesty Rally at National Mall

Treasonous Pro-Amnesty Rally During Shutdown

Note that all of the signs at the treasonous pro-amnesty rally are in Spanish, not English

By Gary P Jackson

Unless you’ve been visiting Mars or something, you know Barack Obama has decided to severely punish the American people for daring to want the absolute train wreck known as ObamaCare repealed.

Lord Obama has closed national monuments, even those that are open air and ALWAYS open, no matter what. He’s closed roads leading to national parks, and even had his Gestapo threaten to arrest motorists who stopped on the side of the PUBLIC ROAD to view Mt Rushmore!

Obama also threatened to arrest any clergy who dared minister to any of our troops during the shutdown that he and his thug [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid engineered. A CLEAR violation of the soldiers’ and clergy’s 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Religion and Freedom to Freely Assemble.

These are the acts of a vicious tyrant would would rather destroy America than allow the will of the people to override his maniacal plans.

The number of stories of Obama’s thug tactics during his shutdown, designed to inflict MAXIMUM PAIN on We, the People, would fill a volume the size of War and Peace. It’s despicable and un-American.

The “icing on the cake” though is Obama allowing the Treasonous Bastards™ who are pushing for amnesty for criminal aliens, unwanted invaders of the United States, a chance to use a facility that has been deemed off limits to We, the People.

Treasonous democrat party leaders like Nancy Pelosi spoke at this rally, sponsored by the SEIU and AFL-CIO union thugs. Others, like tax cheat Charlie Rangel, got themselves arrested on purpose for their anti-American “cause.” Too bad they weren’t being arrested for treason, as they should be.

Our friends at Twitchy captured the essence of the anti-American rally:

Notice these Treasonous Bastards™ are HIGHLIGHTING the use of a MEXICAN FLAG at this rally for those claiming they want to be Americans.

This may be the most despicable statement from the rally, by none other than infamous tax cheat Charlie Rangel:

Not sure how giving amnesty to 20-30 MILLION criminal aliens who have ZERO respect for these United States is “moving America forward.”

We posed that question to Rangel, via Twitter, but got no answer back:

Dr Fay Evens also had some choice words for the Treasonous Bastard™:

Sadly, that is EXACTLY what these democrats want for America. It’s been their wet dream for nearly a century to bring America to her knees.

Another ridiculous statement from Rangel:

More about this over at Twitchy here.

Please don’t forget that there is a sizable number of treasonous Republicans in both the House and Senate who are all too eager to join these anti-American democrats in giving amnesty to tens of millions of criminal alien invaders.

DO NOT let yourself be distracted by Obama’s shutdown circus. These pro-amnesty traitors NEVER SLEEP and NEVER stop scheming. Their goal of destroying America is ALWAYS on the front burner, no matter what.

Knowing that WWII veterans, brave men who saved the ENTIRE WORLD from evil, were denied access to their own memorials, while CRIMINAL INVADERS who have ZERO respect for the United States or the American people, were allowed to parade openly with Lord Obama’s blessing, tells you all you need to know about the democrat party, and this treasonous amnesty movement. All of these Treasonous Bastards™ in BOTH PARTIES must be removed from office, charged with treason, tried, convicted, and punished. Anything less will be justice denied.

It’s up to We, the People, to stop these Treasonous Bastards™ from destroying America. WE must fight for America’s survival, even as those in Congress and the White House work to destroy us all.

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